The Best Blackout Tents Reviewed – Yearly Roundup For 2024

Dark Blackout Tent against the backdrop of a misty sky that is heating up

Also known as a dark room tent or dark rest tents, blackout tents for camping are tents that offer sufficient light blocking during the early hours of the morning. This technology is extremely convenient if you have teens that like to sleep in, babies who need to take midday naps, or if someone gets a headache and needs a break from the sunlight. A blackout tent can also keep the inside warmer in cold weather due to the tent’s dark material.

What is a Blackout Tent?

A Blackout Tent can be classed as a leisure tent that is often made with superior materials resulting in a reduction in temperatures.

TLDR; Our Favorite Blackout Tent

One of our favorite blackout tents for camping is the Coleman Dome Tent. This tent uses a blackout bedroom sleep system, allowing it to block out 90% of sunlight. It also helps reduce heat to keep you comfortable during even the hottest parts of the day.

It comes in two sizes and is available with or without a screen. A close second is the Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4, Four Person Family Tent with BlackOut.

This tent combines a bright and breezy living area with dark bedrooms that ensure a great night’s sleep and that the dawn sunshine will not wake you.

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent


25 x 24 x 3.5 inches; 6.83 pounds; Quechua Brand

Summary of Quechua Waterproof Tent

The Quechua waterproof pop up tent is an extra dark blackout tent. It is incredibly easy to set up; it only takes two seconds to pop up. It is also super easy to take down as it folds right back up with an easy guide system. If there is no wind, you can use this tent without any pegs.

The darkness this tent offers is like no other and is a critical element of keeping this tent colder and darker than most other blackout tents.

Virtually all light is filtered so that sleep comes easily, cooler during the day, with the patented exterior fabric and blocks up to 99% of UV even in broad daylight.

This is super convenient, especially if you like to sleep in after the sun comes up or have young children who need to take mid-day naps.

The tent is very easy to assemble and dissemble thanks to its foldup design. The tent can be placed anywhere once you have completed it. The tent features a flysheet with two side panels and has been constructed to eliminate condensation as much as possible.

The weatherproof capability is rain resistance of 200mm per hour for 4 hours and wind durability of about 30 miles per hour. The manufacturer has taken extra care with the inverted seams, and they are sealed with heat-bonded inserts.

Once the guy ropes are fixed in place, the tent can withstand force six gales. The tent has been tested in a wind tunnel on a turntable to ensure it is stable, whichever way the wind blows.


  • Very easy and fast to erect
  • Affordable price
  • Great quality
  • Stays completely dry inside
  • Very Dark Interior in daytime


  • Interior space is limited, only a two-person tent.
  • Bulky when folded up
  • Its storage clip can break easily.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent


165 x 120 x 78 inches; 20 Pounds; Ozark Trail Brand

Summary of Ozark Trail Dark Rest 10-Person Camping Tent

The Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin 10 person tent is a luxury, cabin-style living room sized tent. This tent’s floor area is massive, allowing 2 Queen sized air mattresses to sit comfortably inside together.

The poles are pre-attached to the tent, making set up a breeze and completed in less than two minutes with no assembly. This two-room tent comes with a removable room divider so that you can have two decent sized rooms or one massive room in the tent.

The best camping innovation technology is dark rest technology that blocks sunlight and heat, helping you get a comfortable sleep in the tent.

There are also multiple skylights that include interior ceiling panels. You can choose to roll back the covers and stargaze at night, then cover the skylights back up before you go to sleep.

This family tent is a mini living room and can sleep up to 10 people, making it perfect for a family or groups of friends who want to go camping together. 


  • Dark rest technology
  • Roomy living room sized 10 person tent
  • Fits 2 Queen sized air mattresses.
  • Easy setup
  • Skylight option
  • Electric cable port


  • No awning options
  • It is heavy when folded.
  • Fitting 10 people can be a squeeze.

Coleman Dome Camping Dark Room Tent

Venchas Choice


9 x 7 ft x 4 ft. 11 in.; 10.24 pounds; Coleman Brand

Summary of Coleman Dome Tent

The Coleman Dome camping Tent is our favorite choice for blackout tents. You have the option of a four person or 6person tent, which is a perfect sized tent if you are camping with kids.

You can also choose to buy the tent with an additional screen room or without one. This tent uses conventional pitches and can be set up in about ten minutes.

The tent is black at night and is not so dark as other models in the morning. So it depends whether you want total blackout or dimmed light.

The Dark Room Technology blocks out around 90% of sunlight, making it easy to sleep after the sun comes up. The technology also reduces heat to stay cooler during the day, no matter the time of day.

When it comes to weather protection, the corners are welded, and the seams are inverted to keep water from entering the tent from any angle. There is also a rainfly that can offer extra weather protection when necessary. The robust frame also withstood winds over 35 miles per hour during laboratory testing.

On warmer nights, the screen room can be used as an additional sleeping area if you put a tarp down first. The screen room is not waterproof, so it can only be used for sleeping if there is no rain. Some people find that fluorescent green tents attract bugs, so another color option would be nice to have.


  • Smart design
  • High-quality tent
  • Great weather protection
  • Built-in windows
  • Fast(ish) assembly and packing away and easy setup


  • Needs a cover for the electric cord hole
  • Not designed for extreme weather and not the warmest of blackout tents
  • The rainfly does not cover mesh vents.
  • Tent stakes bend easy. Better to invest in steel ones.

GEERTOP Darkroom Tent for Camping 4 Person


106.7 x 82.67 x 59.05; 8.15 pounds; GEERTOP

Summary of GEERTOP Darkroom Tent

This GEERTOP is one of the best darkroom tents and features high-tech multi-coated black rubber fabric.

This makes it possible to block out 90% of sunlight from shining into the tent, letting you sleep and wake up when you want, not when the sun comes up. It also offers UV protection.

The tent is a relatively new design and was first sold on Amazon in February 2020 and is constructed from a rubber fabric with several coats, offers two windows and storage space with two storage bags made out of mesh and one hook.

It is easy to set up, containing three durable, ultralight poles for set up in less than 10 minutes. There is also an electrical cord e port access for an easy and convenient power supply that is safe and reliable.

Included with this tent is a sun and rain protection rainfly that makes the tent rain resistant. As for the tent’s floor, you don’t need to worry about the water leaking through the bottom as the material can stand up to PU2000mm.

My most significant criticism is that the bag is so small. It is a real effort to fold up the tent tight enough to get it into the bag. Why not make it a couple of inches bigger and have happy campers?


  • Lightweight
  • Good airflow, cool inside
  • Easy setup
  • Good ventilation without rainfly


  • Bad zipper and weak tent pegs (when will they learn)
  • It can take 10 – 20 minutes to set up.
  • Low ventilation with rainfly
  • Condensation build-up
  • Awkwardly small camping bag

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


426cmx304cmx183cm height, 42 lbs., Brand: Coleman

Product Summary

The best feature of this tent is the darkroom technology that blocks most of the sunshine. If you use the tent for music festivals, you will probably appreciate the reflective guy lines that stop revelers tripping over them at night.

It has a room divider, which was very useful when sharing a tent with strangers. They say it can be set up in tone minute, but I think two minutes is more realistic in the real world, but that is still very fast.

It’s great to set it up and then watch your mates struggling for thirty minutes with other tents.

They say it will fit four queen-sized airbeds, but they would have to be pushed tightly together to fit. That’s still a lot of space, and who uses queen-sized airbeds when camping?


  • Excellent height in the center of the tent
  • Sets up in two minutes
  • Darkroom Technology


  • Minimal interior storage space
  • The rain fly is not very efficient.
  • Not waterproof other than for showers

Reabeam Pop Up Camping Tent


238cmx137cmxheight 137cm, 10lbs, Reabeam

Product Summary

A tremendous little pop-up tent from Reabeam. It is big enough for two adults to fit comfortably. It’s a pop-up tent so that it can be erected in less than a minute.

You can then position it where you want and then attach stakes to make it secure.

It has been tested in a wind tunnel to force six winds and is waterproof with a built-in rain fly. The design is a double layer, so it prevents condensation while you sleep, and we all hate that. The gap between the two layers provides ventilation.

All in all, a good design and one of my favorites. Even though it is a dark tent, the inner material has a silver color, which is more pleasant than black. You are also able to vent the tent from the inside.


  • The double-layer prevents condensation
  • The material inner layer is blackout fabric.
  • Sets up in seconds


  • Need Extra cords to secure in windy conditions
  • A full-size mattress will not fit.

Ayamaya Pop Up Tents with Vestibule for 4 to 6 Person


12.5 x 8.5 x 53.5 feet; Ayamaya

Summary of Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

This pop-up tunnel tent can sleep up to 6 adults and is very spacious. The tent also offers a unique vestibule in a separate room that is an excellent spot for a large dog or extra camping gear.

There is also an electrical cord access e port so you can easily run electricity from outside into your tent to power your devices. Another neat feature of this tent is the storage pockets and lantern hooks that allow you to stay organized.

This is strictly not a darkroom tent, but the double layer does cut out a lot of light and keep the tent cooler and doubles to prevent condensation build-up.

It is specially designed with an inner layer and an outer layer that are connected by hooks. These layers can also become vents that can offer additional ventilation on warm nights.

This tent has two large front doors for easy access and rear hooded vents to let the fresh air in. The windows feature four zippers and mesh material that allows hot air to leave the tent.

An exciting feature of this tent was demonstrated in the video on the Amazon site. You erect the tent by taking it out of the carry bag and throwing it into the air.

It opens itself up, and when it lands, pull out the extension, and it’s done. Packing it up is almost as easy, fold the back over to the front and pack it in the circular bag.


  • Quick and easy tunnel tent set up
  • Affordable price
  • Heat-sealed inverted seams and a unique design
  • Two doors with plenty of ventilation


  • Not the most waterproof tent
  • Heavier than other blackout tents
  • Not a darkroom design

MOON LENCE Camping Tent


17.24 x 6.54 x 5.67 inches; 5.86 Pounds; MOON LENCE

Summary of MOON LENCE Camping Tent

This two-person pop-up tent fabric is offered in two colors, green and orange. It is quick and easy to set up and takedown, and it is tiny enough to be stored in a carry bag. This makes it incredibly easy to transport and take different places. 

There is a large mesh and a D-shaped door with dual zippers to provide efficient ventilation and increase air circulation. This tent features a ground tent and two windows.

Also equipped with nine lightweight Iron pegs and 4 Guy ropes, this tent is more secure and can stand through high winds.

The material allows this tent to resist rainwater up to 1000mm and offers exceptional UV resistance. Also included is a rainfly that provides double protection from harsh weather.


  • Very stable
  • Blocks harmful UV radiation
  • Highly breathable fabric


  • High maintenance care
  • Many small parts included

Coleman The Blackout Festival Camping Tent


325cmx180cm, height120cm, 11.24lbs, Coleman

Product Summary

The bedroom is very black and does not let in light. Excellent for those long lie-ins after a wild night. However, marketed as specifically a festival tent, and whoever thought black guy ropes was a good idea, I do not know.

Drunken revelers tripping over dark guy ropes when making their way home at night is a common problem, which is why other blackout tents typically have light or fluorescent ones.

The tent is worth buying but watches out if you are on the tall side, as it is a little too short.

Make sure you sleep with feet away from the door, or you will not have enough headroom. The tent is easy to pitch but may well drive you insane, trying to fit it back in the bag.


  • It is what it says it is, and that is waterproof
  • Blackout is excellent, just a few specks of light from inverted seams.
  • Cooler than the average tent


  • Packing it back into the bag is tough.
  • Described as festival tent/has black guy ropes.
  • Needs to be a couple of inches longer

Coleman Tent Oak Canyon Family Tent with BlackOut


470cmx280cm, x height190cm, 40.78lbs, Coleman

Product Summary

This tent is my favorite four-person tent. The living area is light and breezy, big enough for chairs and a perfect place to sit and chill, whereas the two bedrooms are almost entirely black and will allow a great night’s sleep, way past dawn.

Because the heat hits the outer material, the inner bedroom material does not heat up so much, reducing the bedroom’s daytime temperature. The tent has a pretty good headroom throughout, making it much more comfortable to use.

It only takes around ten minutes to pitch this amazing tent, while not as quick as some are still acceptable.

A nice feature is that you can convert the two bedrooms into one large room, making it a perfect glamper tent.

You can fit a large inflatable double bed in the one-bedroom configuration, together with a double inflatable settee, footstool, camping larder, and cooker in the living space. True comfort.


  • Two doors with Insect Guard
  • Dark tent – nearly 100% black
  • Lots of ventilation


  • Challenging to pack up, the bag is too small
  • Low-quality pegs (again)
  • 20cm too small to fit standard double airbed in the twin bedroom configuration

Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent


500cmx250cmx height 195cm, 38.1lbs, Vango

Product Summary

The design of the Vango Ringstead Air results in a lot of the glare of sunshine being reflected away from the bedrooms made from darker material.

This tent has an unusual design. Instead of poles, it uses inflatable air beams. A pump is included with the tent.

Air beams may have some problems in the snow, so this is probably a three-season tent. The tent has three rooms, a living area, and two bedrooms.

One or both of the inner rooms can be removed. The tent is manufactured in Scotland. There are vents on the side walls behind the bedrooms, and the front door has an inner mesh door, so you can leave the outer door open if ventilation is required and still keep out insects.

The inner and outer tent has a 10cm gap between them, allowing insulation and airflow. If we put aside the price, this tent is undoubtedly my favorite of all the blackout tents I have reviewed.


  • Lots of space
  • Easy to setup
  • Bedrooms restrict light


  • Fairly Expensive
  • Very heavy to carry
  • Bulky when packed up

Vango Purbeck Tent, Vivid Grey


700cmx380cmx height 207cm, Vango

Product Summary

This cabin style tent has plenty of space and features a built-in front awning that is massive. This is a great tent to hang out in with friends. Lots of space for chairs table etc. or could be used for storage.

There are three double bedrooms, although there is not a lot of privacy between them.

The bedrooms are dark material to reduce light entering the rooms; additionally, the living area has large windows making it light and airy.

The Vango has tension bands that help the tent deal with windy conditions. For festival-goers, the guy lines are high visibility.


  • Lights Out Inner Bedrooms
  • Large tent with three queen size bedrooms
  • High Visibility Guy Lines


  • Condensation problems
  • No privacy between bedrooms
  • Flimsy Guy rope


Do BlackOut tents work?

Yes blackout tents work and many people find that they enjoy better sleep without lights outside during the night and without being exposed to the early morning sunshine.

Many people are light-sensitive and cannot sleep once the sun has risen. They are also great for naps during the day, especially since the darer rooms will be colder than traditional tents.

Blackout tents work using a darkroom tent technology. This means that blackout tents use a uv guard double-layered fabric that is specifically designed to block UV rays.

Are Blackout Tents Worth It?

Blackout tents are worth it. They block out sunlight in the sleeping area to allow your body to wake up on its own, not with the sun. It is also an excellent idea for a family with young children who still need a nap in the middle of the day.

Do the light-blocking properties fade with time?

It is possible that this could happen for blackout tents, but it is way more likely with a dark rest tent that is not that great of quality.

What is Dark Room Technology?

Darkroom technology uses unique materials to reduce the light levels in the bedroom area and is a method that reduces the amount of light that is let into your tent by 90% to 99%. This allows for a blackout bedroom in a two-person tent or multiple blackout bedrooms in a more massive tent.

Dark Blackout Tent against the backdrop of a misty sky that is heating up

How to Choose a Dark Rest Tent

When you search for the best blackout tents, also known as a dark rest tent, you need to keep in mind how much you are looking to spend with darkroom abilities.

Do some research online, flip through a camping magazine, ask your friends what they recommend.

Some dark rooms are darker than others. Choose the level of light that suits your physical requirements. Of course, you also have to consider the other, more general, features of the tent.

Blackout Effect Effectiveness

The blackout technology used for a dark rest tent is beneficial; some blackout tents will claim full darkness or 95% darkness. Others will filter the light to a less intrusive level.

They can block out 90% to 99% of the sunlight that shines down on your tent. This will allow your sleeping area to stay dark even after the sun comes up in the morning.

Features To Look For In A Blackout Tent

You will need to consider your sensitivity to light and whether you require almost totally black or something less intense.

However, you must also look at the other tent’s other features, such as quality of manufacture, waterproof levels, ventilation, size requirements, and whether the tent is tall enough to suit you.

These are all features that you would look for in any tent. Do not forget to check how easy the tent can be erected and packed away, and even what might appear to be insignificant details, like the color of the guy lines.


You need to consider the number of people that will typically go camping with you. If it is just you and your significant other, you will be fine with a two-person tent. If your family likes to camp together, you should consider at least a six-person capacity tent.


If you get hot easily or enjoy sleeping with the smell of fresh air surrounding you, you will need to consider the ventilation offered in a tent.


If you like to camp no matter what the weather conditions are like, you will need to consider how good a tent is at keeping the rain out.

Wrapping Up

Female camper enjoying early morning light in dark blackout tent

Looking for blackout tents that will work for you and your family doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. With this list’s help, you can determine which type of blackout tent will suit your needs and what you are looking for out of your camping experience.