Is Camping A Type Of Accommodation

Camping enthusiasts accomodation

There are many types of accommodation, ones that you know of such as Hotels or Resorts.

But when asked Is Camping A Type Of Accommodation, one would need to ask is camping an activity or a tangible thing that provides shelter.

A quick answer is camping is an activity that may or may not require shelter.

Shelter can come in the form of accomodation like an apartment, and it can also come in the form of a camping tent.

A campervan is an accomodation, and if used for a camping trip then yes the camping campervan is a form of accomodation.

What is camping

Camping is an hobby or activity where groups or individuals visit and stay in nature for one or more nights at a time.

Camping often requires accommodation as It involves sleeping outside in tents or recreational vehicles, often under the stars.

Camping as a recreation activity was made fashionable among the upper class during the early 1900s.

With time, it gained acceptance among other social groups.

Today, people who camp often visit publicly owned natural landmarks, such as State and National park lands, wilderness areas, and commercially operated campgrounds.

In some countries, such as Sweden, camping is also legal on private property as well.

Camping provides an opportunity for children to learn about self-reliance and team work. Youth groups such as scouting utilize camping as a means of teaching these concepts.

Camping enthusiasts accomodation

What Are Accomodations

Accommodation is the place where people like tourists go and stay for one or more days when they’re traveling somewhere other than home.

It includes hotels, camping grounds, and even holiday homes.

Accommodation can be one of two types of facilities, namely serviced facilities and non-serviced facilities like apartments.

Accommodations are usually run as a business, with both serviced and non-serviced types of accommodations are available in the private sector.

Meaning that both are businesses with the goal like any business to make profits and grow their business.

So Are Camping Tents Accommodation

When most people think of camping, they think of an overnight activity and most would agree that camping isn’t camping without a camping tent or a campervan.

With that said, camping tents would not be considered accommodation but are classed as a ‘shelter’ instead.

Camping tents are not known for comfort.

A camping tent is typically used to shelter a person(s) with a thin layer of material as a barrier between person and the weather for a short amount of time such as the duration of the camping trip.

But a campervan however, would be classed as accommodation and similar to a non serviced accommodation like an apartment.

Campervans can provide great shelter, security and comfort, especially with the soft bedding.

People can live in campervans for a very long time due to all their home-like features.

But the question is. Is RV’ing considered camping?

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A campervan is considered a camping accommodation

Here are a few other styles of accommodation

When people think of camping, they often picture themselves sleeping in a tent. However, there are many other styles of accommodation that can be used when not only camping but when travelling.

Here are a few accommodation examples to help you understand the difference between a camping tent and an accommodation.

Glamping Tents and Campsites

Did you know that there are unique camping sites that provide hotel style camping tents that may be in a tipi or premium safari tent?

These places are called Glamping campsites or resorts. Glamping comes from the word Glamorous and Camping.

Glamping accommodation provides a luxurious camping experience. Think of a 4 star hotel in the form of camping tents that may be kitted out serviced features.

They also cater to tourists by providing tent accommodation with fully loaded kitchens, proper king-sized beds, hot water showers, and toilets.

The Glamping style is associated with celebrities and those who want to experience a comfortable foray into the world of camping.

Circus tent setup glamping on makeshift flooring

Hotel Cabin

Hotel Cabins provide all the amenities you would see at a brand name hotel such as the Hilton, Hyatt or a Marriott.

It may not be in the same star rating realm, but a hotel cabin should provide comforts and utilities like home such as tv, Wi-Fi, serviced bathrooms etc.

Like a Hilton hotel, a serviced cabin should have everything ready for you and in place, such as bedding.

Hotel Cabins can be situation closer to landmarks due to the exclusivity compared to camping tent areas.


Depending on how camping is defined and if campervan is camping, it may or may not be considered a type of lodging.

Camping can be defined as an activity where people sleep outdoors and may not need shelter or accommodation under perfect weather conditions.

If camping, is instead defined as an outdoor recreational activity, then it is probably not a form of accommodation.

Additionally, if campervan is considered camping and campervans are considered forms of accommodation. Then yes camping can be considered an accommodation.