Easiest Tent To Set Up For The Money In 2024

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Imagine, you have been traveling for hours, and you arrive at the campsite, and of course, it starts to rain. You think that this is a great start and get set to be soaked as you spend 45 minutes setting up a cabin tent. But then you realize that you have an easy setup tent, and you smile/ Sure enough, a few moments later, you are sitting in the tent watching your neighbors getting drenched as they struggle to set up a traditional tent. We have brought together a selection of what we consider to be the easiest set up tents of 2020.

Our favorite Easy to Setup Tents of 2020

Our favorite easy setup tent was difficult to choose, but eventually, we concluded that the Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent was our favorite.

It’s a reasonable price and has features that we like (see number 8 below). The tent is very easy to erect, which takes less than ten minutes to set up. Opening the tent takes as little as one minute.

CORE Instant Cabin Tent for 9 Persons

One of the largest easiest tents to set, the coleman cabin tent is a durable tent, spacious tent and has pretty high tent walls and you can pre attached poles for even faster set up.
Venchas Choice


426cmx274cm, height: 198cm, Weight: 30.5lbs, Polyester and Mesh, Core

Summary – CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tents

CORE 9 cabin tents sleeps nine, and it sets-up in one minute. That sounds pretty amazing. You can fit two queen-size airbeds in this tent, which features a room divider and wall pockets to store those essentials. It comes complete with a rain fly and carry-bag.

It draws fresh air in through ground-level vents, and lets loose the hot air from the top mesh ceiling to keep things cool.

The tent can be set up with just one person. An innovative feature is a bag is expandable, and that makes packing the tent away much easier. It is a rugged tent that seems well built and should last well.


  • Easy Set-up cabin tents
  • Expandable bag for the tent makes packing up simple
  • Spacious, well-designed tent


  • No vestibule, so if you go in and out in the rain, water gets in
  • The rain fly could be a little longer, to offer more protection

Gazelle T4 Pop Up TENT Portable Camping Hub

One of the most portable instant camping tents, the Gazelle is an affordable tent and features handy ground vents, mesh roof and light fiberglass poles.


317cmx198m, height: 134cm, Weight: 7.94lbs, Polyester, and Mesh

Summary – Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping

This is a six-person pop up tent with lots of space. In reality, six is probably a tight squeeze, but four people with lots of luggage would be great. There are two large mesh windows on the sides to provide ventilation. Water-resistant fabric with heat-sealed seams keeps this tent dry.

The front door rolls up, leaving a big gap for entry. Pop up tents, usual setup time takes just 20 seconds, and the poles pop into place straight away. There is a zip-up e-port to allow entry for an electric cable. It is a quality made tent that is convenient to use.

The space between the inner and outer layers at the door is excellent for storing shoes. All in all, it’s a well-designed tent that is truly value for money.


  • Instant popup erection
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to store


  • No instructions for packing it up / some people might find it herd but others no problem
  • Windows close from outside
  • Occasional condensation

HUI LINGYANG 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tents

Most instant tents arent as compact as the Hui instant dome tent. One of the best instant tents for your backpack and perfect for summer camping and wet weather.


289cmx198m, height: 91cm, Weight: 7.94lbs, Polyester and Mesh, HUI LINGYANG

Summary – HUI LINGYANG 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

Instant pop up tents are those tents that have the poles pre-assembled. The tent is suitable for four people sleeping in sleeping bags, but three should allow room for camping gear in reality. It is a good tent for taller campers with a 6’6″ floor. Both Windows and doors have double layer panels with a mesh interior.

The outside cover for the windows can be kept down for warmth or rolled up and taped for extra ventilation. With the windows rolled up, it is super cool.

This tent has two doors (back and front), so it is convenient to get in and out. It is a very waterproof tent and will cope with rain easily. The most remarkable feature of the tent is that it sets up in just 10 seconds! It also folds back down very quickly.


  • Instant setup of the tent, just 10 seconds
  • Large floor area
  • Lightweight, easy to carry


  • Windows only open from the outside
  • Cheap materials

Hewolf Instant Tent


246cmx246cm, height: 138cm, Weight: 11.8lbs, Polyester and Mesh, HeWolf

Summary – Hewolf Instant Tent

Effortless assembly for this tent. An expert can do it in less than 1 minute but allow five minutes. This is a tough tent that is very waterproof. It is made entirely in mesh in the inner tent. It is a double layer tent with a flysheet that is permanently fixed to the poles.

It is very reminiscent of an umbrella the way it sets up, and once set up. It creates a spacious area in which to sleep. The outer door also serves as a canopy, increasing versatility.

It is a fair price and offers a lot of features for the price. One small niggle is there are no instructions, but once you understand the setup, you probably would not need them anyway.


  • A very specious tent, a 6’5″ man can lay flat because of the shape.
  • Very watertight and strong
  • Easy to assemble


  • If we are picky, a fiberglass pole would be better than aluminum
  • The floor material is a little flimsy, but it is still strong enough
  • Says three people but better for two people

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent


304cmx274cm, height: 170cm, Weight: 19lbs, Polyguard and Mesh, Coleman

Summary- Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tents with Screen Room

A coleman instant cabin style tent for six people is a tent made from poly guard material. This tent will set up in around 7 minutes. It has an additional screen room that can be used for extra sleeping or keeping the dog.

It also features the weather-tec system to keep occupants dry. A nice feature is that the windows have awnings so you can maintain ventilation while keeping out the rain.

If you have access to electricity, there is a convenient e-port to bring in the cable. Another welcome feature is the color-coded poles. You can fit two queen-sized airbeds in this tent.


  • Large screen room provides extra space
  • Quick setup tents and packs away easily
  • Windows have awnings


  • Mesh on windows in screen room goes to the ground allowing water in
  • The poles are a little flimsy, could do with being stronger
  • The back window is mesh, so you must put on rainfly for privacy, which reduces ventilation

Coleman Screened Canopy Tent


457cmx396cm, height: 213cm, Weight: 25.15lbs, Fabric and Mesh, Coleman

Summary – Coleman Screened Canopy Tent

With two people who know what they are doing, it is possible to complete the job in 2 – 3 minutes. It is not designed as a sleeping tent but more of a canopy for sitting in or dining.

It is perfect for taking along as a separate dining area when you are on a camping trip located with many mosquitoes.

When used for this purpose, it performs superbly. It is the right size for two people with chairs and a table. It must be said that it is quite flimsy, with repeated issues with the poles jamming.

It is not designed for bad weather, so if you are going somewhere windy, it would be wise to take along a few heavy-duty pegs. Many people choose to erect this over a picnic table to keep the bugs away while eating.


  • Great for keeping bugs away
  • Easy to erect; one person can do it in five minutes
  • Large floor area


  • Poles lock up occasionally
  • Flimsy, not good in bad weather
  • Unclear about assembly; legs must go on the outside

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent


200cmx200cm, height: 152cm, Weight: 6.2lbs, Polyester and Mesh, Weanas

Summary – Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

This tent comes in 3 options (2-person, 3-person, 4-person). We are reviewing the three people’s version. It’s a three-season tent that is offered in four colors.

The area between the rainfly and tent can be used as a storage area for boots when closed.

Alternatively, the outer door can be used as an awning or rolled up and fixed. One person can erect the tent quickly. The tent has two doors and two windows with mesh to keep out any insects.

The tent is waterproof and is maybe fractionally short for taller people. Mesh pockets are included in the tent, erected with just a flick of the wrist.


  • Fast erection and packs up easily
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent value for money


  • The floor is a little flimsy
  • A bit short for six-footers
  • Three-season tent can be a bit cold

Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent


304cmx304cm, height: 198cm, Weight: 25.4lbs, Polyester and Mesh, Timber Ridge,

Summary – Timber Ridge 6 Person Instant Camping Tent

Timber Ridge six-person instant pop up tents are for the family. The tent is very easy to erect, which takes less than ten minutes to set up. Opening the tent takes as little as one minute. The tent has three large mesh roll-up windows, which provide plenty of ventilation.

There is also a mesh section on top covered by a rainfly for protection against rain. The entrance is via a sizeable Circular door, which allows accessible entry and exit. The tent is also equipped with a storage bag for phones and small items.

This large tent is very versatile. The tent is made by Timber Ridge, who manufactures a variety of camping gear. The tent entered the market in 2016.


  • A massive tent to carry, not suitable for car camping
  • Simple to set up – Opens in less than one minute
  • Good Ventilation – Sides and top


  • A massive tent to carry
  • A long carry bag
  • Can be a little small for six people

Things to Consider Easy to Setup Tent Before Buying

Most of the tents reviewed are made from polyester materials. What you should be looking for is how the seams are sealed. However good the material is, it does not matter if the seams let in water.

It is also essential to check how adequate ventilation is as condensation can be as annoying as leaks of rainwater.

Make sure that the tent can be adequately ventilated. The other thing that is essential to check is that the tent is long enough to lay down comfortably if you are a tall person.

Speed / Capacity / Intended User

All of these tents set up pretty fast. They vary according to the number of people they can accommodate. One common thing will all the tents is that the manufacturers seem over-optimistic about how many people will fit. Take at least one person off the numbers they give if you even want a modicum of comfort.

A tent that is suitable for a couple may not be the right one for a family of four. You need to review each tent and choose one that has the right features for you.

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What is the easiest single person tent to put up?

The Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent, although marketed as a three-person tent, is perfect for single campers and can be erected with nothing more than a flick of the wrist. This has to be the best setup.

What is the easiest family tent to set up?

The Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent is the easiest family ten to erect. It is just amazing that a large family tent can benefit from easy=set-up technology.

Are instant tents any good? Are they worth it?

I am sure the days of traditional tents that do not popup are over. Nobody wants a tent that takes an age to erect. The sheer convenience of a fast setup is undoubtedly worthwhile for anyone.

What are the cons of instant tents??

The disadvantages of popup tents are that they can sometimes be tricky to pack up unless good instructions are provided. Sometimes tent poles can also be frailer than regularly designed tents.

Wrapping Up

Campers having dinner after easy setup tent
My personal favourite easiest tents style is the coleman instant cabin tent. Their 2 person instant cabin tent and coleman sundome tent is a roomy tent with a floor space suitable for two to three.

So to conclude. The Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent is the best easy set up tent we could find. We feel that the overall features, construction, and design are ideal for a family camping tent, with the benefit of easy setup.

It was a close battle for the best overall easy setup tent, with the Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent coming in as runner-up.

Put aside the different sizes and judging the tents on design only, it was a hard decision. I hope you found this review useful and I wish you good camping.