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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. To support our staff and and community we may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. To support our staff and and community we may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

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Last Updated On December 7, 2020

Does The Cobiz Headlamp Live Up To The Hype?

Overview of the Cobiz Headlamp

Different jobs need various light levels, and the Cobiz handles this with a choice of three light settings. Brighten up your camping trip with a powerful headband lamp that has a massive 6000 lumens of power. The lamp can deal with the rain and is waterproof, and best of all, the Cobiz keeps running for up to 8 hours. 

6000 Lumens, rain, dust and waterproof and an 8 hour battery life are a few reasons why the Cobiz headlamp has over 2000 positive review on Amazon.

The light is powered with Lithium-ion Batteries and comes complete with its carrying case, which provides extra protection on your trip. The lamp is a durable design with quality construction and the best headband lamp on the market.

Things to consider before buying the Cobiz Headlamp

Things to consider before buying the Cobiz Headlamp 100


The lamp fits comfortably, whether you are wearing a hat or not. The lamp is well balanced and sits well on the head.

Battery life

It has a long-lasting battery that will maintain a charge for up to 8 hours if needed.

Construction Quality. You really cannot beat Lithium-ion Batteries for this type of job.


Batteries are reliable, but you should ensure you keep them well charged. The lamp uses a micro USB to charge, much more convenient.


This is a quality product just made for the great outdoors. This lamp is a lamp that you can trust to let you down when you need it most.

Features & Benefits of the Cobiz Headlamp

Choice of Light Modes

There is a difference between the type of light you need when outside and needing long-range vision and the light requirements when you are tucked away in your tent for the night.

Whatever your lighting needs, the Cobiz has them covered, and with the three lighting modes, they can cover most eventualities.

This lamp is strong enough to see you through some of the most awful conditions yet can be adjusted to suit the tent’s interior.

Lighting Settings

You can switch combinations of lamps on to provide just the light you need for the task you are facing. The low setting will turn on the middle light to give a more discreet light.

Turn it to the medium mode, and the center light goes off, and the two outside lights in the array will switch on, and the middle one switches off. Finally, select the high mode, and all three lights will come alive, giving you a bright beam of light.

Extreme LED Lights

Do you need extra light? The COBIZ is perfect for you with its range of bright LED lights. The lights are in a Creek configuration and offer a sharp light that will exceed your expectations. LED lights are more energy-efficient and are more reliable than traditional bulbs.

Hands-Free Use

Headlamps offer users the opportunity to have both hands free without the necessity of carrying a flashlight. Some headlamps can feel out of balance with a heavy lamp perched on the front of the headband, but Cobiz has the additional benefit of the over the headband as well.

This provides greater security for the light but also makes the lamp feel more balanced. Many outdoor tasks require both hands to be free, and this kind of headband light will help you get things done comfortably and conveniently.

Rechargeable Batteries

The batteries on the Cobiz headband lamp are rechargeable to save you money in the future buying replacement batteries. Additionally, the 18650 Li-ion batteries pack will keep going for hours and hours, keeping going when some other lamps have given up.

They also provide the power to make this a mighty lamp. The lamp will last a varying length of time, depending on what configuration of lights you are using.

Ideal for Everyone

The whole family will appreciate the convenience of this lamp. There are so many uses, ranging from trips to the bathroom at night, pitching the tent when you arrive late, reading, and searching for things in your rucksack.

The headband is fully adjustable to get that comfortable fit and can be adjusted for most family members. Make sure that you always bring along the headlamp light when you go camping.

Perfect for all Weather Conditions

The Cobiz lamp is entirely waterproof, rated to IPX4 water-resistant grade. So there is no need to worry about the rain with this excellent waterproof design. Special care has been taken to waterproof the switch so you can have full control even in the worst weather. The wiring in the lamp is fully protected and waterproof, so this lamp is sure never to let you down. Oh, remember, even though it is a great waterproof lamp, this does not extend to diving.

So Many Uses

The Cobiz Headlamp is not just suitable for camping. If you have ever gone night fishing, you will be aware of how good this lamp can be. Handy in the cases of power outages or descending into dark cellars. There are just so many occasions when it is useful to have a hands-free directional light source at your disposal.

Hiking at night under a beautiful clear sky can be a fantastic experience, but you still need a reliable light to see your way along the tracks. Extra safety because both your hands are free, with no flashlight to carry.


The Cobiz is an affordable headlamp that represents excellent value compared to alternatives. With Cobiz, you are getting a weatherproof, powerful headlamp at the sort of price you will pay for lesser products that have far fewer features.

Benefits of the Cobiz Headlamp

  1. Lightweight: The Cobiz is a lightweight unit that straps on your head, giving you free hands
  2. 90-degree swivel: The light on the Cobiz has a swivel feature that can be directed wherever you want
  3. Zoom Feature: allows you to control the light in the way you need
  4. Robust Waterproof construction: Gives extra confidence in the lamp without having to worry about it failing
  5. Four Different Light Modes: giving you the perfect lighting
  6. Emergency Strobe Feature: In an emergency when trying to attract the attention of rescuers, the strobe effect is perfect
  7. Warning: The battery compartment has a warning light to give you advance notice that the battery is running out.


  • Adjustable head straps that fit most people makes the lamp much more comfortable
  • The strong case protects the lamp
  • Lights are easily controlled
  • The lamp never heats no matter how long you use it
  • A well-built quality product that will not let you down
  • Comes with a plug charger and USB


  • It would have been nicer if the lamp were metal, not plastic.

Alternatives to the Cobiz Headlamp

Check out these sturdy alternatives to the Cobiz Headlamp so that you can compare the Cobiz with the best of the rest. Here are my top four options.


Princeton Tec Remix, LED Headlamp for Camping

The Princeton Remix runs on AA batteries which may seem a bit old school which also reflects its 300 lumen output. Surprisingly it can last a mammoth 150 hours.

The Princeton Tec is a pretty good lamp with 300 lumens and a maximum running time of 150 hours. I like this lamp but was a bit disappointed that it does not have the over the head strap. I feel that the overhead strap makes the lamp feel much more secure and stops it from shifting.

The lamp is equipped with four lights, rather than just the one, which is something I like. It runs on three AA batteries, a plus when you want to change them, but I prefer the long-lasting Lithium-ion Batteries.


Lighthouse Beacon, Super Bright LED Headlamp

Boxing to be the brightest of the bunch, the lighthouse is aptly name so due to it boasting a whopping 9500 lumens.

This is a giant of a lamp offering 9500 lumens and a giant curved magnifying light. It has three light settings that deal with all needs, and no need to charge; you simply plug in some new AA batteries.

The one thing I don’t like is the massive lamp that perches right at the front and feels totally off balance.


EdisonBright Fenix HL60R Camping Headlamp

EdisonBright Fenix HL60R conveniently has USB charging and a beam throw length of 116m. Its water proof and very rugged, perfect for backcountry hiking and exploration.

Providing a 950 lumens beam powered by a Li-ion battery that has a runtime of 100 hours. That’s not as long as other lamps, and I would have preferred to have a longer runtime.

It features a dual light source and has the advantage of an over-the-head strap.


SLONIK, Led Headlamp

A solid headlamp entry the SLONIK has an easy one fit band with a whopping 100,000 hour lifespan powered by a long life rechargable 22,00MAH battery.

The SLONIK 1000 lumen rechargeable headband light allows you to see up to 220 yards. The batteries can be charged through a USB device but do have a habit of running down quickly.

This lamp is designed for the most extreme weather and will be more resistant to rain and snow than other models.

Wrapping Up The Cobiz Headlamp

Camper looking at the night sky at camping ground

Headlamps arena accessory that every outdoor person needs. Allowing work to carry on at night with no need to carry a flashlight.

The Cobiz area comfortable headband lamp and kick out a powerful 6000 lumens. They are well built, and while some other models have one feature that may be better, this lamp is an all-round winner with the best range of features in the field.

Cobiz is most certainly the best buy of all the headlamps we have reviewed.

Table of Contents

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To support our staff and and community we participate in Affiliate Programs and therefore you may see Affiliate links in some of our articles. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and we earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

We participate and earn fees from Affiliate Programs and the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program by linking to and affiliated sites.