Can You Put A Yeti In The Microwave?


Yetis are a favorite amongst many who enjoy taking their beverages on the go. A Yeti keeps your beverage warm for some time. However, if you want to warm up your drink, you might be tempted to put your Yeti in the microwave. So Can You Put A Yeti In The Microwave? Let’s be straighforward.

Your beloved Yeti cup is too expensive for you to be destroying it in the microwave energy. Being that Yetis are made of stainless steel and other materials that are not microwave safe, there is the potential for some unsafe consequences should you try to nuke your Yeti. 

What exactly is a Yeti?

Yeti is a brand of well-known tumblers, mugs, and bottles that allow you to transport drinks easily. They have a very sleek design and effectively keep drinks hot or cold for long periods. 

Yeti cups are built with double wall vacuum insulation that can withstand outside elements to ensure that your drink will stay hot or cold. Many will opt for a Yeti when transporting their coffee to work or are on vacation and want a portable way to carry their cold or hot drinks around. They are also very popular amongst campers. 

The effectiveness of a Yeti cups have been tested, and they can usually keep your liquid hot or cold for around six hours. This should be ample time to savor your morning coffee or tea before it gets cool. 

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Can you put a Yeti in the microwave?

You should avoid putting Yeti cups in the microwave. There shouldn’t be a need for you to put a Yeti in the microwave, as they keep your liquids hot at their preferred temperature for quite some time. Unless you can find a Yeti mug designed to be a microwave safe container, avoid even trying. 

Some people have tried putting different models of Yeti mugs in their microwave and have said it has been fine and didn’t catch fire. Even if this is true, the risk is not worth the potential reward. Depending on how hot you want your beverage, you might not heat it before it gets dangerous. 

The only situation where you might put your Yeti drinkware in the microwave is if you had some hot coffee, tea, or soup in there and forgot about it for hours. Then, it’s best to write off the hot beverage and make a new one, as it’s not safe to microwave your Yeti. 


Why you can’t microwave your Yeti

Yeti tumblers, cups, and bottles are made with stainless steel. This material is not conducive with the intense heat radiating from a microwave. Even the company itself highly recommends you keep your Yeti drinkware out of the microwave, saying that it could be dangerous to do so. 

While it might seem counterintuitive, your Yeti is not built to withstand being exposed to super-hot temperatures. It is only designed to keep the temperature inside the actual cup. Thus, getting your Yeti too hot in a microwave can end up damaging your Yeti to the point where it’s unusable. 

The extremely hot heat can warp the metal, and it can even cause the metal to melt at a certain point. This might contaminate your hot beverages with a terrible aftertaste. The sparks could also end up damaging your microwave, so you might end up having to replace that too. 

What happens if you microwave a Yeti?

If you try to microwave your Yeti, the heat waves from the microwave cannot penetrate the stainless steel cup interior or exterior. Instead, the stainless steel will keep sucking up all that heat until it can’t anymore. Your Yeti becomes a serious fire hazard. 

The stainless-steel Yeti will get so hot that it might start sparking. If left in a hot microwave for long enough, this could start a fire. Once you hear a popping noise coming from the Yeti, that’s your cue that a fire could start at any point. 

You would have to keep your Yeti in the microwave for a long time to notice a significant temperature difference. Before your drink even ends up getting hot, your Yeti will either be severely damaged or would have already started smoking or catching on fire. It’s very ineffective to heat a Yeti in a microwave even if it were safe. 

What to do instead of microwaving a Yeti

There is no reason why you should microwave a Yeti. It’s better to reheat your drink in something else or ditch it and make a new one. You’ll be throwing away money by harming your Yeti, and you won’t even end up with a hot drink. 

It’s best to make sure you keep your Yeti’s lid on and closed when you are not actively drinking from your Yeti. This will keep the heat trapped inside the Yeti. It’s also a good idea to drink your drink in that expansive amount of time; your Yeti should keep your drink hot. 

If you absolutely must reheat that particular beverage quickly and cannot afford the time to make a fresh cup, you can simply transfer the liquid inside from your Yeti to a microwave-safe mug or dish. This will help the liquid inside get reheated without damaging your Yeti. Then, you can rapport it into your Yeti, so it’ll stay hot for a few more hours. 

Bottom line: microwaving your Yeti is dangerous and ineffective

By now you should know the answer to the question Can You Put A Yeti In The Microwave? Even if you want to ignore these warnings and microwave your Yeti for a short time to reheat your drinks, know that it will not affect the liquid. Instead, the Yeti will absorb the heat and eventually spark or catch fire. You’re better off trying to drink your beverage faster, make a new drink, or opt for a different cup.