Coleman Evanston 8 Dome Tent Reviewed In 2024

Coleman Evanston 8 Dome Tents

One of the most popular tents today is the Coleman Evanston 8 Tent. This Dome Tent is perfect for family camping or groups of Campers. The most apparent features of the tent are the large sleeping area and the front screen room. The screen room is perfect for simply watching the world go by or enjoying a chat out of the reach of mosquitoes. However important these two features are, there is oh so much more to Coleman Evanston Tent.

Overview of the Coleman Evanston 8

What You Get

When you purchase a Coleman Evanston 8, you get a three-season dome tent that will sleep up to 8 people inside a 12 x 12 footprint, more than enough for two queen air mattresses. The tent is made from polyester material and fiberglass tent poles. Evanston tents feature easy setup usually in less than 15 minutes and tent packs up just as easy.

The Company

The tent is from Coleman Company Inc, which manufactures a range of recreational products. They are especially famous for their camping gear. Coleman has been around for over 120 years and is based in Chicago, but they also have Wichita, Kansas, and Texas locations. William Coffin Coleman founded the company. Coleman is now a subsidiary of Newell Brands and is a diverse range of brands in many product categories.

Things to consider before buying the Coleman Evanston 8

The Coleman Evanston 8 is an ideal solution for the family that wants to go camping in a large enough tent to provide real comfort. There is room in this tent for up to seven people, so a family of four will have more than enough room to be comfortable and still have plenty of space for their luggage and to move around.

Optimum Customer

The ideal customers will be either a family or small group of friends who want a waterproof, ventilated tent, and has a decent-sized screen room in addition to the sleeping area.


Factors to look out for when looking for a tent-like this is the ease of erection, sleeping space (is their room for storage), waterproof the tent is, can the tent protect from insects that can be very annoying, and is their adequate ventilation. Evanston answers all these questions.

Optimum Customer

The ideal customers will be either a family or small group of friends who want a waterproof, ventilated tent, and has a decent-sized screen room in addition to the sleeping area.

All the Features & Benefits of the Coleman Evanston 8

Protected Seams

When looking at tents, I find that the seams are the weak point of the construction and allow the rain. This is especially common in budget-priced tents from companies with poor quality control. The seams on the Evanston feature inverted stitches and are covered by tape. This is all part of the Weathertec system that is unique to Coleman. These taped seams extend to the fly, which is thoroughly waterproof. The inner tent has been designed to ensure that you remain dry.

Wind Strong Frame

The Evanston will stand up to wind easily. It is tested in a wind tunnel and will stand still in a 20-30 mph blow. The tent’s whole design is to make it secure in winds that often cause problems with lesser tents. The tent also comes with more than enough stakes to keep the tent secure. The tent has been engineered with redesigned fiberglass poles and guy angles that improve the wind responsiveness. With Evanston, campers can sleep in confidence three seasons of the year.

Zipper protection

The zippers on the hinged door have a built-in cuff that covers them and helps make them more weatherproof. It is details like this that make this tent such a well-designed unit. They have gone to great lengths to look at every detail.

Waterproof floors

Weathertec technology inspires the waterproof floors’ design, eliminating needle holes and added protection on the corners. The floor is a “bathtub design” that folds upwards to provide more protection from groundwater seeping into the tent. The waterproof floors even stretch into the screen room area, which is frequently a place where groundwater creeps up into the tent. Often you see tents with no floor in the screen area, allowing both water and insects to rise from the ground into the tent. Typically, a big problem, solved by Coleman in this tent.

Protection from Bugs

The secure screen area at the front of the tent body provides a safe place to sit without being plagued by mosquitos and other flying bugs. So often, camping can be spoiled when you find that the area is swarming with flying nasties. The Screens, which are firmly attached to the waterproof floor, stop any flying insects, and create a barrier for insects that crawl on the ground—more attention to detail from Evanston.

Easy to Erect and Dismantle

Many people try to get away at weekends for camping trips and to get as much time as they can out in the wilds they leave after work on Friday. This often means getting to the camping site later in the day, tired from a day’s work.

The last thing anyone wants to face when they arrive at camp or even car camping is a long and complicated assembly process for the tent. The Evanston tent from Coleman can be assembled stress-free within 15 minutes. It’s always best to try it once at home in the daylight before heading out to the wilds. It is a simple process erecting the tent, and soon after arriving, you will be sitting comfortably in your tent.

Putting the tent away is not a problem, and it fits very well into the expandable carry bag supplied with it. Indeed, a lot less stressful than many other tents.

Various Ventilation Options

The tent comes with a cleverly designed airflow ventilation system. There is lots of mesh in the tent’s design, and the back wall is mesh as well. The side mesh windows have a covering that can be zipped up. However, the tent’s design with large front and back awnings on both side windows means that these windows can be left open with just mesh and still be protected from the rain. The rain fly covers the back wall and provides privacy. The front hinged door has a window and can be left open to give ample airflow through the tent.

Large Tent Sleeping Area

One of the main features of this tent is the amount of space it provides. It is tall enough in the center for a 6’3″ man to stand up and move around quickly. The sleeping area also has a floor area of 12 feet by 12 feet, which is a considerable amount of space. You can easily fit two queen air mattress size beds in this tent or various combinations of sleeping arrangements up to a total of 7 occupants. At a push in the summer, you could also use the screened area for sleeping as well. The square-shaped sleeping area is very flexible in the configurations used for sleeping. It is just perfect for a family of four or five.

Screen Room

The screen rooms are key features of this tent. Because of the well-designed walls and sewn on the floor, this is a very useable area for relaxing with a couple of chairs and a cooler box. It can also be used for a storage area if you wish or keeping a dog crate. It is much larger than most other screen rooms, and the screened porch area keeps the rain away from the hinged door.

The screen room also had a built-in floor to stop the ground-based bugs from getting in. It is almost like another room and very versatile. It’s a very comfortable tent in many respects.

Quality Construction

I was particularly impressed with the quality of the construction. The tent felt solid, and there were no problems with rain getting into the tent. Neither was condensation a problem because of the excellent airflow. Fiberglass continuous pole sleeves seemed light, but they proved more than able to do the job, and the quality polyester used in the construction was sewn well, and great care had been taken to secure the seams. Attention to detail in the storage pockets, the hook on the mesh roof to hang a lantern, and the built-in floor in the screen room just showed that the designers had gone to town on the design and not scrimped.

Well designed Rain Fly

I particularly liked the design of the rain fly. It looked sleek but was also very carefully designed to provide extra cover in essential areas. It kept the rain off the windows, allowing them to be left open during rain showers, and added to the screened porch’s wet weather proofing, stopping rain from entering the hinged door of the tent. The rainfly was made from quality polyester and is built to last.


The Coleman Evanston 8 tent is a reliable waterproof tent that will deal with quite heavy rain. It is not designed as an all-year-round tent but will more than suffice for the bulk of the year. Great trouble has been taken with the weakest points in any tent to ensure rain does not get in, and they have succeeded in making a quality product. As with any tent body, it does not harm to spray some waterproofing, but it is not necessary. The floor is also remarkably waterproof and will handle substantial groundwater that might gather under the tent body without leaking.

Storage/Carrying Case

The tent comes with its carry bag and storage bag. If you are an experienced camper, you will not have any problem fitting the tent body back in the bag, but if you lack patience and want the tend bag to contain some extras, Coleman makes a larger carrying bag with wheels that can be purchased for more convenience.

Coleman Evanston 8 Dome Tents


I am aware that this review sounds so enthusiastic, but occasionally you just come across a product that has it all. I really cannot find fault with this tent, and that is probably a first for me.

So many tents have flaws when camping, but the semi rigid structure of Coleman Evanston Tent presents the least of them at an affordable price. It is just perfect for the great outdoors!