Simple Ways On How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Pair of campers in happy comfortable setting after arriving at campsite

Tent camping is supposed to be fun. But it isn’t supposed to be comfortable, or so people keep saying. They are wrong. If your camping experience is rough and physically distressing, you don’t know what you’re doing. There are plenty of ways to make your tent camping adventure cozy and relaxing, including:

Sleeping Bag

The essential sleeping bag provides a warm barrier that keeps you insulated from the floor. However, sleeping bags are not a suitable replacement for your bed.

If you are determined to make camping an even more enjoyable experience and don’t want to bring the cumbersome ari mattress, you can always add the simple sleeping pad.

The quality of your gear will affect the comfort you can expect to encounter in the great outdoors. No camping tool is more important than a sleeping bag.

While you can camp comfortably without a tent, you cannot enjoy a good night’s rest without a sleeping bag.

Pair of campers in happy comfortable setting after arriving at campsite

And you can’t just settle for any random sleeping bag you encounter. You need a product whose style and design match your needs. For instance, you can get a sleeping bag in the ever popular rectangular, mummy, and double styles.

Rectangular bags have a traditional look that most people associate with sleeping-bags. They are suitable for most situations, providing warmth and ample legroom.

Mummy bags have one advantage. They are not only warm but very light, which makes them ideal for backpackers.

Sleeping bags are a must for a comfortable camping experience
Whether your car camping or in the great outdoors on cold ground. An essential camping gear item is always going to be a warm sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep.

Double bags are large sleeping cocoons that can accommodate more than one sleeper. They are perfect for couples that want to snuggle on their camping expedition.

Selecting a sleeping bag with the right style is merely the first step.

You are also encouraged to consider the season. Some sleeping bag’s are suitable for some seasons, but not others. If at all possible, find a 3-season bag that is compatible with most months of the year.

Amateur campers fall into the trap of buying sleeping bags that are either too warm and heavy for the summer seasons or too light and breezy for the winter.

Large Ultralight Camping Sleeping Pad By Sleepingo
Simple camping hacks. This is one of our favourite sleeping pads for that extra support and peace of mind. Most important is that it’s so comfortable and soft that your back will thank you the next morning, and your mind will thank you for a comfortable night’s sleep time and time again.

Sleeping Pad

Flooring and sleeping pads can save your back for comfort camping
Comfortable sleeping pads and camping mattresses can make tent camping more comfortable and improve your tent experience. They help hold sleeping bag shape and add to a sleeping bag’s temperature rating and increase body heat so you can sleep comfortably.

Sleeping pad’s and air mattresses are lightweight and compact. They can fit in most tents. Like sleeping bags but a tad more comfortable.

They will insulate you from the cold hard ground and they have soft but firm structures designed to replicate your bed’s cozy construction back at home.

With the right sleeping pad or air mattress, you can sleep like royalty, even in backcountry. Admittedly, some air mattresses are bulky and difficult to inflate.

But if you have the means, you can always invest in the self-inflating models.


The best tents have amazing floors. But you are still encouraged to make sure to add coverage to the ground. If tarps don’t work for you, invest in inflatable pads.

They will make the floor softer, warmer, and far more comfortable.

Pillows and Blankets

Pillows and blankets extra layers of camping comfort
Dont forget that the right camping gear include simple items like a picnic table or portable table, bug spray, hot water bottle, tent heater and camp stove can greatly improve your happy camping experience.

The notion of bringing pillows and blankets to a camping trip sounds ridiculous. And in truth, you cannot bear the traditional pillows and blankets in your bedroom to your campsite. But you don’t have to.

The market is filled with special camping pillows and blankets. They are compact and lightweight, easy to store and carry. And yet the blankets are quite cozy.

Depending on the brand, the air pillows are just as reliable as the best air mattresses, cushy, firm, and supportive.

Even if you have a decent air mattress or even a sleeping bag, it never hurts to bring additional pillows and blankets.

You don’t know when you might encounter a particularly rough patch of ground or a period of unexpectedly cold weather.

Masks and Ear Plugs

Masks and earplugs to blockout unwanted noise while sleeping
Bring a $2 pack of ten ear plugs for unwanted sounds for a good night sleep. Fresh clothes and sock liners for your cold feet will tame discomfort. And for the cold temperatures, firestarters for fire pit and solid cast iron pans will make home cooked camp meals moreish.

People go camping because they want to unwind. They want to escape the rush of modern existence. Camping allows them to relax. And for most people, nothing is more relaxing than sleeping in.

However, that isn’t always easy to do on a camping trip. Nature is beautiful, but it isn’t necessarily quiet. You might be surprised by the amount of noise the average campsite generates.

And that doesn’t even account for all the animals and birds and insects that are always eager to meet the morning with loud squawks and growls.

The noise isn’t your only enemy. You also have the sun to contend with. This is why earplugs and masks are so important. Masks will prevent the sun from waking you too early.

Earplugs will protect you from all the activity in the vicinity, allowing you to add a few more hours to your sleep each morning.

It should be noted that the mask will specifically protect you from the light of the sun. It won’t stop the heat. Depending on the season, the sun could eventually turn your tent into a sauna, forcing you out of your bed.

Compressible Memory Foam Camping Travel Pillow By Owl Outfitters
The Compressible Memory Foam Camping Travel Pillow by Owl Outfitters are made from plush, breathable material that provides support without weighing down your pack. 


Morning camping routine to include coffee
Most people assume gear like a camping pillow, camping cots, comfortable camp chair, or the most comfortable sleeping pad / most comfortable sleeping bag is all you need. But don’t forget delicious camping meals, coffee and a warm water bottle go just as far for comfortable outdoor adventures.

Camping is supposed to be fun. But if you fail to prepare appropriately, the experience might bore you to tears. Because tent camping separates you from the rush of modern life, it creates a lot of free time in your schedule.

Experienced campers like this because it allows them to pursue their hobbies. But if you are new to camping, you might grow to challenge the activity unless you endeavor to create a routine. Better yet, try to stick to your usual routine.

You don’t have to create an entirely new schedule. Pitch your tent facing the sun to get that extra burst of energy and to stay warm at first light. If you like coffee first thing in the morning, there are ways of creating superb cups of coffee in the great backcountry.

If you usually read before you sleep, bring a book and a solar light along. With the right tools, you will find that you have more time to enjoy your activities and hobbies truly.


Clean and organised tent setup for comfort
Trust me there is nothing worse on camping trips in a huge storm when in the middle of the night instead of trying to stay comfortable, your instead trying to find your flashlight inside a messy tent

Order is crucial. A messy tent is going to ruin your camping trip. Try to keep all your gear in its rightful place when you’re camping.

Better yet, get a closet organizer that can house all your clothing and equipment neatly inside your tent. These tools will keep your luggage safe and out of the way.

If you forgot to bring one, tie a rope from one end of the tent to another. You can use it to hang all your gear, especially if you have carabiners.

Camping doesn’t have to be miserable and with these camping tips and the right gear. With enough ingenuity, you can inject an element of comfort into your tent camping experience.

Organizer Collapsible Portable Cargo Storage By Tomser (ROYI)
This collapsible compact organiser’s popular use case is for car trunk storage. However we have found this works great for seperating gear like an air pad and clothes. It can act as a good cooler and clothing inside a camping tent. It takes up little to no space when collapsed.