6 Camping Tasty And Easy Meals in Foil Ideas For You To Try On The Campfire.

A group of hungry campers watch as their dinner cooks in foil on campfire

When I am out hiking, I hate to carry too much gear. I try to keep things as simple as possible. I don’t want to have to take camping gas and stoves. When I cook, I use a campfire, and experience has shown me that the best way to cook on a campfire is by taking Camping Meals in foil packs that I prepared before leaving home.

Discovering campfire recipes in foil.

Before we look at the recipes, I want to give you a couple of tips that I learned from the mistakes I made.

  • Use heavy-duty foil. If a foil packet rips, it can get very messy in your rucksack. It is also not great getting ash seeping into your food.
  • When packing the meals into the foil, spray oil onto the inside of the foil pack before adding the food. It helps to stop the campfire food sticking to the foil and also helps to keep the meat moist.
  • Cook the packets on a bed of hot coals and not in the flames

Cheesy asparagus.

Cheesy Asparagus

I am not a vegetarian, but occasionally I like to skip the meat, and when I do, my favorite is Cheesy Baked Asparagus. I tend to make several servings at once and then divide them into individual packets.

I then place the unwanted ones in the freezer for the next trip. A good tip is to place each of the foil packs in a small freezer bag that you can write on, so you know what is in the package.

Then when packing the rucksack, take the freezer bag with you so you know what each meal is.

The main ingredients are asparagus and Cheese. I prefer cheddar to Mozzarella and make a substitution from the recipe.

You can find the full recipe here.

5 Ounce Parmesan Shred By Whole Foods Market
Not a necessity but a want and a small indulgent. A senior camper at Venchas suggest to sprinkle some parmesan on your roasting vegetables. The end result is a taste made in outdoor heaven.

Chicken and vegetables.

Chicken and Veggies in foil campfire meals
This versatile method can also be used for shrimp boil, hawaiian chicken, lemon chicken, italian chicken and cooking italian sausage.

I think probably my favorite meat is Chicken, these foil packs is based around Chicken, so I just had to include it as one of my go-to tin foil dinners. Once again, the campfire foil recipe is four servings, but it is just so easy to divide up the meals into individual packets.

It saves a lot of time. A quick tip is to keep the chicken cooking within a steady level of olive oil. Otherwise, the meal will burn.

Also, the menu reminds me to be extra vigilant when opening the packet as you may get burned from the escaping steam.

This meal contains a lot of my favorites, and I make this one quite often. It features Chicken, although you can substitute your favorite meat. Remember to cube the meat to speed the campfire cooking time.

If your curious as to How Hot is a Campfire and how they heat up click here to read our article.

Check out the recipe here.

Breakfast burritos.

Breakfast burrito in foil campfire meals

Everyone loves a Burrito, don’t they? Well, the important thing is that I like them and I suspect that you will too. The beauty of these Burritos is that you can play around with the menu and add some different flavors.

My favorite is to substitute chunky hamburger meat for the cubed ham. Just chop the hamburgers into small pieces. I also like to add some onion.

They are great little campfire meals and take only 30 minutes to cook on the campfire. It’s particularly essential to use heavy-duty foil for these or double wrap if using standard.

Making four servings is going to take a dozen eggs and eight ounces of cheddar cheese. That is just a clue as to how nutritious these breakfast burritos are.

Remember to add seasoning like garlic powder maybe a touch of bbq sauce, sour cream and of course some veggies like green beans, sweet potatoes and red pepper / green peppers as a side.

Here is the original recipe

Aluminum Foil, 250 Sqaure Feet By Solimo
Solimo aluminum foil is great for camping cooking needs and makes cleanup simple. Use these for wrapping and roasting this articles camping dishes, creating foil packs that hold foods together during cooking, or wrapping and storing leftover meals.

Ham & cheese hash browns.

Ham and cheese hashbrown in foil campfire meals

For a quick less mess recipe, you cannot beat Ham and Cheese Hash browns. Using frozen hash browns that you smother in Cheese and diced ham, topped with an egg (or two). I always add onions as well, but that is just my taste.

They cook in the coals of your fire (not the flames) in around 25 minutes. Don’t skimp on the olive oil either. You do not have to make many portions, by reducing the ingredients you can make just one or two.

The recipe shown is for six, but hey, I am sure people are going to want seconds.

Frozen hash Browns serve as the base for these easy campfire foil pack meals, and they will cook well in the foil for your next camping trip. You can substitute the cheeses as well if you want.

You can use this method to also make a philly cheesesteak, you will need some parchment paper to handle the sandwich but its one of my perfect camping hobo dinners.

View the original recipe

Barbeque chicken.

Bbq chicken in foil campfire meals

These are full-flavored foil packet meals with Chicken again. The recipe uses chicken breast pieces, which you dice. Diced Chicken is just so easy to use for Camping Meals in Foil, and I keep bags of diced chicken foil packets in my freezer just for making quick meals.

I love this recipe because it includes pineapple bits, which I think add an extra taste overlay to any meal. This meal is a great combo of sweet and savory.

The only other ingredient I add to the recipe is tinned garden peas or lemon chicken and italian chicken Why? Because I can, and that goes for anything else you want to add to this menu. Menus are not mandatory; it’s ok to get creative and experiment on your next camping trip.

Get the full idea from Pilsbury.

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Easy tin foil sausage and veggies.

Sausage and veggies in foil campfire meals

This recipe features a meal that is tasty and not so bland as some other meals. It also features plenty of seasonings and six spices. The recipe lists turkey sausages.

Unfortunately, where I live, they are impossible to get, so I use pork sausages. I prefer turkey, but you can’t have everything.

Once you put this on the already smoldering coals of your campfire, it will only take 15 minutes cooking time before you can enjoy it. These foil dinners are great and so quick and easy to prepare before you go.

The recipe is for 4-6 portions, so either scale down the ingredients or a better option is to make all six portions and freeze those you do not need. A great time saver for next time you go hiking.

All the ingredients are sausages, cut veggies like potatoes, pepper, dried parsley, and corn. You can add other vegetables to taste. Olive oil is required (about 5 ounces), and do not be afraid to add seasonings, herbs, and spices.

You can feel free to add your own touch to this recipe, personally i like to add some chicken and potatoes and even grilled shrimp.

Find this recipe and more.

A group of hungry campers watch as their dinner cooks in foil on campfire