Can You Go Camping Under 18 Years Of Age

This article is for educational purposes only. We always suggest going camping with the proper training and experience. Especially if you are a minor, that means camping with supervision or an experienced adult. With the warning out of the way, did you know that camping is an excellent activity for all ages? If you haven’t … Read more

How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress Fast With These Steps

For a slightly extra premium, an air mattress is a great addition when camping to improve sleep quality and spinal support.  It will provide more sleeping comfort than your average rollup foam matt. It also offers the convenience of being compressible for easy stowing. But, it will need extra attention and care to avoid punctures … Read more

Backpack Zipper Stuck? Here Are 4 Working Fixes You Can Try.

Backpacks are supposed to keep your valuables safe during a hike. But what happens when the zipper gets stuck? If you can’t open your backpack, you cannot access the very valuables you need for your trip. But if you try to force the zipper open, you could destroy it, making it all but impossible to … Read more

Test Page For Affiliatable

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How To Insulate A Tent So Good That It Feels Like A Log Cabin

Insulation works in two ways. You can either trap heat or cold, depending on the situation. When tent camping, most experts use insulation to stay warm. Most campers also rely solely on the heat their bodies produce to fight the cold. The notion sounds ridiculous, but things make sense once you realize that the energy … Read more

How Effective are Tiki Torches for Mosquitoes?

Summer is right around the corner, bringing longer days and warm evenings. For many of us, it’s the beginning of camping and barbeque season, where we can enjoy our time outside amongst the birds and the bees, and our less welcome friend, the mosquito. With the first buzz in your ear or bite on our … Read more

Has Zero Breeze Overcome It’s Criticism?

I never expected to find myself looking at the Zero Breeze. Camping is supposed to be a rough experience, one that pits you against nature. I was more than happy to tough it out. But then my young ones decided to join me on a trip, and everything changed. I remember the night vividly. The … Read more

Dry Ice Camping Uses – Some Practical And Others Weird

So What is Dry Ice? Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Dry Ice that is captured during various industrial processes is captured and recycled into Dry Ice. Dry Ice is freezing (-109.3°F / -78.6°C). This makes it an excellent option for use in freezing products and keeping them frozen. You may wonder where the term … Read more

How To Clean A Tent With Mold With These 6 Simple Methods

Camping is a fun and exciting activity, but it can get dirty and messy. You must make sure your tent is clean and dry when you put it away because mold growth is a common issue when it comes to tents. Why Should You Remove Mold From Your Tent? Mold and mildew most commonly occur … Read more

How To Inflate Air Mattress With Built In Pump Without Electricity

Air mattresses make tent camping more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the ground. But how are you supposed to inflate an air mattress if you don’t have access to electricity? Air mattresses with a built in pump requires electricity to use, but electric outlets aren’t always available at campsites. There … Read more

MAPP Gas Versus Propane. So Whats The Difference?

If you enjoy grilling, barbecuing, welding, or performing any other activity that involves the use of a torch, the gas you use matters. Most people are generally expected to choose between MAPP gas, Butane, and Propane gas even though they don’t know the difference between the three. Understanding Liquid Petroleum Gases Lets get into it … Read more

How To Dispose Of Coleman Fuel Canisters, Safely And Legally

Everyone loves a good Coleman fuel canister. They are so easy to use. However, disposing Coleman Fuel Canisters can be more complicated than most people realize. Some people doubt that the canisters can be recycled in the first place. But it is more than possible if you apply caution. Why Coleman fuel canisters? Simply put, … Read more

Tips On How To Comfortably Wash Head Hair When You Have Stitches

Washing Your Hair While Healing Doesnt Have To Be Complicated. If you have ever had a deep cut, chances are you have had stitches or staples to help your wound stay closed. Stitches are supposed to be taken care of, but stitches on your head require extra attention. Let’s say you recently had an accident … Read more

Simple Ways On How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Tent camping is supposed to be fun. But it isn’t supposed to be comfortable, or so people keep saying. They are wrong. If your camping experience is rough and physically distressing, you don’t know what you’re doing. There are plenty of ways to make your tent camping adventure cozy and relaxing, including: Sleeping Bag The … Read more

10 Glorious Camping String Lights, LED, Solar And Battery

If you’re going on a family vacation, it’s important to create memories together. So why not do something that will make the experience more enjoyable? Campsite lighting is an easy way of doing just that! With all the excellent camping string lights available on the market today – from vibrant colors and sparkles for childrens’ … Read more

Real Methods On How To Heat A Tent, Camping Edition

How can you stay warm during your camping trip? This issue is unlikely to concern boon dockers and van lifers with plenty of electric devices they can rely on to fight the cold. Tent campers are not quite as lucky. Fortunately, there are ways to stay warm, even in the absence of a power source … Read more

How To Shower While Camping

Why showering while camping is important Picture this, you’ve been hiking for a few days, and the weather has not been that bad. You haven’t been sweating or doing any physical activities, so you decide to skip on that day’s shower. Besides, along the way, you may have decided to have a dry shower or … Read more

How Long Will Ice Last In A Cooler? Answered!

I was asked this question the other day, “How Long Will Ice Last In A Cooler?” It seemed a pretty simple question at first glance, but then I realized that there were many different variables to consider when I looked at it more carefully. Firstly to answer the question…How long will ice last? If you … Read more

How To Keep A Fire Pit Going For As Long As You Want It

It used to amaze me how my grandfather could keep a fire going for days straight without ever having to restart it. Of course, as kids, we just got used to the 24/7 campfire smouldering quietly during the day and transforming into a raging fire at night. But, almost like how you expect water to … Read more

Dont Throw It Out: How To Clean Windbreaker Jacket Easily

I want to talk a little bit about washing your rain jacket correctly because I made a big mistake here, and I think it’d be beneficial to share my experience. The Windbreaker jacket that I have been using for three years now is the Outdoor Research Helium Two. I’ve been using this Jacket almost every weekend … Read more

How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood

The weather will never be perfect each time you’re tasked with creating a campfire. From personal experience, there has always been some time of moisture, dew, or downpour of rain that can determine the difficulty of my campfire building. If you have ever tried to start a fire in the rain, you know how difficult … Read more

A Weird DIY Insulated Cooler Hack That Impresses Friends!

If you have been out on the trail recently, you may have noticed A, a lot more people have solar-powered gadgets and B, everybody seems to have an expensive cooler. Well, that is what I observed last time out. So my current heavy duty diy cooler none other than the standard blue 48 Quart Coleman cooler. … Read more

How To Cook Camping Rice Easily

There’s nothing better than a wholesome bowl of camping rice by the campfire along with your flame-grilled vege’s and meat. Not to mention that it’s a great energy source, reasonably lightweight, has a decent shelf-life and fills you up.  There are several ways that you can cook rice when you’re camping, and in this article, … Read more

Easy Tips You Can Use For Staying Cool While Camping

Right now, in Australia, we are a few months away from entering the summer. But for those in North America, you’re likely in the thick of it with a few months of summer to go, lucky you. If that is the case, I have written this article as a reference guide for you to look … Read more

3 Easy Tips On How To Keep Food Cold When Camping

A camping trip can be a wholesome and fun activity. You get to stay outdoors with your friends and family, away from the busy city life, enjoy nature for all the beauty it offers, and embark on recreational adventures and activities. However, one inconvenience is being away from modern amenities: keeping your food cold without … Read more

Do You Need A Sleeping Bag For Camping?

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, and it’s also a great way to bond with family and friends. Camping can be experienced during any climate and environment, and these two factors play an essential role in what camping sleeping gear items you should bring. Many people ask us, “do you need a sleeping … Read more