How To Keep Dogs Out Of Your Yard On A Budget, A Guide.

Two brown dogs digging up the yard

I live in a lovely suburb, it’s not the main road, and my children like to go and play in the yard on sunny days. We have a small boundary fence, but it is very short, and the dogs easily hop over it, whenever they want.

None of the dogs is fierce, but I am still not happy with the dogs roaming free, nipping in and out of my property. The main reason is that they use my garden as a toilet.

The problem of dogs pooping in your garden

They will happily walk past several houses to target mine when the call of nature comes. It is almost as if I have a big sign over my garden, directing them here.

Anyway, I am straying off the point. Because of my frustration in this situation, I decided to check out some products that claim to resolve this problem, and I thought I would share my experiences here.

Two brown dogs digging up the yard

Why keep dogs out of your garden?

Around 40% of American dog owners in a survey confirmed what we all knew already, and that is that they don’t pick up after their pet.

If challenged, they come up with a variety of reasons or even get aggressive. However, whether they like it or not, it is still their responsibility, and it is time that dog owners learned this.

Dog poop is not what you want to be smelling in your garden, and don’t you hate it when you are aimlessly walking around your garden, or playing with the kids, and “Squelch!” you have dog poop all over your shoe. But it goes further than that.

  • It kills the lawn (I’m not too fond of those brown patches)
  • It is teeming with hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms, and any other kind of worm you can think of, I suspect.
  • It also carries human diseases
  • The EPA classes it as much of a water pollutant as mine waste and oil.

I have one neighbor with neighborhood dogs who claims it is suitable for the garden. People pay a fortune for cow manure bags to fertilize their garden, and his dog is providing it free. Wrong!!!! Cows eat plant matter, and their digestive system breaks it down.

Dog poop is pretty acidic and is often poisonous to plants.

  • If you have fruit and vegetables in your garden, dog poop can even cause them to be infected with bacteria.
  • I can go on and on with reasons why you do not want this stuff in your garden, but I will finish on this.
  • Giardia, Salmonella, E-Coli, and up to 23 million coliform bacteria per GRAM of poop.

So, I better get back to the point. The tips I learned researching this, and what you want to know (even more now), how to repel dogs out of the yard.

My four best methods of keeping dogs out of the garden

Clever Sprouts Dog & Cat Repellent


This smart gadget has a motion detector, and as soon as it senses movement, it blasts out a nasty ultrasonic signal that dogs hate. It keeps cats and other animals away as well, including wild boar. So if you also have a problem with wild boar, here is your solution.

  • Solar powered silent way to repel the neighbor’s dog
  • Automated system and motion activated
  • Will work in most conditions and in my experience it does keep dogs away

Many people will find this gadget attractive because it does not involve pouring nasty chemicals on your garden, which in truth might be less healthy than the neighborhood dogs and the odd local animal.

Another great feature from this method of animal control is that it is solar-powered, and it keeps itself charged up, ready for the next victim. Humans cannot hear the sound it emits, so it just carries on working without disturbing you.

Clean Up After Your Dog Signs


OK, perhaps some negotiation and diplomacy might be a better idea than Mace. Maybe if you install some signs along the front border of your garden, the owners might suddenly see the light, repent, and be more responsible dog owners.

  • Low Tech Solution for keeping dogs away
  • Less antagonism from the neighbor s dog
  • Visible and distancing method to use around the perimeter of your house, keeps the keep dogs away and owners if your lucky

This attractive green and white sign, complete with metal wire H Stakes, and depicting a man with a dog on a leash and holding a poop collection bag, with the words “Clean up after your dog.” Perhaps this sign will do the trick as dog repellants.

Repellex 20001 50-Count Systemic Animal Repellent

Sprays found in your local hardware store dogs dislike and will repel most dogs but also other violent animals and curious animals. A word of caution, it will repel your own pets and canine friends. So only spray in places required and avoid transfer.

Next animal control method, having given up on both violence and diplomacy, this next device seems both passive and effective.

This product is a relatively new idea and involves planting these pellets adjacent to growing plants, maybe the shrubs and the plants that the dogs tend to disturb.

  • Effective cayenne pepper deterrent for many animals
  • Works the whole year at repel a roaming dog
  • Environmentally safe around the perimeter

As the plant grows, it absorbs the capsaicin (hot pepper), and this compound remains in the plant for up to a year. As it is inside the plant, it does not get washed off in the rain. It is both the taste and odor of the plant that has been treated that the dog finds offensive.

As a bonus, it repells more than other dogs it also takes care of rabbits and deer.

SABRE Dog Spray—Maximum Strength Protector Pepper Spray Dog Attack Deterrent

I’ve tried a few items for a pet free yard and to discourage dogs. However having dogs myself most roaming dogs, stray dogs and our neighbors female dog loves the bone meal we give to our dog. We tried a motion activated sprinkler but this wasnt good as effective dog repellents as reppellent spray.

As you may have gathered from my lengthy introduction, I am no fan of dogs that intrude on my property, so I was instantly drawn to the name of this product, “Pepper Spray.”

I had instant thoughts of chasing dogs around my garden, giving them a burst of pepper spray and watching them leave as they skulked away, never daring to return. “Are you feeling lucky, pooch?”

  • Highly effective to deter dogs by using cayenne pepper
  • Portable dog repellents
  • Make sure to not harm the animals when in use

As the name suggests, this is indeed a little pepper spray weapon designed especially for dogs. And I am sure it would work fine in making your yard a place with bad memories for neighbor dogs.

However, I also have visions of a multitude of neighbors hammering on my door.

The device will shoot at least 15 sprays and hit the target at ten feet. Because of laws regarding pepper sprays, you cannot buy this outside the USA, and you should double-check local and state laws on whether it would be legal to possess this product.

Just to add, we do not condone any harm to any animals big or small, we want to make sure you dont not harm any animals either. Whilst this is a very aggresive method of dog repellent it should only be used against threatening aggitated dogs and if you feel that your safety is a priority.

Comparing the solutions

Having looked at a variety of techniques and trying to keep dogs out of the garden, I have found that the Clever Sprouts Dog & Cat Repellent (The Ultrasonic sound gadget) works best at keeping the dogs away or at least dissuading them from staying.

And contrary to the reviews you see on Amazon. It’s a passive system and effective system for my needs anyway.

If you prefer something where you can have the satisfaction of driving them off, there are portable ultrasonic sound blasters that you can point towards the unwanted dogs.