Reviewed: The Best Camping Tents With Screened Porch Of 2024

Large screen porch area in front of tent decked with relaxing area

You have probably dismissed everyone that has ever claimed to sell to you one of the best tents with a screen porch. You’re not alone. The first time we went camping, we thought that any ordinary tent would do.

But then we got to the camping ground, and things got messy. There was plenty of space inside our tent but very little privacy. The kids wanted to play their games at a time when we just wanted to sleep.

We tried sending them outside, but then the rain came. It was annoying. And then I finally saw the light.

Buying A Family Tent With A Porch Is The Best Purchase You Can Make In 2024

This is what people mean when they say that tents with a screened porch give you more space to maneuver.

We finally caved in and got an entry-level screened porch tent and then suddenly, the kids had a place of their own to play. We also had a place to store all our dirty clothes without leaving them out in the rain. It made things so simple.

We are looking for a replacement now, and we are hoping to upsize and upgrade to a tent with screen room that we can use for the next several years.

Large screen porch area in front of tent decked with relaxing area

What to look for when buying a solid tent with screen porch?

Tents with a screened porch come in many shapes and sizes. To ensure that you get the best possible product for your needs, keep the following in mind.

1. Size

This goes without saying. You need to find a camping tent with dimension are suitable for the number of people that will accompany you on your camping trip. We ended up getting a six-person tent as we figured that two kids under the age of ten are equal to four people including toys.

When you are in the market to buy, make sure you have enough room on the inside to accommodate your companions and their luggage.

2. Price

A camping tent with screen room come in a variety of price ranges. Don’t look for the cheapest tent on the market. Instead, try to find a product whose features can justify its price tag.

Be aware that the extra real estate that a screened porch tent features will usually come at a higher premium.

3. Ventilation

One of the most popular or best cabin tents on the market is the Coleman Cabin Camping Tent. But this cabin style tent has one flaw in my opinion and that is it gets warm like an oven in summer.

I find that dome tents have the same problem, lack of ventilation. Screened room and screened porches dome tents especially models with mesh roof are not only can be more of a spacious tent but provide greater airflow for cooler nights and habitable days.

How many doors does your tent have? How about the windows? The best tents with a screen room must be adequately ventilated.

Ensure that the airflow is sufficient for you and your family or friends once you zip the opening shut.

4. Packability

Endeavor to purchase a tent that is easy to pack and carry. A tent that is too complex will become a problem whenever you need to pack or unpack in a hurry.

The weight also matters. If you have a long trek ahead of you, prioritize lighter tents that are easier to carry.

What are the advantages of tents with a screen porch?

Screen room tents are growing in popularity because they bring several benefits to the table, for instance.

1. They provide additional space

You can use the screen room area as a living room, storage room, or my favorite use, a kitchen preparation area.

You can use it for activity purposes that cannot be fulfilled by the primary cabin of the tent that should only be reserved for sleep and clothing.

2. The screen room / porch creates a barrier

Porch tents and cabin tents usually have an entry point and then a second door, screen room or flap between it, and the primary cabin. This acts almost like a filter that protects against mosquitos, pests, dirt from foot traffic and at a small level even sounds.

3. Observe the environment

The porch will enable you to observe the world outside while remaining protected from the elements. If large enough, you can easily arrange a lounging area and If the porch has a sturdy roof and transparent walls, it will certainly keep the rain away from you.

One of my favorite downtimes is watching the rain drench the forest whilst I sip on a cup of my go-to earl grey in the comfort of my waterproof screen room.

4. It looks great

I much prefer the screened porch and cabin tents look, than futuristic dome tents.

And while a screen room Coleman are a great choice for a multi person person family cabin tent. During our research, they tend to favour the dome style tent and instant cabin tent models on Amazon.

Therefore our list below only shows not only the best tents but our preferred tent with screened porch that look also great and perform well as a summer camping tent.

I feel that a porch improves the aesthetic value of a tent, making it more beautiful by giving it the appearance of a real home.

Best tents with a screened porch.

If you need a decent tent with screen room, keep reading, as below are some of the best tents on the market that I came across when researching for our newest addition.

Klondike 8-Person Water Resistant Tent

uSA Made Tent With A Screen Room


This is the sort of tent you buy when you have a large group of people to cater to. It features a front awning of significant size that can work as a porch, not to mention components that will defend against the rain, and wind.


  • The standing room is 6 1/2 feet.
  • There is enough room for eight people on the inside.
  • The whole thing stands at 16 feet by 11 feet.


  • Spacious interior cabin
  • Spacious screen rooms
  • Requires less than half an hour to assemble


  • Cannot comfortably house 8 people
  • Heavy rain will cause leaks

Final thoughts

The tent’s successes outweigh its failures. Even though it’s marketed as an eight-person tent, its safe to say that its a stretch to do so unless you plan on housing people in the porch area.

I affectionately call this tent the sardine can, even if you are to try and fit just seven people. However, the Wenzel 8 is still spacious and easy to assemble for five to six people.

Vango Capri family Tent

Instant Tents to Setup So You Can Relax Sooner

By Vango

This is an inflatable tent that can comfortably house five people, possibly even more. Boasting a tunnel-like design, people are drawn to this screen room tent because its enormous and you can assemble it in minutes.


  • The tent stands at 236 inches x 126 inches x 80.7 inches.
  • It weighs 47.2 pounds.


  • Quick and Easy to assemble style screened porch tents
  • Vango Tension Band System allows the tent to survive in adverse conditions
  • The front extension is sizable


  • Porch doesn’t have a screen, sold separately

Final thoughts

The tent is easy to assemble because it is inflatable. However, for this very reason, it is also expensive. Because the porch doesn’t have a screen, you are exposed to insects and other elements that can be blown in.

Northwest Enterprises 10-Person Tent

Big Enough To Host A Camping Wedding Ceremony?

By Northwest Enterprises

As the name suggests, this is a ten-person cabin tent, which means that it is suitable for large families that require ample space for all the campers and their luggage. There is plenty of ventilation with the tall windows and sizable doors.


  • The tent stands at 20 feet x 10 feet.
  • It has a peak height of 7.2 feet and it sleeps ten people.


  • High quality screen porch tent
  • Detachable floor
  • Room divider and rear door provide privacy and convenience


  • May buckle under strong winds or rain

Final thoughts

This tent is not meant for serious campers that are always venturing into dangerous places with extreme conditions.

It was made for families looking for a simple camping experience in safe conditions such as a camping ground or the backyard.

Arizona GT 9 to 10-person Camping Tent

don’t Be Fooled By The Texas GT’s Small Appearance


The Arizona boasts 2 Rooms, 2 Doors, 3 Windows Tent Designed for Easy Assembly with color coded poles and was award the best family tent in recent years. The fly covers the entire tent, and the waterproof rating of (2500 mm) is impressive.


  • The tent is suitable for 8-10 people.
  • The inner area and screened porch area is 63.5 square feet.
  • The peak height is 6.2 feet.


  • Breathable cabin tent with screen room mesh on the roof and doors
  • The tent has a lantern hanging loop on the ceiling, gear loft, mudflaps, and utility pockets
  • Amazing waterproofing. All the seams are sufficiently taped


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Too small to accommodate the seven people the manufacturer claims

Final thoughts

This is an impressive tent with a friendly price tag and a wide array of features. It cannot comfortably house seven people. But if your numbers are smaller than that, it will be confidently cozy and warm.

CORE 6 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Instant 60 Second Setup; Sleeps 6 people

By Core

This is a well-ventilated tent that is perfect for summer camping. Boasting a fly that covers the ceiling, it uses poles made from steel and fiberglass. This makes it a stable and reliable tent.


  • The tent can house six people.
  • It stands at 10 feet x 14 feet, with a weight of 24 pounds.
  • The peak height is 76 inches.


  • Five window cabin tent with mesh and zippered panels
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to assemble and use comes with rain fly


  • The screen room has neither a floor nor panels on the walls
  • Won’t cope well against heavy wind or rain

Final thoughts

This is a smaller tent than some of the pictures suggest. And it might not necessarily hold six people. But it is compact, secure, affordable, and easy to use.

Best Of The Best Camping Tents With Screened Porch

Out of all the screen room / porch tents above, the Wenzel Klondike eight-person cabin style tent is the best. It isn’t the largest or tallest, and neither does it have the best weatherproofing.

But it offers a decent balance of all those features, boasting a standing room of 6 1/2 feet, polyester fabric with proper weather protection, sufficient ventilation, and a spacious porch.

Whether your looking at a dome tent, instant tent features like room dividers, tent poles and patented welded floors may tend to sway your opinion.

However, we find that the comfiest tents are those that have a large screen room attached to a high quality tent.

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