Tips On How To Comfortably Wash Head Hair When You Have Stitches

Washing Your Hair While Healing Doesnt Have To Be Complicated. If you have ever had a deep cut, chances are you have had stitches or staples to help your wound stay closed. Stitches are supposed to be taken care of, but stitches on your head require extra attention. Let’s say you recently had an accident … Read more

Backpackers Pantry vs. Mountain House: Who Makes Better Meals?

There is no denying that sharing a fresh meal with your friends and family around a campfire is one of the best memories you will make while camping. However, if you are backpacking, fresh meals do not come very easy. Backcountry meal planning when you are hiking, or backpacking is close to impossible. Figuring out … Read more

Best Cooling Tents Of 2022 For Hot Weather

Why You Need a Hot Weather Tent? Camping in the middle of the summer or tropical climate can prove uncomfortable, with the tent frequently getting uncomfortably hot and airless. If you are the kind of camper that only goes camping in the summer months, it is wise to select a tent that has been designed … Read more

Dry Ice Camping Uses – Some Practical And Others Weird

So What is Dry Ice? Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Dry Ice that is captured during various industrial processes is captured and recycled into Dry Ice. Dry Ice is freezing (-109.3°F / -78.6°C). This makes it an excellent option for use in freezing products and keeping them frozen. You may wonder where the term … Read more

Easiest Setup Tents To Buy In 2022

Imagine, you have been traveling for hours, and you arrive at the campsite, and of course, it starts to rain. You think that this is a great start and get set to be soaked as you spend 45 minutes setting up a cabin tent. But then you realize that you have an easy setup tent, … Read more

Coleman Evanston 8 Dome Tent Reviewed In 2022

One of the most popular tents today is the Coleman Evanston 8. This Dome Tent is perfect for family camping or groups of Campers. The most apparent features of the tent are the large sleeping area and the front screen room. The screen room is perfect for simply watching the world go by or enjoying … Read more

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad 2022 Review

A lot of readers have been asking what we have been using to save our backs and backsides when sleeping out in the backcountry. The truth is and personally i have always tried to be as tough as the wilderness which is now starting to catch up. But in the past few years i have … Read more

Reviewing The Essential Open Fire Cookware You Need To Buy In 2022

Picture this: you go camping, and something is missing. You thought there would be a grill at your campsite, but you can’t find one anywhere. This would be a huge problem if you aren’t prepared, but you planned ahead. Why Do You Need Open Fire Cookware? You brought your favorite open fire cookware set. Now … Read more

How You Tell If Beef Jerky Has Gone BAD?

I saw a great deal online for Beef Jerky; it was a fantastic price, but to get that price, I would have to buy a lot. It made me wonder does beef jerky go bad ? And importantly how can you tell if beef jerky has gone bad? The answer to this question depends a … Read more

Easy Tips You Can Use For Staying Cool While Camping

Right now, in Australia, we are a few months away from entering the summer. But for those in North America, you’re likely in the thick of it with a few months of summer to go, lucky you. If that is the case, I have written this article as a reference guide for you to look … Read more

Best Beach Bags Reviewed: For Moms And The Whole Family

Going to the beach is supposed to be an easy-going, relaxing, and fun time! However, it can get quite fast paced and stressful when organizing all the items your going to need for you and your family for the beach trip. The biggest hurdle I always face and i’m sure many of you readers to … Read more

Best Dog Breeds For Hiking Off Leash – Roundup

It’s always a great motivator when you have someone, a willing partner, to accompany you on those rainy days or those gloomy days when you don’t want to hike. Your dog always wants or needs needs to hike but unfortunately for me my knees are shot and i am getting close to being a full … Read more

Simple Ways On How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Tent camping is supposed to be fun. But it isn’t supposed to be comfortable, or so people keep saying. They are wrong. If your camping experience is rough and physically distressing, you don’t know what you’re doing. There are plenty of ways to make your tent camping adventure cozy and relaxing, including: Sleeping Bag The … Read more

The Best Cordless Camping Hair Dryers Of 2022

You cannot keep your hair smooth, sleek, and clean without a dryer. But how can you dry your hair during a camping trip? The answer is simple. You have to buy cordless hair dryer’s. Conventional dryers are bulky. They consume too much space, and they cannot work without a traditional power supply. The only way … Read more

Foraging Question, Are Maple Seeds Edible? Will I Get Sick?

Maples seeds are edible and the benefits that come from consuming the maple seed include proteins, vitamins, minerals and oils including Omega 3, 6 and 9. Please consult your doctor and bushman before you even think about stuffing your stomach full of raw maple seeds! You have been warned. Adventurers sometime face the difficult predicament … Read more

The Best Tent Cot Double Reviewed For 2022 For The Money.

The term Tent Cot can sometimes be a little confusing in that different types of products carry this name but vary considerably in their function and complexity. We will use an all-embracing definition that includes a simple double camping bed, a double camping bed that is covered by a tent, and a double cot tent … Read more

Do I Need a Tarp Under my Tent? A Simple Answer.

Camping appeals to many because of its simplicity. You buy a tent, a sleeping bag, maybe a backpack and your good to go. But the more you go camping, the more you start to realize nuances you can implement that greatly improves the comfort of your camping experience. A simple camping hack you can apply … Read more

The North Face Logo – Meaning And Origins

It was not until I moved to the colder state of Victoria did I notice the premium apparel brand of The North Face. Sure the company existed online and in select stores in and around Sydney. But growing up with consistent beach weather was the perfect environment never to have to go to the extremes … Read more

Practical And Safety Solo Camping Tips for Women

Is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Some use camping to disrupt their busy connected lifestyles. Others seem to enjoy the serenity of nature and use it to rouse creativity. I go solo camping as a woman because I enjoy different challenges and especially when I feel that I’m becoming complacent with my life. It’s also … Read more

Backpacking With Dogs Is Not That Difficult With These Tips.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing my dog’s reaction when I ask him if he wants to go for a trail day hike. Before I’m even able to utter half of the question, he (Oscar) is halfway out the door. His failed attempt at standing on hind legs, his tail wagging a hundred reps per … Read more