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Is Sleeping In A Tent Healthy? 

Sleeping tent healthiness

Can Tent Sleeping Once In A While Be Beneficial One of life’s simple pleasures is getting out into the woods and enjoying a good night’s sleep. The scents and sounds take a moment or two of mental change, but if you’re comfortable, then it’s pretty refreshing. This begs the question – is sleeping in a … Read more

The Old School Trick Of How To Heat A Tent With A Candle  

Candle lamp heater

No Heater? No Electricity? No Warmth? Candle Heater, No Worries If you enjoy experiencing Nature to the fullest, then an old-school trick that has stood the test of time is adjusting the heat in your tent with a humble, flickering candle. It’s environmentally friendly, portable, and kind of romantic. So, how is it done?! Heating … Read more

What Makes A Great Campsite?

Campers in tent

Helpful checklist of items you may or may not have thought about to make wonderful camping experiences Every seasoned camper has a remarkable memory of their first perfect campsite. But quantifying what made it the best takes a little thought. What makes an ideal campsite, anyway? Well, it’s a combination of things, but it boils … Read more

How To Camp With A Cat Comfortably

Cat camping with jacket

Camping With Your Cat Should Be A Great Experience For Both If you’ve been blessed with an adventurous cat, bringing them along on your next camping trip could be tempting. Some cats end up loving being outdoors with their favorite person, exploring trails, and basking in the sunshine. Taking your cat camping with you randomly … Read more

How Long Does A Yeti Cooler Stay Cold When Camping

Yeti cooler camping year

Planning ahead will keep your food and drinks fresh and chill For most people, camping is all about roughing it. But if you’re serious about enjoying the great outdoors, you must ensure you have the right gear. That’s where Yeti comes in. Yeti coolers are built tough to keep your contents cold, no matter what … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Your Car

Flies on and in car removal

Tips to remove flies and other insects to keep peaceful feng shui on your camping trip Insects can gain access to your car in several different ways. If it’s untidy, for instance, then fast food bags are prime spots for flies to lay eggs. An apple rolling out of your lunch might quickly become a … Read more

How To Keep Snow Off RV Roof

RV and truck snow

Simple methods to keep your camping investment safe RV’s are absolutely delightful. There’s something addictive about nomadic living, whether for a few weeks on vacation or a full-time lifestyle. There are a few things you’ll need to know about, but one important thing is how to keep snow off an RV roof. While it seems … Read more

So What Boots Do You Need For Your Trip To Antarctica?

Ice boots on melting ice feature image

So your one of either two people, firstly you studied hard throughout high school and then university. You graduated with top honors with a degree in Environmental Science and have now been chosen for a study expedition. Or two, you’ve just paid for that once in a lifetime trip to the coldest, driest and windiest … Read more

Dont Throw It Out: How To Clean Windbreaker Jacket Easily

How To Clean Windbreaker Jacket featured image

I want to talk a little bit about washing your rain jacket correctly because I made a big mistake here, and I think it’d be beneficial to share my experience. The Windbreaker waterproof jacket that I have been using for three years now is the Outdoor Research Helium Two a very lightweight jacket. I’ve been using … Read more

A Weird DIY Insulated Cooler Hack That Impresses Friends!

young group on beach diy super insulated cooler

If you have been out on the trail recently, you may have noticed A, a lot more people have solar-powered gadgets and B, everybody seems to have an expensive cooler. Well, that is what I observed last time out. So my current heavy duty diy cooler none other than the standard blue 48 Quart Coleman cooler. … Read more

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Of 2023 Round Up Review.

Fisherman with three gold saltwater spinning fishing reels on boat sea

The choice of your next saltwater spinning reel can be difficult; there is such a wide selection available. How do you know whether one is better than the other? What are the search criteria you should be using? In this article, I hope to make your decision easier by presenting you with facts that can … Read more

Camping Hacks: What Meat Does Not Need Refrigeration?

Melbourne preston markets italian deli cured meat

Refrigerated meat is a recent innovation. Before the widespread availability of refrigerators, a variety of methods were used to preserve meat. The ancient Egyptians would use salt to keep their foods. Applying salt to the meat draws the moisture (which causes bacteria) out of the meat. The answer to the question about what meat does … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Float Down The Mississippi River?

Sunset featured image high over mississippi river

The Mississippi River is 2,350 miles from its source to the Gulf of Mexico, and the second-longest river in North America. To communities along the river, it provides lifeblood to their communities, and for the 80 to 100 people who kayak the entire length each year, it offers a challenge. So, how long does it … Read more

The Best Cordless Camping Hair Dryers Of 2023

Female camper camping hair dryer results

You cannot keep your hair smooth, sleek, and clean without a dryer. But how can you dry your hair during a camping trip? The answer is simple. You have to buy cordless hair dryer’s. Conventional dryers are bulky. They consume too much space, and they cannot work without a traditional power supply. The only way … Read more

How To Dispose Of Coleman Fuel Canisters, Safely And Legally

Everyone loves a good Coleman fuel canister. They are so easy to use. However, disposing Coleman Fuel Canisters can be more complicated than most people realize. Some people doubt that the canisters can be recycled in the first place. But it is more than possible if you apply caution. Why Coleman fuel canisters? Simply put, … Read more

Best Battery Operated Blankets For Camping Reviewed For 2023

Female camper with red warm heating blanket

Sleeping in an RV can sometimes get pretty chilly. It can spoil the camping experience if you let it. A much better plan is to invest in a battery powered heated blanket that will keep you stay warm throughout those cold nights. We did some research, and we found these recommended products fr you to … Read more

What Is The Best Instant Coffee For Camping? Here Are The Best For 2023

Lone camper prepping morning instant coffee while camping snow capped mountains

When you are out there in the wilds, getting a decent coffee can be a real issue, so we did some research to find out the top six instant coffee solutions when backpacking, camping, and rock climbing. Pros & Cons of Using Instant Coffee When Camping You probably appreciate the taste of an excellent home-freeze … Read more

Real Methods On How To Heat A Tent, Camping Edition

Hiker and canine companion getting tent warm and ready in winter camping location

How can you stay warm during your camping trip? This issue is unlikely to concern boon dockers and van lifers with plenty of electric devices they can rely on to fight the cold. Tent campers are not quite as lucky. Fortunately, there are ways to stay warm, even in the absence of a power source … Read more

Reviewing The Best And Safest Camping Heaters Of 2023

male camper gazes out of morning winter tent thinking of the best tent heaters

Sleeping outdoors with the scent of pine trees, with snow-capped mountains as a backdrop, can be amazing, but however beautiful the surroundings are, spending a cold night in cold or freezing temperatures can take away all the pleasure. In this review, we look at various ways that the cold can be tackled. Is it safe … Read more

Campfire Wood Near Me? Where Can You Find Campfire Wood?

Featured image chopping firewood

Every camp needs a fire. In most cases, it is the only way to stay warm, not to mention its role in the cooking process. Naturally, campfires require firewood, and firewood isn’t quite as cheap or easy to access as some people think. This is why all campers are encouraged to take firewood’s cost into … Read more

Dry Ice Camping Uses – Some Practical And Others Weird

Large dry ice blocks

So What is Dry Ice? Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Dry Ice that is captured during various industrial processes is captured and recycled into Dry Ice. Dry Ice is freezing (-109.3°F / -78.6°C). This makes it an excellent option for use in freezing products and keeping them frozen. You may wonder where the term … Read more

How to Clean Hiking Shoes So You Can Save And Extend Boot Life.

Hiker with clean boots featured

How to Clean Hiking Shoes So You Can Save And Extend Boot Life. Hiking gear can be costly to purchase and replace. This provides a great incentive to extend the life of your current equipment as long as possible. Hiking shoes, in particular, require extensive care to keep them in tip-top condition. Why do Hiking … Read more

Backpackers Pantry vs. Mountain House: Who Makes Better Meals?

Backpackers Pantry versus Mountain House Meails featured

There is no denying that sharing a fresh meal with your friends and family around a campfire is one of the best memories you will make while camping. However, if you are backpacking, fresh meals do not come very easy. Backcountry meal planning when you are hiking, or backpacking is close to impossible. Figuring out … Read more

Round Up Review Of The Best Campervan Mattress To Buy In 2023

Featured image best campervan mattress cat looks on

For the Travel Blogger Nomad, a home isn’t quite complete without a decent mattress, and that is true for campervans as well. While many RVs are furnished with mattresses, they are stiff, lumpy, and incapable of providing the support and comfort that so many people desire. This is why you are encouraged to do the … Read more

How To Overcome Camping Cold Feet. Our Guide To Warm Feet.

Cold camping feet featured

One of the biggest challenges of outback trips during the cold winter months is keeping your feet warm. If your feet are cold, you’re experiencing the great outdoors that may lead to misery, and prolonged exposure to the cold may also lead to frostbite. The Camping Cold Feet Chills Can Be A Serious Threat So … Read more

How To Go Winter Cold Camping With Dog’s – A Guide

Cold camping with dog in a beautiful snow capped setting

I like winter camping trips a great deal, and I frequently am out there when the weather is down at temperatures way below 30 degrees, which is seen as acceptable as the definition of cold weather camping trips. Anyway, I digress what I wanted to know was whether it was safe and humane to take … Read more

Ever Wondered What Do Green Valve Stem Caps Mean On Car Tyres?

Green valve cap featured image man closing valve cap

What is the difference between nitrogen and filled tires? More importantly, should have your tires filled with nitrogen or air? This question wasn’t that important a decade or two ago because air was the only significant option on the market. Today, using nitrogen has attracted a lot of interest, growing in popularity among civilian drivers … Read more

When were flashlights invented – flashlight history

When were flashlights invented - flashlight history

It’s very easy to take the technology that we have today for granted, for example, people take for granted the sheer power that they wield when they hold a modern led flashlight. And in the case of an emergency, illumination is going to be a very crucial component of any preparedness plan. Today, we’re going … Read more

Reviewing The Essential Open Fire Cookware You Need To Buy In 2023

Group of young beach campers cooking on an opern fire

Picture this: you go camping, and something is missing. You thought there would be a grill at your campsite, but you can’t find one anywhere. This would be a huge problem if you aren’t prepared, but you planned ahead. Why Do You Need Open Fire Cookware? You brought your favorite open fire cookware set. Now … Read more

The Best Blackout Tents Reviewed – Yearly Roundup For 2023

Dark Blackout Tent against the backdrop of a misty sky that is heating up

Also known as a dark room tent or dark rest tents, blackout tents for camping are tents that offer sufficient light blocking during the early hours of the morning. This technology is extremely convenient if you have teens that like to sleep in, babies who need to take midday naps, or if someone gets a … Read more

Is Your Backpack Zipper Stuck? Here Are 4 Working Fixes You Can Try.

Camper zipping up an unstuck tent zipper

Backpacks are supposed to keep your valuables safe during a hike. But what happens when the zipper gets stuck? If you can’t open your backpack, you cannot access the very valuables you need for your trip. But if you try to force the zipper open, you could destroy it, making it all but impossible to … Read more

What Is The Best Backpack With Lots Of Pockets? 7 Tactical Packs Reviewed

Medic packing backpack with supplies with lots of pockets

Why You Need a Backpack with Lots of Pockets? The days are long gone when backpacks had one large compartment, all mixed up together. Do you remember how it was almost necessary to empty the entire bag to find one small item? Now smaller items can be placed in small pockets to be seen instantly, … Read more

So How Much Does A Pop Up Camper Weigh? Our Findings.

Pop up camper featured image amongst tall thing trees

Now is a great time to buy a pop up camper. They have changed so drastically over the years, taking advantage of advancements in technology to deliver the sort of efficiency and comfort that will appeal to both amateurs and professional campers. This is an important question that can affect the layout and attributes of … Read more

Glamping Is A Gateway For City Slickers That Want More Than Just Camping.


People started using the term Glamping back in 2005. But, the word did not enter into the Oxford English Dictionary until 2016. On a recent trip, a friend and I were introduced to the phrase Glamping. We both agreed upon hearing of the hybrid word for the first time that it didn’t exist. So, of … Read more

Backpacking With Dogs Is Not That Difficult With These Tips.

Female hiker and husky dog taking a rest on lookout during hike

There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing my dog’s reaction when I ask him if he wants to go for a trail day hike. Before I’m even able to utter half of the question, he (Oscar) is halfway out the door. His failed attempt at standing on hind legs, his tail wagging a hundred reps per … Read more

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last? Its Actually Longer Than You Think

Two red propane cylinders stood in front of a parked grey striped and white campervan side profile 1600x1060

Imagine, finally arriving at the campervan grounds. Parking, setting up, then preparing a mouthwatering grill, followed by a hot shower as a reward. Then you turn on your gas tanks, and all you hear is a faint hiss. It’s empty, the Propane tank, you forgot to check. I’ve recently had this traumatic experience, and trust … Read more

How To Use Fix-a-Flat, A Guide For 2023 Edition

All wheel drive has flat tire in outback preparing to use Fix A Flat

Fix A Flat (FAF) is a single-use canned flat tire inflator. It is used to provide a quick and temporary solution to drivers who experience a flat tire emergency. It is a good option for plugging out a hole once you have identified where the damage occurred.  But as simple as the instructions appear to … Read more

How to Wash a Down Jacket And How To Wash Patagonia Nano Puff

Orange down jacket zipped with sewed in badges

Years ago, I found myself in a Kathmandu retail store, talking to one of their salespersons. I came to the store not to buy anything in particular. But instead for advice on How to Wash a Down Jacket. The sales rep I spoke to was a young female and wore striking red glasses. She proceeded … Read more

Practical And Safety Solo Camping Tips for Women

Young woman solo camping cooking snacks on campfire, on beach in front of cream coloured tent

Is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Some use camping to disrupt their busy connected lifestyles. Others seem to enjoy the serenity of nature and use it to rouse creativity. I go solo camping as a woman because I enjoy different challenges and especially when I feel that I’m becoming complacent with my life. It’s also … Read more

The Best Instant Tents For The Money Of 2023


Nothing is more frustrating than setting up a campsite for your family. I can tell you from experience that you are always watching the clock, waiting for that moment when you can finally sit back and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. But sometimes things don’t always go as you plan. The last time … Read more

How To Insulate A Tent So Good That It Feels Like A Log Cabin

Camper in snow cold conditions with tent covered in sleet and snow

Insulation works in two ways. You can either trap heat or cold, depending on the situation. When tent camping, most experts use insulation to stay warm. Most campers also rely solely on the heat their bodies produce to fight the cold. The notion sounds ridiculous, but things make sense once you realize that the energy … Read more

6 Camping Tasty And Easy Meals in Foil Ideas For You To Try On The Campfire.

A group of hungry campers watch as their dinner cooks in foil on campfire

When I am out hiking, I hate to carry too much gear. I try to keep things as simple as possible. I don’t want to have to take camping gas and stoves. When I cook, I use a campfire, and experience has shown me that the best way to cook on a campfire is by … Read more

How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress Fast With These Steps

Camper carries blue air mattress fully pumped to tent out in the wilderness

For a slightly extra premium, an air mattress is a great addition when camping to improve sleep quality and spinal support.  It will provide more sleeping comfort than your average rollup foam matt. It also offers the convenience of being compressible for easy stowing. But, it will need extra attention and care to avoid punctures … Read more

How To Inflate Air Mattress With Built In Pump Without Electricity

Couple camping on grass laying on Green airmattress

Air mattresses make tent camping more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the ground. But how are you supposed to inflate an air mattress if you don’t have access to electricity? Air mattresses with a built in pump requires electricity to use, but electric outlets aren’t always available at campsites. There … Read more

Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars Without Rails in 2023

Kayak roof rack for cars with no racks top reviewed

Why is a Kayak roof rack that doesn’t need rails beneficial? Kayaking is enjoyable, especially when you own your own and don’t have to rent them anywhere. When you own your kayak or kayaks, you will need to have a safe way to transport it between your home and where you plan to kayak. You … Read more

Is Camping Fun? Let Us Convince You With 10 Reasons Why Camping Is Fun.

Father and Son camping

With the ever increasing demographic of city dwellers moving to regional locations, camping has seen a boom in popularity and interest. The activity has been qualified as a gateway experience to a more minimal, down to earth lifestyle. 10 Down To Earth Reasons Why Camping Is Fun! Yet, in a small handfull of examples, the … Read more

What Are Snake Berries AKA Indian Mockstrawberry And Are They Edible?

Plating of snake berries inidan mockberry in cup on black plate

A snake berry doesn’t refer to one specific type of berry. Instead, it relates to multiple different berries across different regions. What can be considered a snake berry and are they edible? Snake Berries: Are They Safe to Eat? When you come across berries in the wild, it is always a good idea to leave … Read more

Do Hiking Sock Liners Prevent Blisters When Hiking Or Backpacking?

Man resting on rocky cliff with hiking boots and sock liners

When you are planning a hiking trip, I’m sure you aren’t thinking about what socks you are going to wear. Why do your socks matter? Can’t you wear your favorite pair of athletic socks and call it a day? We Review The 6 Of The Best Hiking Sock Liners Of While those socks are broken … Read more

A Tasty Protein Rich Pemmican Recipe You Can Try Today

Pemmican Featured

I am far from a Gordon Ramsey level of making Michelin level Pemmican bars. But after a few months of making the snack, I feel like I’ve improved at refining and following my recipe. My Pemmican recipes are tasty enough to be eaten on hiking trips. This is without having to drink a gallon of … Read more

Reviewing The Best Camping Portable Water Filters For The Money In 2023

Female is swimming and drinking creak or river water in summer

Venturing out into the wilderness can be exciting and empowering. Yet it can also present many challenges like being far from stores and amenities. Even the lack of reliable cell phone connection and limited food and water rations can be terrifying. If I’m planning for an upcoming camping trip, one of the first things I … Read more

How To Use Saffron Without Wasting The Spice.

Three seated framers harvest red Saffron threads amongst a table of purple flowers

Saffron has a reputation for being the most expensive spice in the world. It is a small reddish round spice derived from the purple crocus sativus flower. If you have purchased Saffron from a supermarket, you likely received Saffron threads. But many people like myself, buy the spice on recommendations and still need to know … Read more

Reviewed: The Best Camping Tents With Screened Porch Of 2023

Large screen porch area in front of tent decked with relaxing area

You have probably dismissed everyone that has ever claimed to sell to you one of the best tents with a screen porch. You’re not alone. The first time we went camping, we thought that any ordinary tent would do. But then we got to the camping ground, and things got messy. There was plenty of … Read more

Best IFAK aka Individual First Aid Kits in 2023 – Round Up

On the trail with canvas IFAK individual first aid kit

I do quite a bit of traveling. You can find me hiking up mountains and cycling through jungles. It is exhilarating, but it is also dangerous. Fortunately, I never travel alone. Most of my companions have some first aid training, and I always thought that, regardless of the situation we encountered, that training would serve … Read more

The Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot Reviewed For 2023 For The Money.

Camper happily lying on tent cot offgroun in two person tent in summer campground

The term Tent Cot can sometimes be a little confusing in that different types of products carry this name but vary considerably in their function and complexity. We will use an all-embracing definition that includes a simple double camping bed, a double camping bed that is covered by a tent, and a double cot tent … Read more

Foraging Question, Are Maple Seeds Edible? Will I Get Sick?

Squirrell eating maple seeds edible in winter

Maples seeds are edible and the benefits that come from consuming the maple seed include proteins, vitamins, minerals and oils including Omega 3, 6 and 9. Please consult your doctor and bushman before you even think about stuffing your stomach full of raw maple seeds! You have been warned. Adventurers sometime face the difficult predicament … Read more

MAPP Gas Versus Propane. So Whats The Difference?

MAPP Gas versus propane worker uses gas to heat material outside

If you enjoy grilling, barbecuing, welding, or performing any other activity that involves the use of a torch, the gas you use matters. Most people are generally expected to choose between MAPP gas, Butane, and Propane gas even though they don’t know the difference between the three. Understanding Liquid Petroleum Gases Lets get into it … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Possums Safely, A Guide.

Two Australian possums enjoying night time company and home

You have a problem. You have discovered that something new has taken up residence on your property. It’s not the typical pests that households regularly encounter, so momentarily, this critter has you on the back foot. Pretty soon, you work it out; you have a resident, Possum. So how do you now how to get … Read more

So What Lizards Eats In The Wild? Types And Diets Uncovered.

Thick lizard colourful lookout out for the next meal

Did you know that there is an incredible 5,000 species of lizards known to exist and most lizards are found almost everywhere, except Antarctica (give them time). Because they live in such a wide variety of locations, a lizard’s diet and what omnivorous and herbivorous lizards and wild lizards eat can vary depending on their … Read more

Forget The Markets: How To Find Gold In Your Backyard And Get Rich!?

Holding up discovered gold from australian backyard

Anyone that has ever discovered gold will tell you that the experience is thrilling. It only takes a speck to generate excitement in people that have never considered the notion of hunting for gold. The material is valuable because it is rare. Where to find gold As was mentioned above, finding gold pieces in a … Read more

How To Make Toilet Paper DIY – The Emergency Guide

Homemade toilet paper hanging drying process

I don’t really see the connection between toilet paper and Covid-19, myself, but all over the world, stores are experiencing a rush on toilet paper, and it is increasingly difficult to buy it where I live. This made me wonder about how to make my own toilet paper, and then I started wondering if we … Read more

How You Can Light A Coleman Lantern With Skill – Guide

Green Coleman fuel lantern is fixed on a tree during the daylight next to still river forest

I used to spend so much money on testing and owning several battery-powered LED lanterns. Sure, they are inexpensive, but they did not last long. So I had to keep replacing them. Everyone says that LED is the way to go. But having finally purchased my first Coleman lantern, I have to disagree. Yes, for … Read more

Reviewed: The Best Qube Tents of 2023

Grey Cube tent setup on lookout in backcountry

There’s nothing that brings a family closer together than camping as a group in a tiny tent during an extreme winter blizzard. All jokes aside. Although camping along with the kids can save power on heating equipment, it does get tiring because there is no escape. I am pretty much describing my last camping trip. … Read more

What Is The Longest Lasting Food For Survival

long lasting foods for survival

A camping buddy of mine, Dave, recently came back from a trip to British Columbia. His crew ran into a bit of a snowstorm. Luckily for them, they came across a log cabin that erected near Bear Lake, for such situations. The cabin was full of expired food, which the crew ended up leaving alone. … Read more

What Does Dry Camping Mean?

Blue Campervan what is dry camping featured image

What is Dry Camping? Dry Camping is also known amongst campers as Independent Parking or Boondocking. Is when a Campervan is purposely parked away from water or electrical hookups and basic utilities. The positive aspects of Dry Camping may be privacy and a closer to nature experience. But it also requires more preparation, experience, and … Read more

What Colors Attracts Mosquitoes? Sciences Answers.

Mosquito and colour attraction featured

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to avoid a select few of your friends? Meanwhile, you’ve resigned to get bitten and always carrying your trusty lemon-scented roll-on repellent. Today there are so many home remedies out there that it’s confusing to know what works and what doesn’t.  Some conventional home repellents you may have … Read more

Tarp Under Tent – Do I Need A Tarp Under My Tent To Keep Warm?

Tarp underneath tent featured image

Camping appeals to many because of its simplicity. You buy a tent, a sleeping bag, maybe a backpack and your good to go. But the more you go camping, the more you start to realize nuances you can implement that greatly improves the comfort of your camping experience. A simple camping hack you can apply … Read more

Is Polyester Warm Enough For Blizzard Camping? Clothes Debate.

Polyester jacket keeping a hiker, camper warm in winter

The inclusion of synthetic Polyester in camping gear is very much the industry standard since the 1950’s outdoor gear has moved toward the use of robust, lightweight, and affordable materials. A trend that has been historically associated with the fashion industry. So is polyester warm? Sure it’s a cheap and lightweight material but how does … Read more

How To – Raise Air Mattress Off Floor, Multiple Methods That Work

Shopper in camping store looking at air mattresses

If you’re an avid camper, you probably agree with me when I state that the most comfortable bedding item hands down has to be the humble air mattress. I’m one of the lucky ones. I still recall being introduced to the whole experience of camping for the first time as a child. My parents had … Read more

So What is an Awl, A Camping Tool Or A Sewing Accessory?

Awl for leather stitching in front of lady with many other goods for sale

About five years ago, my partner and I, at the time, decided to combine our love of backpacking and travel gear with creativity and construction. So on that particular day, we decided that the best way to express this was through an Etsy shop. Here we would sell hand made leather and canvas backpacking gear. … Read more