What Is The Best Overall SwissGear Backpack Of 2024

best swissgear backpack man and woman hiking snow alps

SwissGear has more to offer than the Swiss Army knife that they are so commonly known for. They are also always up to date on the latest in luggage trends. They combine these trends with the best technology and brilliant design elements to create the best backpacks, travel bags, and suitcases.

In this article we are going to discus the best SwissGear backpacks and what makes them the best.

TLDR; Our Favorite SwissGear Backpack for 2024

The best SwissGear bag on the market right now is the 5358 USB ScanSmart spacious bag. This bag features the innovative ScanSmart technology that allows you to keep your computer in the padded compartment when you go through airport security. The ScanSmart technology makes the bag TSA Friendly and super easy to travel with.

In addition to the padded storage space, there is an extra tech pocket. You can safely store your tablet or other electronic devices inside without worrying about them breaking.

You can also easily charge your devices with the built-in USB outlet. The only catch is you have to have a portable battery pack to be able to use it.

best swissgear backpack man and woman hiking snow alps

About SwissGear

SwissGear uses Swiss precision-engineering and European styling to create the perfect bags for you. These backpacks are extremely practical, attractive, and sleek. You can expect to find the backpacks with all of the finishing touches you love in a bag.

Swissgear only uses premium materials and designs their bags specifically to be travelled with. They strive to make their products easy to use and durable to handle any situation. Their backpacks are ideal for those who enjoy to travel and do so often.

Roundup Of The Best SwissGear Backpacks for 2021

There are several different types of luggage products offered by SwissGear, but the backpacks are probably the most popular. We are going to go into detail on five of the best SwissGear backpacks.

SwissGear 3576 Artz Vintage Laptop Backpack


Weight: 1.55 pounds, Dimensions: 16″ x 10″ x 6″

3576 Artz Laptop Backpack Summary

These tablet friendly bags are the perfect combination of style and practicality. It is the perfect bag to take with you on a business trip or a casual trip to carry your essential belongings with ease. You can carry this backpack by the grab handle as a tote bag or on your back with the the padded shoulder straps.

This bag also features an unhinged opening that makes it super easy to get to your belongings when needed. There is also a convenient laptop slot along with another organizer compartment and an organizer pocket to keep things separate.


  • Padded and adjustable waist straps
  • Grab handle
  • Easy opening for quick access
  • Divider pockets
  • Lined interior
  • Organizer panel
  • Water bottle pocket


  • Laptop pocket is small

SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack


Weight: 3 pounds, Dimensions: 11.5″ x 7″ x 18″

5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack Summary

This backpack has a really cool feature that SwissGear calls ScanSmart backpack technology. This smartscan technology makes is TSA Friendly for stress-free travel. You won’t even need to take your laptop out of your bag when you go through airport security. This compartment is also padded to protect your laptop.

This backpack also comes with a built-in USB outlet which makes it easy to charge tour device at any time when you are traveling. To use this feature, you will need to have a battery pack to power the USB outlet.

You can carry this backpack comfortably with an airflow back panel and shock-absorbing, padded adjustable shoulder straps. You also have the added comfort from side shock absorbing shoulder straps and sternum straps so you don’t strain any muscles if your bag is extra heavy.


  • TSA friendly ScanSmart computer compartment
  • Zipper shoe compartment
  • Built-in USB outlet
  • Padded suspension shoulder straps
  • Crush resistant compartment for sunglasses


  • Drink holder is small
  • Cell phone pocket is small for a smartphone

SwissGear 3598 City Backpack


Weight: 1.4 pounds, Dimensions: 18.4″ x 11.5″ x 0.9″

3598 City Backpack Summary

This basic, slim versatile backpack is perfect for you if you are looking for a small and compact backpack for everyday use or travel. While this bag is too small to carry a laptop, it does feature a padded tablet pocket.

Even though this backpack is very slim and narrow, it provides plenty of space for you to keep your belongings in order. There are two large compartments on the inside, a front pocket organizer, and a side bottle pocket.

This lightweight bag also has the airflow back panel and adjustable padded straps, making it comfortable to carry. The slim design makes it a great backpack to use as a carry on.


  • Tablet pocket
  • Water bottle side pockets
  • Easy to carry
  • Two large interior compartments
  • Front organizer pockets
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps


  • No laptop compartment
  • No velcro strap to slip over rolling luggage handle

SwissGear SA6907 Laptop Backpack


Weight: 1.46 pounds, Dimensions: 19.5″ x 15.5″ x 2.5″

SA6907 Laptop Backpack Summary

It’s no secret that pink is a color that doesn’t agree with everyone, but it is nice to see a backpack on this list that isn’t just plain black! This backpack is super ideal for a student who is wanting to add some extra color to their travel or daily routine. It would make a great school backpack for a child who loves pink.

This backpack is not lacking when it comes to the space inside. It can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop in the padded laptop compartment. There is also plenty of room in the main compartment for school books, notebooks, or anything else that may need to be carried.

You will also enjoy the two mesh pockets on the sides designed to be water bottle pockets. This backpack is also equipped with a padded airflow back panel and shock absorbing shoulder straps.


  • Plenty of interior space using high density nylon lining
  • Padded compartment for laptops and tablets
  • Mesh pocket for water bottles
  • Adjustable side compression straps and trolley strap
  • Perfect for school backpacks


  • The color pink won’t sit well with everyone

SwissGear Travel 5977 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack


Weight: 2.75 pounds, Dimensions: 8.5″ x 17.5″ x 13.5″

5977 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack Summary

The best part about this backpack is the amount of organizational space provided. There are four main accessory pockets along with several other smaller pockets for quick access to your belongings. You will be able to know exactly where you put something and have extremely easy access to it.

The material used to make this backpack is a durable, weather-resistant polyester. You won’t need to worry about this bag getting wet if it starts to rain out of nowhere because the material is water resistant.

This is also a perfect laptop backpack for people who travel a lot. There is a padded TSA friendly ScanSmart laptop sleeve. This means you can put your bag through airport security without needing to take the laptop out of the bag. There is also an additional tech pocket, and two side pockets for easy access to your water bottle.

The airflow back panels on this backpack make for great ventilation technology. The padded back panel provides maximum comfort to you while you are traveling. In addition, you will also enjoy the contoured shoulder straps and compression straps to reduce the tension on your lower back.


  • Compression straps and chest strap
  • Padded back panel
  • Contoured padded shoulder straps
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • ScanSmart TSA laptop pack technology
  • Side pockets with ample space
  • Easy to carry with an additional rfid blocker pocket


  • No straps to attach to your luggage

What To Look For When Buying Your Next SwissGear Backpack

When you are looking for a Swiss Gear backpack, there are a few features you will want to keep in mind.


A great backpack starts with great materials. This is especially important when you are looking for a laptop pack. You will want to make sure the material is water-resistant so your laptop and other electronics are safe should you get stuck in the rain.


If you are looking for a laptop bag that you can easily travel with, the dimensions will be extremely important. You want to make sure the bag will be slim enough but still have padded laptop sleeve to keep your computer safe. Swiss Gear offers a different type of backpack in all different sizes, making it easy to choose the best size for you.

TSA Friendly

If you travel a ton, you probably get tired of taking your laptop out of your backpack every time you have to go through airport security. Swiss Gear offers a neat technology in the form of the ScanSmart Laptop pack. This technology allows you to keep your computer in the main compartment through TSA without having to take it out of the bag. The ScanSmart backpack will make security about one million times easier to handle.


The shape of your laptop bag is just as important as the dimensions. In most cases, you will want your backpack to be in an appropriate shape to carry a 15-inch laptop and still fit other things in the main compartment. The shape is also important when it comes to the straps of the backpacks. Some backpacks have handle straps that allow them to be held like a tote bag in addition to the shoulder straps.


Are Swiss Gear backpacks waterproof?

SwissGear backpacks are designed with water-resistant materials, but not waterproof materials. This means your belongings will be protected should you get caught in the rain, but they can not be completely submerged in water.

Where to buy Swiss Gear backpacks?

You can buy SwissGear backpacks at several major retailers. These include Amazon. com, Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom. You can also find them on the SwissGear website.

How to find Swiss Gear model number?

The first part of the model number is included in the name of the Swiss Gear backpack. You can easily find the rest of the model number by searching your bag by name on the internet.

Does SwissGear offer a warranty?

SwissGear offers a five year warranty as well as a ten year extended warranty. When you purchase from the company directly, you will automatically be eligible for the extended warranty.

This warranty states that when one of the backpacks is used within normal conditions for which it was designed, but a defect occurs, the company will repair or replace the bag. This warranty is completely up to the discretion of the company.

The one thing they require when trying to use the warranty is that you provide them with the proof of purchase, such as your receipt.

How long will my Swiss Gear backpack last?

SwissGear backpacks are designed to be durable and last you a while. The brand is so confident in their product that they even offer a five year limited warranty as long as you can present proof of purchase.

Iconic features that all Swiss gear bags that we love are the padded sleeve, side water bottle pocket, padded airflow panels, tabletsafe tablet pocket and tie down straps and chest straps. You’ll never fall short with the numerous pockets and media pocket for todays tech.

Wrapping Up

When you are searching for a new travel laptop bags, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of options you are provided. You might think that all backpacks are created equal, but that is not the case. Swiss Gear backpacks, who are commonly known for their Swiss Army knife production, makes some of the best backpacks on the market for travel and everyday use.

The best SwissGear bag right now is the 358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpacks. The ScanSmart technology makes it a breeze to get through airport security. In addition to the main compartment and padded compartments, you will also find a convenient tablet pocket.

Swiss Gear has backpacks that are TSA Friendly, allowing you to go through TSA without having to remove your laptop from the main compartment of your bag. This is made possible with the ScanSmart technology discussed above. This feature will make your travel experience so much quicker and more enjoyable.

You can also carry this type backpack comfortably with the contoured padded shoulder straps that come standard on almost every backpack they sell. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the backpacks sold by SwissGear.