Is Sleeping In A Tent Healthy? 

Can Tent Sleeping Once In A While Be Beneficial One of life’s simple pleasures is getting out into the woods and enjoying a good night’s sleep. The scents and sounds take a moment or two of mental change, but if you’re comfortable, then it’s pretty refreshing. This begs the question – is sleeping in a … Read more

The Old School Trick Of How To Heat A Tent With A Candle  

No Heater? No Electricity? No Warmth? Candle Heater, No Worries If you enjoy experiencing Nature to the fullest, then an old-school trick that has stood the test of time is adjusting the heat in your tent with a humble, flickering candle. It’s environmentally friendly, portable, and kind of romantic. So, how is it done?! Heating … Read more

How To Stay Cool On The Beach In Summer 2023

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How To Camp With A Cat Comfortably

Camping With Your Cat Should Be A Great Experience For Both If you’ve been blessed with an adventurous cat, bringing them along on your next camping trip could be tempting. Some cats end up loving being outdoors with their favorite person, exploring trails, and basking in the sunshine. Taking your cat camping with you randomly … Read more

How Long Does A Yeti Cooler Stay Cold When Camping

Planning ahead will keep your food and drinks fresh and chill For most people, camping is all about roughing it. But if you’re serious about enjoying the great outdoors, you must ensure you have the right gear. That’s where Yeti comes in. Yeti coolers are built tough to keep your contents cold, no matter what … Read more

How To Keep Snow Off RV Roof

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How To Keep Bedding Dry When Camping  

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How To Insulate A Tent For Summer – Dont Sweat It

Vacation and camping go hand in hand for many people. Some may even consider their holiday to be incomplete without a camping experience. Although camping can be fun, it can become unpleasant if the weather is less than ideal. Knowing the proper preparations could mean distinguishing between a pleasant trip and a bad one. Do … Read more

How To Wash Darn Tough Socks: What You Need To Know

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How Effective are Tiki Torches for Mosquitoes?

Summer is right around the corner, bringing longer days and warm evenings. For many of us, it’s the beginning of camping and barbeque season, where we can enjoy our time outside amongst the birds and the bees, and our less welcome friend, the mosquito. With the first buzz in your ear or bite on our … Read more

How Much Water Desert Hiking?

Desert, hiking and water are words that are rarely in the same sentence. So how much water should you bring when hiking in the desert? Hiking in the desert is an incredible way to experience this vast landscape in all its golden glory. Climbing dunes, weaving through canyons, and catching glimpses of elusive desert plants … Read more

Can You Go Camping Under 18 Years Of Age

This article is for educational purposes only. We always suggest going camping with the proper training and experience. Especially if you are a minor, that means camping with supervision or an experienced adult. With the warning out of the way, did you know that camping is an excellent activity for all ages? If you haven’t … Read more

Do You Need A Sleeping Bag For Camping?

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, and it’s also a great way to bond with family and friends. Camping can be experienced during any climate and environment, and these two factors play an essential role in what camping sleeping gear items you should bring. Many people ask us, “do you need a sleeping … Read more

How To Pee In Bottle While Driving

First, we only recommend taking any of these methods, recommendations on how to pee in a bottle while driving when the car is turned off and not running.  Certain situations may arise on a road trip when stopping for a bathroom break is impossible. A good example of this is that the weather outside the … Read more

Can You Put A Yeti In The Microwave?

Yetis are a favorite amongst many who enjoy taking their beverages on the go. A Yeti keeps your beverage warm for some time. However, if you want to warm up your drink, you might be tempted to put your Yeti in the microwave. So Can You Put A Yeti In The Microwave? Let’s be straighforward. Your … Read more

3 Easy Tips On How To Keep Food Cold When Camping

A camping trip can be a wholesome and fun activity. You get to stay outdoors with your friends and family, away from the busy city life, enjoy nature for all the beauty it offers, and embark on recreational adventures and activities. However, one inconvenience is being away from modern amenities: keeping your food cold without … Read more

Is Hiking A Sport

If you watch or compete in sport and also enjoying a bit of hiking, you may wondering ‘Is Hiking A Sport’? Simply put, hiking is not a sport for many reasons, with the main one being that hiking is a recreational physical activity and not a competitive event. But there are many ways to make … Read more

Foot Appeal. Are Timberlands Good For Hiking Updated For 2023

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Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots For Hiking?

You’ve probably heard of hiking boot brands such as Merrell, Teva, Keen, La Sportiva, and Timbaland, to name a few. But did you know most of these hiking footwear companies also offer a Steel Cap hiking boot? So if you are a curious hiker like me, you are probably asking yourself, “can you hike in … Read more

How To Cook Camping Rice Easily

There’s nothing better than a wholesome bowl of camping rice by the campfire along with your flame-grilled vege’s and meat. Not to mention that it’s a great energy source, reasonably lightweight, has a decent shelf-life and fills you up.  There are several ways that you can cook rice when you’re camping, and in this article, … Read more

What Is The Best Overall SwissGear Backpack Of 2023

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If you are a beginner who is just getting into hiking, you are probably wondering what kind of hiking clothes you should be wearing. Is it okay to wear hiking shorts or is it best to stick with pants? This article is going to explain to you whether or not you should invest in that … Read more

6 Easy Tips On How To Clean Herschel Bag

The Herschel Backpack is extremely popular and well-known among people who enjoy a sleek, minimalist style backpack. If you own one, you are probably wondering what the best way to clean the bag is. This article will talk about a few tips that will make cleaning your herschel backpack a breeze. You should always check … Read more

Reviewing The Best Zip Together Sleeping Bag Of 2023

Sleeping bags are an essential part of tent camping, but they do not make it very easy to snuggle up next to our loved ones at night. Luckily, there are sleeping bags on the market that you can zip together to create one large sleeping bag. Zip together sleeping bags are a type of double … Read more

Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars Without Rails in 2023

Why is a Kayak roof rack that doesn’t need rails beneficial? Kayaking is enjoyable, especially when you own your own and don’t have to rent them anywhere. When you own your kayak or kayaks, you will need to have a safe way to transport it between your home and where you plan to kayak. You … Read more

Best Collapsible Wood Burning Backpacking Stove in 2023

When you are out in the wilderness, the importance of hot food and drinks cannot be overestimated. They will fuel your body and allow you to take full advantage of your camping trip. You may have considered Butane as a solution, but in this article, I hope to convince you of the benefits of choosing … Read more

How To Go Winter Cold Camping With Dog’s – A Guide

I like winter camping trips a great deal, and I frequently am out there when the weather is down at temperatures way below 30 degrees, which is seen as acceptable as the definition of cold weather camping trips. Anyway, I digress what I wanted to know was whether it was safe and humane to take … Read more

Reviewing The Best And Safest Camping Heaters Of 2023

Sleeping outdoors with the scent of pine trees, with snow-capped mountains as a backdrop, can be amazing, but however beautiful the surroundings are, spending a cold night in cold or freezing temperatures can take away all the pleasure. In this review, we look at various ways that the cold can be tackled. Is it safe … Read more

Our Guide On: How To Make Coffee While Camping

The question of how to make coffee while camping haunts most avid campers and for good reason. There is nothing more invigorating than waking up in the great outdoors and watching the sunrise. But you cannot rely on that wonderful sight alone to get you going on a cold morning. I can’t count the number … Read more

Can You Sleep in a Car with the Windows Closed?

In full disclosure, i have slept in many styles of cars and vans before and not just overnight. Ive even slept in a boot, in fact first night experimenting on sleeping in a car and if it was possible was sleeping in the boot compartment. Although I dont suggest sleeping in the boot, its also … Read more

Dont Throw It Out: How To Clean Windbreaker Jacket Easily

I want to talk a little bit about washing your rain jacket correctly because I made a big mistake here, and I think it’d be beneficial to share my experience. The Windbreaker waterproof jacket that I have been using for three years now is the Outdoor Research Helium Two a very lightweight jacket. I’ve been using … Read more

How Long Will Ice Last In A Cooler? Answered!

I was asked this question the other day, “How Long Will Ice Last In A Cooler?” It seemed a pretty simple question at first glance, but then I realized that there were many different variables to consider when I looked at it more carefully. Firstly to answer the question…How long does ice last? If you … Read more

Reviewing The Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag In 2023

How much you get out of a camping trip will depend to a great deal on your energy levels. Getting a restful sleep will start your day far better than a wakeful night, where you cannot get comfortable. The Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Sleeping Bag is an excellent investment in a good night’s sleep, or … Read more

Reviewing The Best Shade and Comfort Canopy Chairs

I went camping last weekend. Foolishly I took just one fold-up chair that dated from the eighties. It was smaller than I remembered, it can’t be me that’s grown. It offered no shade, so I didn’t sit there long and went back inside the tent. It made me think I needed a canopy chair for … Read more

Best Battery Operated Blankets For Camping Reviewed For 2023

Sleeping in an RV can sometimes get pretty chilly. It can spoil the camping experience if you let it. A much better plan is to invest in a battery powered heated blanket that will keep you stay warm throughout those cold nights. We did some research, and we found these recommended products fr you to … Read more

Camping Hacks: What Meat Does Not Need Refrigeration?

Refrigerated meat is a recent innovation. Before the widespread availability of refrigerators, a variety of methods were used to preserve meat. The ancient Egyptians would use salt to keep their foods. Applying salt to the meat draws the moisture (which causes bacteria) out of the meat. The answer to the question about what meat does … Read more

So How Much Does A Pop Up Camper Weigh? Our Findings.

Now is a great time to buy a pop up camper. They have changed so drastically over the years, taking advantage of advancements in technology to deliver the sort of efficiency and comfort that will appeal to both amateurs and professional campers. This is an important question that can affect the layout and attributes of … Read more

So What Lizards Eats In The Wild? Types And Diets Uncovered.

Did you know that there is an incredible 5,000 species of lizards known to exist and most lizards are found almost everywhere, except Antarctica (give them time). Because they live in such a wide variety of locations, a lizard’s diet and what omnivorous and herbivorous lizards and wild lizards eat can vary depending on their … Read more

So What is an Awl, A Camping Tool Or A Sewing Accessory?

About five years ago, my partner and I, at the time, decided to combine our love of backpacking and travel gear with creativity and construction. So on that particular day, we decided that the best way to express this was through an Etsy shop. Here we would sell hand made leather and canvas backpacking gear. … Read more

Is Polyester Warm Enough For Blizzard Camping? Clothes Debate.

The inclusion of synthetic Polyester in camping gear is very much the industry standard since the 1950’s outdoor gear has moved toward the use of robust, lightweight, and affordable materials. A trend that has been historically associated with the fashion industry. So is polyester warm? Sure it’s a cheap and lightweight material but how does … Read more

What Does Dry Camping Mean?

What is Dry Camping? Dry Camping is also known amongst campers as Independent Parking or Boondocking. Is when a Campervan is purposely parked away from water or electrical hookups and basic utilities. The positive aspects of Dry Camping may be privacy and a closer to nature experience. But it also requires more preparation, experience, and … Read more

Has Zero Breeze Overcome It’s Criticism?

I never expected to find myself looking at the Zero Breeze. Camping is supposed to be a rough experience, one that pits you against nature. I was more than happy to tough it out. But then my young ones decided to join me on a trip, and everything changed. I remember the night vividly. The … Read more

The Best Instant Tents For The Money Of 2023

Nothing is more frustrating than setting up a campsite for your family. I can tell you from experience that you are always watching the clock, waiting for that moment when you can finally sit back and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. But sometimes things don’t always go as you plan. The last time … Read more

How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress Fast With These Steps

For a slightly extra premium, an air mattress is a great addition when camping to improve sleep quality and spinal support.  It will provide more sleeping comfort than your average rollup foam matt. It also offers the convenience of being compressible for easy stowing. But, it will need extra attention and care to avoid punctures … Read more

How To Use Saffron Without Wasting The Spice.

Saffron has a reputation for being the most expensive spice in the world. It is a small reddish round spice derived from the purple crocus sativus flower. If you have purchased Saffron from a supermarket, you likely received Saffron threads. But many people like myself, buy the spice on recommendations and still need to know … Read more

A Tasty Protein Rich Pemmican Recipe You Can Try Today

I am far from a Gordon Ramsey level of making Michelin level Pemmican bars. But after a few months of making the snack, I feel like I’ve improved at refining and following my recipe. My Pemmican recipes are tasty enough to be eaten on hiking trips. This is without having to drink a gallon of … Read more