What Is The Best Backpack With Lots Of Pockets? 7 Tactical Packs Reviewed

Medic packing backpack with supplies with lots of pockets

Why You Need a Backpack with Lots of Pockets? The days are long gone when backpacks had one large compartment, all mixed up together. Do you remember how it was almost necessary to empty the entire bag to find one small item? Now smaller items can be placed in small pockets to be seen instantly, without disturbing all your clothes and larger items in the main compartment.

The great advantage of a tactical backpack is that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. You always pack the same item in particular pockets and instantly know exactly where to access what you are looking for.

They are so versatile and can be adapted to your working and personal preferences in how your back should be packed. Suddenly it would help if you had a torch; with a tactical bag, you will know exactly which pocket to find it—no rummaging through the entire backpack.

These backpacks are designed for the great outdoors and have all the features that you will need on your trip. We have researched these bags and think we have come up with a selection of the best backpacks on the market.

Our Favorite Backpack Multi-Pocket Backpack of 2020

Close up of texture textile on tactical backpack

Our favorite Tactical backpack was the REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack (see the review below). It is a strong bag and large enough for most tasks. Available in two colors, and we liked the extensive network of connectors in various parts of the bag, making it very versatile. It is Amazon’s No1 bestseller, and I can see why. This was far the best deal we could find.

That said, if you are looking for a LARGE backpack, then you should consider QT&QY 45L Military Tactical Backpacks (see below).

Roundup Review of Backpacks with Lots of Pockets 2024

Pans Backpack Large Military Backpack Tactical Travel Backpack


Max capacity 64 Litres, weight 3.6lbs, Cotton, Army Pans,


A multipurpose tactical design with various storage options, Several internal pockets, and three external pockets/pouches make this a versatile bag. Not so many small external pouches as some bags as they have chosen to split the central storage into smaller sections instead.

Front Compartment for mobile phone, walkie talkies, etc

Middle Compartment iPad, Tablet Notebook computer, or other camping items that you want to be separated.

Main Compartment small camping items, first aid kit, rope, whistles, etc

Back Compartment Waterbag, clothing, blankets, etc. All the heavy items.

Pouches on the outside Two walkie Talkie Pouches, water mesh, and grid area on the back to fix other items

The bag comes in nine different colors and is built well to survive heavy use, despite its low price. The zips are water-resistant and will serve to keep dust out, and it is made out of cotton, just like a military backpack. It has a zipper side that allows you to expand the internal size up to 64 liters.


  • Four separate internal compartments
  • Mountaineering loop for attaching gear
  • Great choice of colors


  • Not so many small external pockets as some other backpacks
  • Not comfortable for short people

Monoki Tactical Sling Backpack


Max capacity 20 Litres, weight 5lbs, Oxford nylon, Monoki,


For those who like a sling design and find them more comfortable, The Monoki Tactical Sling Backpack is a great small backpack that is versatile with molle on the back. The shoulder strap is ventilated and comfortable, and it can be easily adjusted to your requirements.

It has a range of internal pockets and external compartments. Each compartment is fitted with an interior mesh pocket or a zippered pocket to add more storage options. It comes with a giftpack of extra storage items that connect onto the bag to expand options.


  • Comfortable sling design
  • Variety of fixtures to attach other gear
  • Meager price


  • Smaller than other bags
  • Some quality issue on this cheap bag

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

#1 Best Seller


Max capacity 40 Litres, weight 3.25lbs, high-density fabric, REEBOW,


This backpack is made of high-density fabric, which is water-resistant and is very durable. It has extensive molle system connectivity in various parts of the bag, giving many customized opportunities. It is double stitched and has heavy-duty zippers. It has two compression systems to condense your load if you need to use it on an airline. Two large pouches on the back with side pockets.

The shoulder packs are nicely padded, and the shoulder straps’ undersides are designed to allow more breathing. Inside the bag are many pockets, and inside some pockets are more pockets. It is available in two colors, black and tan. It looks very much like the marine bag.

It comes with an American flag patch (removable), and it really will contain a lot of equipment. The general opinion of users is that this is one strong bag!


  • Strong quality design
  • Lots of pockets in this bag to help organize gear.
  • Spacious and excellent molle coverage so it can be expanded more.


  • Plastic buckles can get broken if misused.

MediTac Tactical Assault Pack – First Aid Rucksack


18″x10″x11 size, weight 2/51lbs, 600D Polyester, Meditac


This budget-priced tactical backpack claims to have double strength stitches and heavy-duty zippers, but users reported that it was not high quality and easily broke. The bag comes in three colors, Olive, red, and black. The shoulder straps need more padding, but it is easily adjusted.

It is a molle backpack, which allows extra versatility in expanding the capacity of the bag. It has four outer compartments with five inner compartments including a laptop sleeve section, so it is possible to easily organize your gear. It is slightly heavier than it would appear to be, but this outwardly small bag can store a lot of stuff for its size. It has a variety of internal pockets.


  • Competitive price, cheapest we reviewed
  • Lots of internal and external divisions: four outer and five inners.
  • Molle design makes it versatile.
  • Padded laptop compartment good for a 15 inch laptop


  • Reports of low-quality materials
  • Shoulder straps not padded enough
  • Plastic strap buckles a weak spot

Tacticon 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack


Max capacity 40 Litres, weight 2.7lbs, rugged material, Tacticon


Available in black or tan colors with a waterproof lining, rugged materials, and solid zipper. It is padded with breathable fabrics and double-stitched seams. It has a built-in concealed weapon holster and a large padded laptop backpack storage area (17″ maximum).

It has another separate section that is waterproof and has a hole for drink tube access. This compartment is insulated for carrying a hydration pack. The bag is fitted with compression straps that can bring the size down from 40 liters to 20 liters if required.

Each compartment has a waterproof lining to ensure your gear stays dry. Can carry up to 100 pounds of gear. It comes with velcro backed flag patch.


  • Strong with 1005 guarantee on everything down to the zips.
  • Great quality control
  • Sturdy laptop sleeve compartment
  • A helpful company with excellent service
  • Waterproof


  • Shoulder straps not wide enough and a little uncomfortable
  • Waist straps too short

Jueachy Drop Leg Bag for Men Tactical Metal Detecting Thigh Pack


Est capacity 10 Liters, weight 1.4lbs, dense nylon, Jueachy


Technically not a backpack, I included this drop leg bag as an alternative for people needing a rugged tactical bag that was smaller and with the added convenience of being strapped to the leg, giving greater access to contents. It may also be used in addition to a backpack so that users can access essential gear without removing the backpack.

The bag has proved very popular and is incredibly durable and comfortable to wear in various situations, from metal detecting to carrying medical supplies. It can be worn while riding a motorcycle and makes access to smaller items so much easier.

Customers who have bought this have all been delighted with the product and taken back by how convenient this type of bag can be. That said, this is substantially smaller than other packs in this review and cannot be directly compared as an alternative for carrying large loads. It is for trips that require less gear and/or as an additional bag that offers greater convenience.

It includes a separate water bottle pouch that can be clipped to the bag or the belt and used on the other hip for weight distribution.


  • So much more convenient than a bag pack for accessing items while on the move.
  • Four containers for storing items
  • More secure as you can see the bag and is less likely to be robbed in a crowd
  • Excellent quality and good customer service
  • The perfect addition to a backpack when more space is required.


  • Leg strap may be a little tight for those with fatter thighs.
  • Less space than backpacks
  • No dedicated laptop sleeve compartment

QT&QY 45L Military Tactical Backpacks Molle Army Assault Pack


Max capacity 45 Litres, weight 2.95lbs, 900D polyester, QT&QY


This is a big backpack with a lot of space and the capacity to add more using the molle built into this bag. It features vast multi-layer interior storage, which can contain a substantial amount of outdoor gear. It is not just water-resistant like some other models.

This pack is waterproof. It has double-stitched seams(reinforced) with extra stitching at stress points. The coating on these bags is both for waterproofing them and for making them scratchproof.

The bag has five compartments for storage, a separate laptop compartment, two smaller compartments for smaller items, and a hidden back pocket. It has mesh backing and padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. Oh yes, it also comes in five colors.

This would have been my number one choice except for many people it will be too big. But if you are looking for a larger pack, then this is the best of the bunch.


  • Super molle design with front and side webbing
  • Dedicated laptop sleeve compartment
  • Waterproof fabric that is also rip-proof.
  • Bottom webbing for holding sleeping bags or equipment


  • For the first time, I cannot think of a bad point to put here unless I get really petty.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tactical Backpack

Ordinary backpacks have this single hole in the top where you chuck all your stuff and then often have to unpack the whole bag to find that one item you were looking for. A Tactical backpack will have a variety of storage options so that you can pack in an organized way.

Tactical backpacks are designed in similar ways to military ones. They are big, tough, and have molle on the outside that allow you to attach external items. The bags will have thoughtfully designed compartments for all your essentials. They will also be designed so that you can carry gear for longer distances. When considering a Tactical backpack, here are some things to consider.

How long will your trip be?

So how much will you need to take?

Length of Your Torso

Either buy one that is designed for your torso length or buy one with an adjustable suspension.

Waist Size

Waist straps help balance the load and improve stability. Make sure the waistband is big enough for you or that it can be adjusted easily.

Shoulder Straps

Make sure the shoulder straps are wide and padded to avoid having a very uncomfortable trek.

Sternum Strap

Does the backpack have a sternum strap that links the backpack shoulder straps and stops them from pulling apart?

Cushioned Back Pad

This pad softens the impact of the back of the backpack as it rests on the base of your back.

Side Compression Straps

These straps squeeze the backpack contents and reduce the distance that your load extends from your back. It brings the backpack closer to your back and makes it more comfortable than a backpack that juts out quite a way.

Strong Zippers

A frequent issue people have with backpacks is the zipper failing. Look for strong, well-made zippers.

Pockets, sections, compartments

Do you require a front pocket, back panel, a separate laptop or any other dedicated area for storage?

Sure having lots of compartments and sections in your backpack sounds great but it can be easy to get lost and frustrated when searching for items if your up against it.

Do make sure there are the essentials like a tablet sleeve, a padded laptop sleeve or laptop pocket and some sort of water bottle pocket as well as your go to internal pockets.

Medic packing backpack with supplies with lots of pockets


What is a Daisy Chain?

A daisy chain is a series of loops sewn downwards on the outside of the backpack. These are used for fixing small items when hiking.

What is a Molle?

A much superior version of a Daisy Chain. There are several columns of Daisy chains side by side. These are based on current designs used by the military.

What is a G Hook?

These are hooks shaped like a G that are found on the outside of the BackPack. These can be used to fix a compression strap or hang another piece of equipment.

What is the Frame?

Some backpacks have a built-in frame that maintains the shape of the pack. These internal frames are rarely visible, being sewn into the material. External frames sit on the outside and keep the backpack from pressing into your back when carrying it. They will have a large pad at the bottom that fits around your hips and a belt to hold it steady against your hips.

Wrapping Up

Hiker with backpack lots of pockets sightseeing flowing riverx

Tactical backpacks have a variety of uses. Many people buy them thinking that they are just for a hiking trip or as a “bug out bag” and find the packs are so useful for generally carrying things (like laptops and books) that they also take on life as an everyday bag. Preppers will buy them as Day Bags and bring them everywhere.

I know one “prepper” friend that bought one for his wife for use as a bug out bag, but she liked it so much that she ditched her handbag and started to use the backpack daily, forcing him to buy a second one for her to use as a go-bag.