The Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot Reviewed For 2024 For The Money.

Camper happily lying on tent cot offgroun in two person tent in summer campground

The term Tent Cot can sometimes be a little confusing in that different types of products carry this name but vary considerably in their function and complexity. We will use an all-embracing definition that includes a simple double camping bed, a double camping bed that is covered by a tent, and a double cot tent to provide privacy indoors.

Finding the Best Tent Double Cot, updated for 2024

How To Choose The Best Tent Cot Double For You.

First off, you need to define what you want from a tent double cot. Do you want a double cot that fits in a tent? Perhaps you want a camping tent cot that incorporates its own tent.

You might even want a double cot that takes the form of a hammock. Whichever of those that you are looking for, we have reviewed them.

It is an essential purchase, so reading this review is a great start in finding the perfect cot tents.

Camper happily lying on tent cot offgroun in two person tent in summer campground

Advantages & Benefits of a Double Tent Cot

If you enjoy camping, the feeling of being outdoors with just a canvass shelter, but hate sleeping on a hard rocky floor than a tent cot is something you will love.

An alternative product would be a self inflating mattress / air mattress, but these take a lot of space and are not so convenient to store or carry. A much more basic product is the camping pad, but in terms of comfort, it is no match for a camping cot.

This brings us to the double tent cot. Some of these are a simple camping tent cot that two people can share inside a tent. In this case, people who are used to sleeping with someone will feel more comfortable and warm with another body alongside them.

It also takes up less space than placing two single cots. The more complex cots with their integrated tent provide a comfortable self-contained tent that is off the ground and offers complete privacy.

Mobility Issues & Obesity

As we get older, our mobility can sometimes be reduced, and while we would still love to go camping, we know that getting off the floor can be hard.

This is made worse if we have to get up several times during the night as well. Do not let Arthritis and general lack of mobility stop you from enjoying yourself like you used to.

The raised position of the tent cots makes it so much easier to stand up, just swinging the legs over the side of the cot, rather than the slow and painful rise from the floor.

If you are on the large size, these oversized camping cots can make your solo camping trip that much more manageable, with a broader cot area and the raised position. An oversized or double Tent size cot can allow you to return to camping again.

Features to Watch Out For

The Kamp-Rite Cots that we recommend have several standard features in the models we reviewed.

  • They are made of nylon material (heavy-duty)
  • Mesh on all windows and doors for privacy
  • Standard style cot is elevated off the floor for greater comfort and warmth.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum center bar frame with solid weight capacity
  • Corrosion resistant zippers.
  • Interior storage pouches
  • Cot superior quality clips and buckles are durable.

Get the Most Out of Your Tent Double Cot

No longer enduring the discomfort of stony ground, which may be cold to sleep on, you and your partner may well find that you spend more time camping.

The elevated sleeping position places you above the bugs and snakes that might otherwise be exploring the ground surface.

If you want even more comfort, some people bring a roll of foam to place over the cot, but this is not essential.


If you are planning a long-distance hike, you may want to reconsider taking a camping tent cot as they can be heavy to carry, especially those made with quality aluminum frames.

You are certainly much safer from critters in a raised-off ground position, but make sure you place the cot in a secure location


Kamp-Rite Oversize – A Tent Cot Folding Outdoor Camping and Hiking Sleeping Bed

Kamprite was founded in 1999. Their original product was the “Original Good Tent Cot,” so Kamprite is a specialist in this type of product.

The company is based in Sacramento and has distributors in Europe and Australia/Pacific regions as well. The cot is made in the USA.

The kamp-rite double has an integral tent built onto the frame of the cot and can also fold into a lounge chair. This off the ground shelter provides excellent protection from the weather while providing exceptional comfort for two occupants.

Features / Dimensions

  • Floor area: 90″L x 32″W x 47″H
  • Tent: 90″L x 32″W x 36″H
  • Cot: 90″L x 32″W
  • Folded: 36″L x 34″W x 7″H
  • Weight: 32 lbs

The product comes with its own carry-bag and fitted waterproof rain-fly.


  • Good quality product, sturdy aluminum frame / steel frame that converts to a lounge chair
  • Comes complete with rainfly for wet weather conditions and carry bag
  • Heavy duty sturdy aluminum with wide mesh doors elevated cot base


  • Heavy to carry for many people on a hike or on a motorbike
  • When in the folded position, it is still enormous.
  • Weight limit 350 lbs which is enough for one person but for cutting it fine for a 2 person

Product Information

This superior double tent cot has mesh on all the windows and doors, which provides the occupants with privacy and allows for the flow of air while restricting unwanted access by bugs.

It also converts to a lounge chair if needed, and is built with heavy-duty powdered aluminum.

Assembly of the tent cot takes typically about ten minutes after you have done it a couple of times, check it out on amazon com below.

Kamp-Rite Compact. Our Favourite Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot

Kamp Rite uses somewhat confusing naming for their products. You would imagine the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Folding Great Outdoors Camping Hiking Sleeping Bed would be larger than the Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot Compact w/R F DCTC343.

The first one is an oversized single cot that can be used by two people and the second (this product) a double-sized cot. If you look at the dimensions of the sleeping area, it is more extensive (although not as long).

Features / Dimensions

  • Floor area: 84L x 52W x 36H
  • Tent: 90″L x 32″W x 36″H
  • Cot: 85″L x 55″W
  • Folded: 45″L x 12″W x 12″H
  • Weight: 44 lbs


  • Bed dimensions wider than other models is an ideal solution to fit all your camping gear i.e. sleeping bag
  • Weight limit 550 lbs
  • If you are older, it is easier to step out of the cot and get up then getting up off the floor.


  • If the tent is not aired sufficiently before being put away, there can be a slight smell within the nylon fabric.
  • Weight is 44 lbs

Product Information

This is an innovative three products in one. Use the cot and tent together, or the top of the cot (the tent) comes off and can be used separately.

The cot portion can then be used on its own. The cot is rated for 550 lb, which is more realistic than the 350 lbs of the first one.

Assembly should take no more than five minutes for second and subsequent erections. The manufacturer says it can be erected in seconds. I think that is optimistic.

Kamp-Rite – A Smaller Kamp-Rite Tent Cot With A Rain Fly (Kids Edition)

This product is sold as a kamp-rite camping tent cot, but I would say that you both need to be quite slim to use it as a two-person cot. Compare the dimensions between the three Kamp-Rite models.

The cot is rated for 350 lbs by the manufacturer, but CTC specs say 300 pounds.

Features / Dimensions

  • Floor area: 79L x 29W x 57H
  • Tent: 79″L x 29″W x 57″H
  • Cot: 79″L x 29″W
  • Folded: 9″L x 43″W x 10H
  • Weight: 25 lbs


  • Weighs less for transportation
  • Corrosion resistant zippers unique to the model
  • The two person version comes with a wheeled bag


  • Weight limit 300 lbs
  • Narrow bed width and shorter length.

Product Information for the original tent cot

Lighter to carry than the previous two models (only 25 lbs), but also narrower cot area. Mesh on windows and doors elevated cot base, Windows at each end (zippered).

There is a useful mesh storage pouch under the cot (raised off the ground). The unit has two bags—one wheeled bag to carry the frame and a small bag to carry the tent top. The tent top unzips from the cot, and the two can be used separately.

The manufacturer says it can be erected in less than one minute.

Whether you want style camping gear or comfortable camping gear, the Kamp Rite is perfect for a private sleep shelter or tent. However, tent cot products can add a bit more bulk to your trip than old style camping gear.


These versatile Tent Cot Double models can make camping more acceptable to those who do not like to sleep on the ground or through mobility issues cannot.

They also are frequently used indoors where unexpected guests arrive, and a temporary bed is needed that also provides a modicum of privacy, or without the tent top as just a spare cot.

We chose to restrict our review to Kamprite models as after looking at other manufacturer’s cots, we found that overall the Kamprite models were superior. It was then just a matter of which of these three models was best.

However, this review is for the Double Tent Cot. While all three models reviewed are excellent quality and well designed, for two people I would have to say that the best tent cots model number two (Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot w/R F DCTC343) is the best option for a couple who want a double tent cot to share.