Reviewing The Best Shade and Comfort Canopy Chairs

Striped Mediterranean canvas canopy chairs on white sandy beach

I went camping last weekend. Foolishly I took just one fold-up chair that dated from the eighties. It was smaller than I remembered, it can’t be me that’s grown. It offered no shade, so I didn’t sit there long and went back inside the tent. It made me think I needed a canopy chair for my next trip, so I did some investigations into the Best Canopy Chair, which prompted this article.

Is this Canopy Chair right for you?

Before you read reviews, think to yourself what you want from a chair. A logical approach is sure to help you find that perfect canopy chair.

Packed Size

I am not sure how you plan to travel but consider the size of the chair when it is packed up. Do you want it to fold flat, or do you need it to shrink even more when packed?

Weight Bearing Cap

I am not a small guy, so I am aware that some chairs are flimsy, and I have to weigh up whether they will hold my weight or not. Maybe this is not an issue for you, but for some of us, it is.

I have looked at chairs that range between 225 lbs maximum capacity and 350 lbs. If you are a big guy, then you need to purchase a sturdy chair.

Shade coverage

There is a vast difference between the size of shades. Is the shade in a chair going to be big enough to keep you fresh? Is the shade adjustable so that whatever direction the sun is shining, can you adjust the shade accordingly?

Striped Mediterranean canvas canopy chairs on white sandy beach


How much do you love comfort? It is essential that you feel comfortable in your chair. The whole point of a chair is for you to enjoy some relaxation. If not, then you may as well sit on the floor.

Some chairs have a steel bar that passes under the thighs, at the edge of the seat. After a while, that can prove uncomfortable. Some chairs recognize this problem and change their design to avoid this.


Those little extras like cup holders and tables can make a chair so much more functional. Check out what each chair has in the way of extras. It is not just a cup holder and storage pouch; it is how much the manufacturer thought about how they are used.

Having only one beverage holder on the right armrest is not very convenient for left-handed people. Having tiny cup holds that large drink cups cannot use, is again an annoyance.

Best canopy chair for your next camping trip or sporting events

GCI Outdoor Pod Rocking Chair with SunShade

Our favourite standard camping chairs that is almost the size of a double chair. We use it as one of our backpacking chairs and or lawn chair at home.

Over 22,000 postive 5 star reviews. Incredible. Trusted.

By GCI outdoor chairs

For me, this chair has it all. It has a comfortable rocking motion, which adds a whole extra dimension of comfort, The sunshade can rotate, and I can adjust it just how I need it. The sunshade is also able to offer 50 UPF sun protection.

I know it sounds silly, but I also like the color of the chair and the cup holder is convenient if you need something its arms reach.

Finally, the hanging containers at the side of the chair are positioned just right for those essentials.


  • Weight Capacity (CAP) – 250 lb
  • Weight of the chair – 13.2 lb
  • Width – 30 inches
  • Depth – 40.6 inches
  • Height – 50.8 inches


  • Rotatable UPF 50 shade protector
  • Comfortable slouch position
  • Rocking camp chair style


  • The drink holder is a little small
  • Can be a bit heavy to carry

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

An affordable chair for camping trips and one of the best canopy chairs on our list.

Patented 50+ UPF sun

By Kelsyus outdoor chairs

The best feature of this chair has to be the sewn-in insect guard. It’s like sitting in a fully enclosed mosquito net.

When not in use, the net ties to the sun canopy, and you can release it very quickly and deploy the net as soon as the bugs arrive. You get in and out of the chair through the zipper in the front.


  • Weight CAP – 250 lb
  • Weight of the chair – 11 lb
  • Width – 34.25 inches
  • Depth – 37.5 inches
  • Height – 51 inches


  • The functionality of Insect guard
  • Comfortable on back of legs
  • Easy to carry case with strong a shoulder strap


  • Feel very enclosed
  • Upright seating position, less relaxing

Quik Shade pro comfort Camp Chair

The Quik Shade is a comfortable chair and can be a great camp chair but some here at Venchas go on to say its the best beach chair of the bunch.

Pro comfort frame with rigid arms

By Quik Shade outdoor chairs

This chair has a lower weight limit than previous models. It’s still high enough to cover my weight, but it indicates the product is not as sturdy as the others.

I was pleased to see that there are cup holders in both armrests (easier for lefthanders). The armrests are soft and comfortable to rest on and hanging on one side; there is a storage bag.

I didn’t feel the canopy was as adjustable on this model as others. But it is still a good chair.


  • Weight Capacity – 225lb
  • Weight of the chair – 9 lb
  • Width – 21.2 inches
  • Depth – 35.8 inches
  • Height – 68 inches


  • Easy to set up
  • Not so heavy to carry
  • Ideal size soft arms to the chair


  • The chair is not so sturdy as other models
  • The sunshade is not as adjustable as others

Sport-Brella Recliner

Unlike the helinox chair the Sport Brella is one of the best outdoor chairs in terms of looks. It’s a compact chair and offers powder coated steel and a padded seat.

easy to fold and transport – very comfy

By Sport-Brella

At first sight, I was in love with this great folding chair. I thought maybe it looks flimsy, but when I saw it held 250 lb, I was reassured. It has it all, an excellent reclining position with a footrest that raises the legs.

The simple umbrella shade is very versatile in blocking the sun, and the great beach chair comes equipped with FOUR insulated cup holders. However, when listening to people who have bought the chair, several have said the chair broke very quickly (my initial impression from th design).

I would add that others were delighted with the chair.


  • Weight Capacity – 300 lb
  • Weight of chair – 13.5 lb
  • Width – 8 inches (Manufacturers figures)
  • Depth – 8 inches (Manufacturers figures)
  • Height – 39 inches (Manufacturers figures)


  • More features than any other beach chair
  • Sturdy footrest
  • Recliner supported by solid powder coated durable steel frame


  • Flimsy backpack straps that can break easily
  • Uncomfortable – no back support
  • Not good in winds

BDL Shade Renetto Canopy Chair

One of the best car camping outdoor chairs with canopy that we have trialled.

full canopy sun protection, sides and back


This chair certainly wins the medal for ease of set up. The canopy of the chair is also the carry case. Just unlock the case, and it pretty well sets itself up.

Don’t want the canopy just throw it back, and it hangs behind the chair. It also claims to have a 350 lb capacity, and it has an extra-wide seat.

They claim it is the most robust chair available. It is also 100% resistant to UV rays. I would probably be the target market for this chair.


  • Weight Capacity – 350 lb – 400 lb (both figures quoted)
  • Weight of chair – 15 lb
  • Width – 23 inches
  • Depth –19 inches
  • Back Height – 21 inches


  • It’s a big robust beach chair with canopy
  • Has oversized cup holders and carrying bag
  • Quick to set up and put down canopy


  • It’s cumbersome to carry
  • Upright seating position
  • Many extras that cost more
  • Not quite a zero gravity chair

Coleman Camping Chair

One of the best camping chairs and the portable folding chair you could say that is a budget camping chair

Built-in 4 Can Cooler – Need We Say More?

By Coleman

Perhaps it’s the svelte appearance, but I find this chair to be very reminiscent of a “Throne.” It has an excellent sleek design, but it has one huge crowdpleasing feature the 4 can cooler.

With over 40,000 positive Amazon reviews and an Amazon Choice product, it’s available in several colours. Close the door on your way out to get one.


  • Weight Capacity – 325 lb
  • Weight of chair – 13 lb
  • Width – 37.5 inches
  • Depth –24 inches
  • Height – 18 inches


  • Heavy-duty/well made camp chairs or beach chair
  • Nice color with a large shade canopy
  • Packs up into a carry bag, a very portable camping chair


  • The canopy is not adjustable
  • Heavy to carry
  • Upright seating position is more forward leaning the most of the reviewed camping chairs

Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

Not to be mistaken for one of the cheap camp chairs, this solid upright chair lounge chair has a robust canopy shade yet still one of the more portable chairs.

Patented adjustable canopy

By Quick Shade

The reason they call this “MAX”outdoor chair is because of the large-sized sunshade. That is quite good, but it is still adjustable in a very complicated way.

Yes, it will adjust, but no, it will not give the truly flexible experience that the Sport-Brella provided. It is light to carry. If you do not need the sunshade, it can be pushed back behind the chair.

It all packs away into a sturdy carrier bag that is slung over the shoulder. It is, however, one of the chairs with the lowest weight limit for users.


  • Weight Capacity – 225 lb
  • Weight of chair – 10.6 lb
  • Width – 36 inches
  • Depth –30 inches
  • Height – 71 inches


  • The canopy is more significant than most
  • The chair is easy to use
  • It has a high sun shade canopy, making it great for taller people
  • It’s a very portable chair with a well-designed carry bag


  • Upright seating position is the least adjustable of all the camping chairs


After doing this research into the Best Canopy Chair, I found a lot of information about canopy chairs and was able to invest in the right one. I hope that this article will assist you in doing the same.