Round Up Review Of The Best Campervan Mattress To Buy In 2024

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For the Travel Blogger Nomad, a home isn’t quite complete without a decent mattress, and that is true for campervans as well. While many RVs are furnished with mattresses, they are stiff, lumpy, and incapable of providing the support and comfort that so many people desire.

This is why you are encouraged to do the right research to determine The Best Campervan Mattress to buy.

Things to look for when buying a campervan mattress

Like most things, campervan rv mattresses are not all the same, so many people struggle to identify the best camper van mattress for their needs. In most cases, the key is to take the following factors into account before you make your selection:



Your mattress style is going to be mostly determined by the construction of your Travel Trailer bed. Like how Electric cars will take electricity and Gas cars will take fuel to work, having a fixed bed frame will limit the freedom of mattress choices at hand and provide a lot more comfort. 

Because fixed beds are pretty much standard in households and campervans, they will be easy to access. It’s not surprising that many RV bed manufacturers have been in the fixed trade business for generations.

You cannot always say the same for convertible beds. As their name suggests, convertible beds can become tables or couches (are futon mattresses still a thing)? 



Convertible beds are a little cumbersome because you have to worry about storing your sheets and blankets whenever the bed becomes a table or couch.

On the other hand, you can use such beds to save space. Rather than fighting to fit a table and a bed in your campervan, a single convertible bed can play both roles while leaving plenty of room for other items.

The reason the type of bed matters is because some rv mattresses are bulky. And if you have to move them every time your bed becomes a table, they will become a source of irritation and inconvenience.

Best Camper Van Mattress Type

RV mattresses are categorized according to the type of material from which they are made. Your options are going to include:

Memory foam

Memory foam is one of the most popular materials for a mattress on the market. Memory foam mattresses are designed to change their structure to fit the body shape of each user.

This allows memory foam RV mattresses to provide customized comfort to each user. The material has one significant weakness, and that is, It tends to retain heat.

Gel infused

Foam mattresses that have been gel infused are similar to memory foam. They are stiffer, but people love them because they disperse heat, allowing body heat to remain cool throughout the night.

This breathability is the most significant difference between gel infused and memory foam.

Featured image best campervan mattress cat looks on


You don’t expect to find innerspring mattresses outside the traditional bedroom. Boasting entrenched coil spring stability within the padding, they are thick and bulky, and they do not sound like the best choice for a campervan.

However, you can still use an innerspring mattress in your RV if it can fit. The dimensions are a problem. Few campervans will comfortably host an innerspring mattress. But they have a decent following because they are so cheap and easy to access.

Latex foam

Latex mattresses are the way to go for couples. Not only is the material more durable than high density foam, but it reduces the disturbance caused when one person moves.In other words, relaxed and restless sleepers can share the same mattress without inconveniencing one another.

Air mattresses

As their name suggests, the air mattress is an inflatable. People like them because they are light, portable, and they save on space.

However, most people advised that air mattresses are not suitable for long term use. The comfort you can expect to experience will depend on the type and quality of the air mattress.

What size of RV mattress should you get?


This goes without saying. Your mattress of choice should match your measurements and the dimensions of your campervan. A bed that is too short or narrow will ruin the quality of your sleep.

RV Mattresses that are wider or longer than necessary are unlikely to fit within your vehicle. And even if you can make them fit, they will consume space you usually assign to other items.

The easiest way to select the right x 75 and x 80 size is to measure your previous mattress.


The thickness of your mattress will affect the comfort and support it will deliver. The thickness will also determine the product’s ability to insulate you from the cold.

Where depth is concerned, it is a question of preference. Some people prefer to sleep on the thickest mattresses possible. Others prefer thinner alternatives.


Where mattresses are concerned, there is no right price. It is a question of your budget. You can find decent models in every price range. But you have to match the features of the mattress to your needs.

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot more money than you expected on a mattress if it has amenities that will make your experience more comfortable.



Camper van mattress should be portable. This is because situations are going to arise that will force you to move your bed. This is why weight matters.

Lighter mattresses are more natural to fold and store. They will also make it easier for you to rearrange the interior of your RV.


An equally attractive warranty accompanies every decent product. Camper van mattress are no different. The best models have extended warranties that will save you from hefty repair and replacement costs down the line.

Prolonged warranties usually are a sign that the manufacturer trusts the quality of his product.

Best campervan mattresses

If you still need help identifying the best mattresses for your campervan, consider the following:

Zinus Deluxe 8-Inch Memory Foam Camper Mattress

The best mattress with thick memory foam for a good night’s sleep.

This isn’t just another ordinary memory foam mattress. It consists of memory foam (2 inches), pressure-relieving comfort foam (2 inches), and high-density base support foam (4 inches).

The top layer is designed to offer bunk bed durability and stability. They will keep the sleeper comfortable throughout the night.


  • Affordable and this gets top points if your a budget traveller like myself
  • Durable and stable and suits even a child’s bunk bed
  • 10-year Limited Warranty


  • Smells on arrival
  • A little warm for some people


Some memory foam mattresses are never as effective as they claim. But this one works. It conforms to fit the contours of the body. This is the product’s biggest attraction.

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch RV Mattress

Another favourite with thick memory foam with a pillow top mattress design but not a cheap mattress.

This 65-pound mattress constitutes memory foam (2.5-pound density), a 6-inch supportive polyurethane foam base, and a 4-way stretch knit cover with a soft surface.

Because the mattress pairs memory foam with open-cell construction, the result is a relaxed, comfortable product that will keep the sleeper’s weight evenly distributed.

Because the mattress is compressed before it is packaged and shipped, it needs roughly 72 hours to expand its original size and shape.


  • Supports the body’s pressure points
  • Snug fit for the average mattress topper
  • Keeps body temperature for the sleeper comfortable and cool
  • Evenly distributes the sleeper’s weight


  • A little more expensive than the average recreational vehicle mattress
  • Too soft and squishy for some people with a more massive body weight


This mattress exceeds expectations. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it doesn’t transfer motion.

It is soft enough that it might repel some people with back pain that prefer a firm mattress. That being said, it isn’t so soft that you have to worry about the item causing discomfort in sleepers.

Live & Sleep 10-inch Resort Memory Foam Mattress

While memory foam has a reputation for retaining heat, this mattress is the opposite. It is made from memory foam, but the product is breathable, and it will keep your body cool.

The high-density support base works in tandem with the airflow infused Visco memory foam to relieve the pressure on the body, reducing the amount of tossing and turning.

Expect an impressive 20-year warranty, a 30-night sleep trial, and CERTIPUR US Certified and OEKO TEX certification that proves that the product was made in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • A very breathable sleep mattress
  • Relieves pressure on the body’s pressure points and great for existing back pain
  • 20-Year Warranty for a high quality sleep rv mattress


  • Still too warm for some consumers
  • Firmer than expected but this is good in some cases for back pain


sleeping experience. It isn’t as firm or supportive as its orthopedic counterparts, but it is a comfortable and affordable alternative.

Zinus Ultima 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Amazon’s Choice

This mattress has five inches of high-density base support foam. It will give stomach sleepers all the support they need to slumber peacefully.

Boasting memory foam (3 inches) and airflow enhancing comfort foam (2 inches), the mattress will conform to the body type it encounters, providing customized comfort.

Boasting a 10-year warranty, the mattress needs 72 hours to regain its original shape because of how it was compressed for shipping purposes.


  • 10-year Money Back Guarantee Warranty
  • High density foam supports stomach sleepers
  • Free from toxic components


  • The standard mattress has been noted to have a slight chemical smell
  • Too soft or firm mattress for some people


As a CERTIPUR Certified product, this mattress is comfortable, reliable, and stable. Still, it was made using environmentally friendly means, which is why it will probably appeal to ecologically conscious individuals.

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 10-Inch Mattress

This Certipur Futon mattress is US Certified, 4-pound high-density open-cell memory foam mattress has a warranty of 20 years. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a 120-day Certipur US Certified trial. This shows you the confidence the manufacturer has in the product.

It uses a 4-layer construction, a luxurious zippered cover, and 3.5-inch Queen 60 high density foam to cradle the body. The gel infused mattress beads improve airflow while also enhancing pressure relief. This will enhance the quality of your sleep.


  • 20-year Warranty and dependable customer service
  • Certipur US Certified for Recreational Vehicle
  • The full size cover is fire retardant


  • Is known to sag for the more conservative Queen 60 x to x 75 and x 80 bed sizes


This 4-layered mattress is perfect for hot sleepers. Suitable for beginners, gel infused memory foam mattress was made without the use of harmful substances, so people with health issues such as allergies can trust it.

So you found the best RV mattress

The best camper van mattress is not always a luxury, but more of a life saver. And if you purchase the wrong one, you’re stuck with it for the whole trip.

But if your a mobile blogger like myself (and will make any excuse not to work on your blog while camping due to a bad back). 

You will need to perfect how you filter the mattresses out for what will be best for your needs. 

Find the best camper mattress model whose price tag fits the features it has to offer, offering a money-back guarantee. And as a rule of thumb, you should physically test the mattress and their customer service. 

You want to make sure the bed sizes whether they be x 75 and x 80 fit your RV sofa bed and measure it by the square foot and compare your camper footprint.

I hope this article was helpful in allowing you to find the best rv sized mattress for a great nights sleep.

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