Campfire Wood Near Me

Featured image chopping firewood

Where Can I Find Campfire Wood Near Me? We Answer This Popular Question. Every camp needs a fire. In most cases, it is the only way to stay warm, not to mention its role in the cooking process. Naturally, campfires require firewood, and firewood isn’t quite as cheap or easy to access as some people […]

How to pack camping gear for a flight

Pack camping gear for a flight featured image

How To Pack Camping Gear For A Flight I was planning a camping trip on the other side of the country and wanted to fly. It made me wonder about taking camping gear on the plane. Here is what I found. Can I bring a tent in my carry on? According to the TSA, you […]

How To Go Winter Cold Camping With Dog’s

Cold camping with dog in a beautiful snow capped setting

How To Go Winter Cold Camping With Dog ‘s I like winter camping a great deal, and I frequently am out there when the weather is down at temperatures way below 30 degrees, which is seen as acceptable as the definition of cold weather camping trip. Anyway, I digress what I wanted to know was […]

Staying Cool While Camping

staying cool while camping feature image campers looking at cool mountain

Staying Cool While Camping Right now, in Australia, we are a few months away from entering the summer. But for those in North America, you’re likely in the thick of it with a few months of summer to go, lucky you. If that is the case, I have written this article as a reference guide […]

What meat does not need refrigeration?

Melbourne preston markets italian deli cured meat

What Meat Does Not Need Refrigeration? Refrigerated meat is a recent innovation. Before the widespread availability of refrigerators, a variety of methods were used to preserve meat. The ancient Egyptians would use salt to keep their foods. Applying salt to the meat draws the moisture (which causes bacteria) out of the meat. The answer to […]

How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack

A group of three campers walking with backpacks gear

How To Attach A Sleeping Bag To A Backpack Easily How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack? This question won’t make sense to people that do not camp. After all, if you have a sleeping bag and you want to bring it with you on a camping trip, why can’t you keep it […]

Solo Camping for Women

Young woman solo camping cooking snacks on campfire, on beach in front of cream coloured tent

Solo Camping for Women Is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Some use camping to disrupt their busy connected lifestyles. Others seem to enjoy the serenity of nature and use it to rouse creativity. I go solo camping as a woman because I enjoy different challenges and especially when I feel that I’m becoming complacent with […]