Do I Need An Electrical Hook Up For Camping?    

Camping electric hookups and generators

Camping today isn’t the same ‘roughing it that most of us grew up with.

These days, not only are there many specialized and pristine locations to choose from.

But modern amenities come standard that we didn’t have back In the day.

One ends up wondering, ‘Do I need an electric hookup for tent camping?’.

While you don’t need it, you would miss out if you didn’t taste this modern flavor of nature.

Those electrical hook ups give you current options that can be pivotal in convincing younger family members to try camping.

It can also empowering you to enjoy a little nostalgia with electric flair.

Today we’ll give you some possibilities that the simple addition of electricity can add to a solo or family camping experience.

It’s a ‘whole new animal,’ as it turns out!

Do I need an electric hookup for tent camping?

Back in the day, if you wanted power supply for your tent or camping area, it was a matter of connecting an extra car battery, bringing a generator.

You may have even resorted to pulling an old vehicle into the woods and powering things as needed.

That’s not the camping trip of today, however.

Modern campsites now offer electrical posts that you can take advantage of if you have the essential two or three-prong connections that allow you to use them.

This gives you an array of options, such as charging up your devices, lighting the area.

Or maybe even setting up a projector and sheet in the woods for movies!

Even if you want to go minimal with it, at the very least, you can ensure that phones are charged so that pictures and videos may be saved.

You could even add minor upgrades like an electric grill or portable heating and cooling.

You get the idea. It’s all about having more options!

Camping electric hookups and generators

How do electric hook ups work?

The required connections will depend on where you are camping.

For instance, United States campsites require familiar two-prong connections.

While if you were camping with the family in the UK, you’d need a three-prong connector.

These are plugged into posts with a flip-top; your cable is the first requirement.

Amperage needs to be considered, but to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Most campsites will offer a 30a and a 50a plug option, along with the more-familiar home-type plug that gives you a 15 to 20v plug.

If you are worried, give the campsite a quick call, and they can clarify in advance.

Careful consideration of what you plug in will be necessary so that you don’t overload it and have to reset the switch.

We highly recommend investing in a surge protector to avoid any incidents.

That said, if you have the connecting cable, that’s all you need to make your custom ‘electric tent’!

What appliances can I use on electric hook up?

Here we answer the ‘do I need an electric hook up for tent camping’ question.

Let’s take a look at some practical options and some of the more luxury possibilities that electrifying your campsite may provide:

  • Create a charging station—Cameras, laptops, and phones help ensure that you can take photos, work remotely if you must, or call for emergency assistance.
  • Refrigeration—Keeping food fresh can be a hassle if it’s warm out, and refrigeration can help ensure food doesn’t get wasted. Bonus points come in that the sealed refrigerator can help hide the food scent that might otherwise attract hungry animals nearby.
  • Enhanced cooking—Electric grills for meat, flat heated style cookers for quick pancakes… you get the idea!
  • Climate control when necessary—Portable heating and AC units can help to make your tents a little more like home, which can help to keep the kid’s complaints down or ensure a little pocket of comfort.
  • Special medical requirements—Special medical needs don’t have to rob you of the camping experience. Nebulizers, heating pads, and therapeutic electrical braces are just a few examples you can undoubtedly power while camping with an electric hookup.
  • Unique entertainment—A projector is an option if you’ve got the power supply, and there’s nothing quite like watching a movie in the middle of nature. Portable stereo equipment, Wi-Fi camera microscopes for a bit of science… it’s all about adding a little modern flavor.
Outside electrical hookups camping site
Camping outlets are safe to use even with 30 amp or 50 amp devices. If you use use electrical and need to know the minimum power requirements always consult the ranger or campground owner.

Electrical equipment hookups helps create nostalgia for the new generations

Probably the biggest reason you are asking is, ‘Do I need an electrical hookup for tent camping?

Is the kids.

Let’s face it—when you bring up the idea of camping, you’ll get arguments about the bugs and complaints about sleeping in a tent.

The biggest will usually be ‘what about my devices?’.

Getting the kids to part with those is next to impossible or sometimes, will simply sour the experience with them not even giving camping a try.

Still, with an electrical supply hookup, you can make compromises so that they’ll give Nature a chance, but they can still check their Facebook and play games before bed.

As every camping fan knows, the hardest part is getting someone to try it.

But once you’ve had a taste of nature, it’s an addictive thing, and it’s the stuff that some of our fondest nostalgia is made of.

It also lets you get clever and create a custom camping experience that’s really out of this world!

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In summary

Today we’ve answered the question ‘do I need electric hook ups for tent camping?’

And while you don’t need it, we would still highly recommend it.

Being able to power devices allows you and your family access to modern amenities and makes it easier to tempt the younger generation into trying camping.

You can customize your camping experience by cooking up a gourmet meal on an electric grill.

You can power medical devices that allow people to camp who could not before, or even get fancy and show a movie in the world or share some favorite music on your stereo.

Ultimately, it’s all about having options and crafting your custom camping experience!