5 Real Social Benefits Of Camping That Will Benefit You And Your Family

camping social

This article will help explain to those of you about to embark on or plan one of your first camping trips.

Or those that have questions on the social rewards of camping.

In particular the social benefits of leaving home to spend time in the great outdoors.

Camping can be stressful when planning, especially if going with friends or family as a group.

Ironically, camping and time outdoors has been scientifically proven as stress reliever.

But the best part about camping is the sense of achievement.

For not only you but your family and friends will feel when the camping trip is over.

There are so many social perks of camping, bear in mind that this article does not cover health benefits of camping only social perks so lets dive in deeper.

Connecting with family and friends

Camping strenthens connections or can allow you to reconnect with friends and family.

It’s also another gateway to meeting new camping and hiking friends.

Experiencing the great outdoors, the good and the bad (weather), draws us all closer.

Remember the time when…It took us two hours to light a fire.

Memories are made through doing and when camping you are always ‘doing’.

Camping forces the group to change and solve problems as a group.

For example, instead of my routine of waking up and face timing my family or friends.

Instead, while camping, I wake my family members from their tents.

We all slowly rise out off the sleeping pads and start converstation.

Todays conversation is how we get our campfire started (of course). We all need caffeine to prime up for our morning hike.

Camping provide so many opportunities to connect with others through activities.

While you’re not hiking or foraging as a family, your foraging or collecting firewood as a group.

Bond over a card or board game, after the back-breaking firewood collection. And unwind with a vino around the campfire with a story-telling session.

Nothing gets you more connected than wine, nature and deep and meaningful conversations around a campfire.

camping social

Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Camping requires a lot of problem solving from the get go as a group.

From where your going to park your transport, who is going to cook or make fire.

And with camping, there’s a lot of problem-solving required from the minute you set up camp. And it never ends.

As a group you may be face with learning how to correctly set up a tent so that they are dry and safe.

Start a fire so that everyone is warm and for cooking meals.

Problems are solved much faster as a group and as a team this only creates stronger bonds.

Creates New Friendships

Camping is nothing like the scary movie with Chris Hemsworth called The Cabin In The Woods.

Fortunately, camping isnt a group of terrified people in the middle of nowhere surviving like Hollywood suggests.

Camping, in reality, is a community of families and friends enjoying a shared passion for the outdoors.

It has to be said that you don’t meet new people and make friends just at the campsite.

Most of my long-time friends I’ve met were going opposite ways on a hiking trail miles away from our campfire.

Campers often gather around campfires to share funny stories.

It’s not just adults and parents who meet new friends while on vacation.

Our kids and nieces/nephews have met lifelong interstate friends while camping too.

There are so many fitness benefits of why camping is good like improved immune system. Camping can help socially such as improved self esteem and new challenges when you go camping that there is no real reason not to get away.

Encourages an Appreciation for Nature

Camping s one of the best ways to enjoy nature and experience breathtaking views.

But one genuine memory that made us genuinely appreciate nature as a group, was the day nature turned bad…

Long story short, in the summer of 2018 massive floods washed out the main path to our Victorian campsite.

Four 4WDs and two hour later we all crossed the rising tides safely by carefully daisy chaining each other.

We celebrated like we won a war even though we felt like wrinkled fingertips. Nothing was going to stop us from getting to our lovely warm destination.

Take away devices, computers, and electricity and replace them with a warm fire, star gazing and something special happens.

With a group of great friends, you reach a closeness and genuine appreciation of nature.

Look for campgrounds with a little extra.

I recently returned from a camping trip on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

We spent a week at a camping resort conveniently near the Main Beach, Seaworld, Movie World, and the main tourist strip.

You don’t need to be camping in remote backcountry.

For convenience, or if you want to get the kids somewhere out of the house, you can always try a camping resort.

Resort campsites generally have swimming pools, sports activities, lessons and evening entertainment.

They have loads of activities for the kids as well allowing you all to have fun and try new things in a unique environment.


In full disclosure, I am biased when I say camping is an effective technique to connect as a family in a new, fresh, healthy environment.

Camping is excellent socially and teaches families and friends to collaborate and solve issues and have a good time.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for children to learn from their parents and establish more significant levels of respect.