Best Hot Tents For Winter Camping in 2024

Male camper sitting in hot warm tent in snow morning light ready for adventure

Why you need a cold-weather tent?

It is so frustrating for those who enjoy camping to be forced to stop during the winter wilderness of the year because our tent cannot deal with cold weather camping trip.

Waking up and looking out of a warm tent on a chilly morning with a nice wood stove going can be quite refreshing and satisfying.

You need to ensure that your tent is designed for camping during all four seasons.

Our favorite Hot Tent For Cold Weather of 2024

My favorite winter tent is the Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 and 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent with Footprint with Snow skirt. This hot tent is just perfect for four seasons of camping and will keep you both warm and dry. I review it later in this article.

Male camper sitting in hot warm tent in snow morning light ready for adventure

Roundup Review Of Hot Tents For Chilly Winter Conditions of 2024

Geertop Portable 4 Person Backpacking HOT Tent


240cmx240cmx140cm” (LxWxH), Weight 9.1lbs, anti-tear polyester , GeerTop

Summary Geertop Portable 4 Person

This is a tent that has been created as a four-season tent. Sure to keep you warm with waterproof coated polyester material, windproof, and you do not need to worry about rain and snow. The tent comes with its own snow skirt. It features a 3000mm fly for proper weather protection.

It is a spacious hot tent that will sleep four people on a hike, but realistically it would be better for three. With the extra insulation from the rainfly, this tent will remain hot in cold weather. Some people find that the tent is too warm, but they were using it in warmer climes.

One problem that seems familiar is the storage bag tears easily. The hot tent comes in a bright yellow, and the guys are in a bright color, too, making them more visible but attracts bugs. The tent comes complete with an inner tent flysheet.


  • These hot tents are effortless to set up
  • It is a hot tent, perfect for cold weather camping
  • The vestibule can turn into an awning
  • Complete with a snow skirt
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • The bright yellow material can attract bugs
  • Advertised as four-person, really is three-person
  • The floor material is a little thin for my liking

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person HOT Tent


157cmx233cmx116cm” (LxWxH), Weight 8bs, polyester , ALPS

Summary ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

The tent features two vestibules that provide extra storage. The tent has zipper closures and is perfect for handling strong winds.

It does not suffer from excessive condensation, and it is big enough for two people. It has ample storage space with side pockets and a “gear loft,”| which is like a hammock that hangs from the roof in which you can place gear. The windows have internal covers so that you can close up the tent when it is cold, without stepping outside.

All vents close with zips to ensure they keep the heat in. It is also a very attractive price. Many similar models cost a lot more. Users who have tried this hot tent in the snow report it is excellent at retaining heat. Compared to similar models, it is on the heavy side.


  • Very warm in cold weather
  • Vents can be open and closed from inside
  • Zippers sealing all doors and vents
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • Not easy to put the tent back in its bag
  • Relatively heavy

Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 Person HOT Tent


127cmx127cmx101cm” (LxWxH), Weight 3.8lbs, 20D Rip-Stop Nylon, NatureHike

Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent Summary

This tent is designed for any conditions and is, in my opinion, the best 4-season tent on Amazon. It is ultra-lightweight, it’s intended for mountains, with a cozy inner tent.

The aluminum poles are freestanding at the hot tent can be set up in minutes. The tent is not spacious but big enough for two. There is a three-person option which you may prefer if you want more space. You can set the rainfly up first and then erect the tent underneath to ensure it stays dry. It comes complete with a snow skirt and footprint.

Naturehike takes excellent care in manufacture, and this is a true all-weather tent that has been made with care. Most purchasers are surprised at the high quality of the product.


  • An affordable price
  • Lightweight and packs very small
  • Good ventilation
  • 4 Seasons design, warm and waterproof
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • A two-person tent is maybe a bit small
  • Fly can flap around in windy conditions

Snugpak Scorpion 3 Camping HOT Tent


325cmx195cmx130cm” (LxWxH), Weight 7.5lbs, Polyester RipStop with PU coating, Snugpak

Summary SnugPak Scorpion 3 Tent

This stylish, military-looking tent has enough room for three people to sleep in, but two is better if you need more space. The Scorpion has a design that means you put up the fly first, then assemble the tent underneath, which means pitching it in the rain does not get it wet. It is straightforward to set up and should take around 10 minutes to raise.

The hot tent comes with lots of guys and 18 stakes, designed to handle heavy winds. The large vestibule is excellent for storing gear. It is a well-made tent that will keep you both warm and dry. All the seams are taped at the factory. After a cold night, you would expect some condensation, but it seemed quite dry.


  • Lightweight tent, ideal for hiking in winter
  • Waterproof material and design
  • Large vestibule to shelter and protect the door.
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • The zippers and buckles seem a little flimsy; they may cause problems
  • Low price is because of corners cut on materials
  • They moved production to China

MSR Expedition-Tents Access Lightweight 4 Season Tent


223cmx190cmx106cm” (LxWxH), Weight 4.1lbs, Nylon, MSR

Summary MSR Expedition-Tents Access Lightweight 4 Season Tent

This is an ultra-lightweight 4 season tent from MSR. It is designed for skiers and winter hiking. They have reduced the amount of mesh in this hot tent to retain heat. The poles are very durable, made of aerospace composite materials, that will handle the most severe winds without breaking.

Despite being so light, it offers a lot of warmth on a cold night. It allows for a lot of extra gear storage with a nine square feet vestibule. The whole tent will pack up to a very small space 18inches long. MSR are suppliers of a wide range of camping products.

They have categorized this as a treeline tent, meaning it is not quite as hardy as a fully-fledged mountaineering tent. It does not include anti-blizzard stakes, and in heavy snow conditions, it is suggested to build a snow tent wall to protect from winds creeping under the fly.


  • Incredibly lightweight and compact when packed compared to canvas tents
  • Spacious so that you can store lots of gear
  • Reduced mesh to increase warmth
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • Less winterproof than some other models
  • Possibly too light for heavy snow

Eureka! Alpenlite XT Two-Person Backpacking hot Tent


228cmx137cmx101cm” (LxWxH), Weight 9lbs, polyester, Eureka

Summary Eureka! Alpenlite XT Two-Person, Four-Season Backpacking Tent

This is an ideal winter tent. The bright yellow color is to make the tent visible at a distance in case of a rescue. You are protected from rain and snow by a storm shield rain fly. Once erected, which is very easy, the hot tent will stand up to high winds and whatever winter conditions come your way.

The vestibule is a bit small, but there is so much storage space consisting of six gear pockets and TWO gear lofts hanging from the roof. This is better than a vestibule in freezing weather as it stops your gear from freezing. It is heavier than some competition, but the sturdy design is worth the extra weight.

Eureka is a well-established company that has been making outdoor gear since 1835, so you can trust that they know what they are doing.


  • This tent is made for bad weather
  • Lots of storage options
  • You can set this tent up quickly in the worst conditions
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • On the small side for two adults
  • Small vestibule
  • The price tag is higher

Luxe Tempo 2 Person FREESTANDING Tents


208cmx139cmx109cm” (LxWxH), Weight 6lbs, polyester, Luxe Tempo

Summary Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tents

A good choice if you are looking for a freestanding tent that is simple to set up. The tent has two doors and has lots of storage space as there are two vestibules. The design of the hot tent and materials used to keep the occupants of this tent nice and warm. The rain fly, which is constructed of Rip Top 3000mm, will keep you nice and dry, and the bathtub style floor will stop any groundwater creeping up on you.

The Luxe Tempo 2 is a good hot tent for hiking in the winter. A unique feature is that the inner tent is made of highly breathable polyester, which will keep the occupants nice and warm. The doors are double layer, and the internal door is fitted with a zip that can only be opened from the inside (security).

The storage is employing a gear loft and the vestibules. Fully taped with welded corners makes this a very well designed and built tent.


  • Very easy to set this tent up
  • UV Proof and extremely waterproof
  • Warm and dry construction, outstanding for those winter months
  • Always check for free shipping with these hot tents on Amazon


  • Rainfly can sometimes touch the tent
  • The stakes are not very strong
  • Can be slightly bulky for hiking

Things To Consider Before Before Buying A Hot Tent

Before you invest in a Hot Tent, it is essential to check various tent features to ensure the hot tent will be right for your needs.


Prices vary tremendously and how much you should spend depends a great deal on how often you camp during the winter and how many times you will use the hot tent. You can get 4 season tents for as little as $75 or well into the hundreds of dollars. If you camp a lot in the winter, then it is worth investing a bit more.


Are you just taking your truck out into the wilderness and setting up a tent direct from the truck, or are you hiking, mountaineering, skiing. Your intended use will make a big difference in the type of tent that is suitable. Struggling to carry a massive tent can be burdensome, and you will soon get tired.

How Bad Will the Weather Be?

The whole purpose of a tent is to keep you warm and dry. If you plan to do some camping in the winter months but will not be venturing out in the worst weather or snows, you have more choice in the type of tent you can choose. Any hot tent that says it is four-season should be ok.

However, if you camp no matter what or venture into the mountains during the snows, you need a slightly warmer Hot Tent. Is it going to rain, snow, blow with high winds? These are all things to think about.


What is hot tent camping?

Hot tent camping in the winter using tents that are designed for four seasons. Choosing the right tent is very important and also to add, using a wood burning stove or tent stoves in a regular tent can assist with hot tent camping.

Are hot tents safe?

Well designed hot tents are very safe. They are designed with a balance between ventilation and heat retention. If your adding extras like a wood stove, this can increase risk.

Are there accessories that can help keep heat in?

There are many accessories such as heat pads, wood burning stove / tent stoves, good quality sleeping backs, and some tents with a unique hole for a chimney, allowing a tent heater. (stove jack)

Is it safe to put a heater or tent stoves inside a tent to keep warm?

With a properly designed wood burning stove / wood stoves and a stove jack to allow a chimney, it is relatively safe to use a heater. As long as the tent stoves are installed correctly. Of course, tent stoves are not something you can carry around winter wilderness hiking.

Final Thoughts

Female in hot warm tent at night in snow eating and relaxing

Just a few extra tips I wanted to include. Remember, you must put insulating layers under you when it is cold, not only on top.

  • Sleeping bags work by trapping air inside the bag, warmed from your body. Before you get in your bag, give it a fair shake so that there is air inside.
  • Do not put your head inside the sleeping bag. Your breath will create moisture.
  • Choose the right sized tent to take with you. Do not take a massive family tent if there are just two of you; keep snug with a smaller tent.
  • Take sensible precautions, and camping in the winter can be a great experience. Just plan and be prepared.
  • Finally, a useful tip is to throw one or two hand warmers, available from camping stores, into the sleeping bag before you get in.