Reviewing The Best Zip Together Sleeping Bag Of 2024

Zip together bags seperated but same model in camping tent

Sleeping bags are an essential part of tent camping, but they do not make it very easy to snuggle up next to our loved ones at night. Luckily, there are sleeping bags on the market that you can zip together to create one large sleeping bag.

Zip together sleeping bags are a type of double sleeping bag with the only difference being that they can split into two separate sleeping bags. This makes them extremely flexible when you are trying to figure out sleeping arrangements for the night. You can use these backpacking sleeping bag for outdoor activities such as camping, even car camping.

When you zip two / best double sleeping bags together, you can easily share your body heat with your partner in the coldest camping weather. This will make your camping experience more enjoyable.

TLDR; Our Favorite Zip Together Sleeping Bag

The best overall sleeping bag is similar to the mummy bags; the Oak Creek Double Sleeping Bag. They come in a bundle that contains two individual sleeping bags that can be zipped into one large sleeping bag. You can easily sleep one person alone or two people together. You won’t have to make sure the zippers are compatible because the two rectangular sleeping bags are identical.

You can use this set of sleeping bags across most seasons, but keep in mind they are not rated very well during the winter. They will keep you warm in a temperature as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zip together bags seperated but same model in camping tent

Advantages of Having a Sleeping Bags Zip Together

There are several advantages to purchasing sleeping bags that zip together. The first advantage is the ability to sleep next to another person comfortably without being squished into each other. This is great if you love to cuddle up close to someone else when you sleep at night.

Another advantage is the ability to split the sleeping bags in two when necessary, like when transporting them. This also allows the sleeping bags to have zippers on both sides, making it easy for one person to get out without disturbing the other.

Sleeping bags that zip together will also have individual pillows to lay on or hoods to stay warm, making it easy for both people to be as comfortable as possible.

What Are The Types Of Zip Together Sleeping Bags?

  • Most sleeping bags can be zipped together as long as they have zippers that match each other. Are the zippers the same size and length? If so, you can zip them together.
  • Rectangular sleeping bags are the simplest to zip together. All you need to do is open the bags up, place them on top of each other, and zip them up.
  • Barrel bags can be zipped together if they are the same size with the same zipper style. You don’t need to worry about the tapered ends interfering with the function.
  • Mummy bags can be zipped together as long as one is a right zip, and the other is a left zip. This will ensure that both hoods are facing up.
  • Two different types of bags can zip together, even though it may be an uncomfortable sleep system.

Roundup of the Best Zip Together Sleeping Bags

Tons of research went into figuring out what the best zip together sleeping bags are. We put together this list to help save you time during your search for the best sleeping bags that can zip together.

Xperience It All Couple’s Double Bag


Xperience It All; 7.8 pounds;

Xperience It All Double Sleeping Bags Summary

These sleeping bags work together as one queen-sized sleeping bag or separately as two sleeping bags. This makes it easy to cuddle close to your partner with the sleeping bags together and stay warmer on chilly nights. Separating the two bags makes for easy and light transportation.

You will be extremely pleased with the amount of stuffing inside this sleeper. It makes the sleeping bag extra soft and fluffy with no added weight. This stuffing also keeps you warm in temperatures around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

This compression bag is super compact while maintaining the ability to fit someone as tall as 6’4″. The doubled size of these two sleeping bags is 82″ by 63″. The material is also waterproof, so you and your partner won’t experience any leakage in the middle of the night.


  • Individual sleeping bag hood for each
  • Extra fluffy stuffing for comfort
  • Water-resistant material


  • Zipper causes issues sometimes.

Oak Creek Double Sleeping Bag


Oak Creek Outdoor Supply Store; 5 pounds; Synthetic/Taffeta.

Oak Creek Double Sleeping Bag Summary

A type of mummy bag, the Oak Creek double sleeping bag is designed explicitly as two sleeping bags to zip together. The zippers are compatible with one another because they are completely identical.

When these bags zip together, you will get a queen-sized sleeping bag. You will both have plenty of space to stretch out inside the sleeping bag with no issues.

With a temperature rating of 40 degrees, you can expect this set of sleeping bags to keep you warm across three seasons of the year. You can carry these bags in the included travel compression sack.


  • Multi-seasonal use
  • Zip together or use individually
  • Water-resistant material


  • Bulky when stored
  • Center zipper is uncomfortable

Ayamaya Sleeping Bags


Ayamaya; 3.3 pounds; 210T Polyester

Ayamaya Sleeping Bag Summary

The Ayamaya sleeping bags are made of 210T polyester, which is a water-resistant material. This makes it perfect for any camping environment, especially ones that are damper than others.

It is important to note that these sleeping bags are not sold as a bundle, and you have to buy them separately. While they are sold separately, it gives them the advantage of having individual drawstring mummy hoods that can keep you warm.

The inside is lined with flannel and is stuffed with cotton for added comfort while keeping the sleeping bags light. There is a feature called magic tape that makes the temperature rating of these sleeping bags is 20 degrees, making them perfect for cold weather camping.


  • Magic tape to prevent cold air leakage
  • Soft lining and fluffy stuffing
  • Lightweight


  • Not sold as a bundle

Canway Double Sleeping Bag

Alternative to a zip together. one big sleeping bag instead


Canway; 6.5 pounds; Cotton, Polyester

Canway Double Sleeping Bag Summary

The Canway double sleeping bags are convertible, meaning it can break down from one large, double sleeping bag into two smaller sleeping bags. This gives it versatility in different camping environments, even car camping.

When you zip the bags together, you get a queen-sized double sleeping bag that can easily fit you and another person. These bags come with a compression bag for easy storage and transportation.

The material is a waterproof 210T polyester and has a very comfortable cotton filling. You don’t have to worry about any water seeping into the sleeping bag while you are sleeping. This bag features temperature ratings of 42 degrees.


  • Waterproof material
  • Flannel lining for warmth
  • Included pillows
  • Easy to clean


  • Not rated well for cold weather.

KingCamp Sleeping Bag

Alternative to a zip together. Big Enough for two


KingCamp; 6.4 pounds; Polyester, Cotton

KingCamp Sleeping Bag Summary

This sleeping bag is an excellent choice if you are tall and want extra space for movement. It is perfect for people up to 7″ tall while also folding down nicely into the included compression sack.

These bags are sold separately, but you can quickly zip them together to create a double sleeping bag. You and your loved one can sleep comfortably in these polyester sleeping bags equipped with a cotton outer shell.

There is a pillow included and a drawstring hood that doubles as a pillow pocket when not in use. The temperature comfort rating for the KingCamp is between the range of 32 degrees and 41 degrees, with an extreme temperature rating of 5 degrees.


  • Individual hoods
  • Included pillows
  • Interior pockets for small-item storage
  • Large enough for tall people


  • Sleeping bags are purchased separately
  • Bulky when packed up

What To Look For When Buying Sleeping Bags That Zip Together

The flexibility you get from having a set of sleeping bags that can zip together can quickly improve your camping experience. As long as you purchase the right sleep system, you will have a comfortable place to sleep. Here are some factors you need to consider before making your sleeping bag purchase.


The filling of your sleeping bag is essential because it keeps you warm. There are two common types of filling: synthetic insulation and down insulation.

Synthetic fillings are more durable because the outer shell won’t absorb moisture. They are also more affordable, but they also weigh more.

Down fillings are usually lighter, making them easier to transport if you are backpacking. They also have a higher fill power to keep you warmer, making them suitable for all temperatures. They don’t handle damp conditions well, and some people can be allergic.

The outer material is just as important as the filling. You want your outer shell to be anti-snag, so you don’t have to worry about the material ripping something or getting stuck in the zipper. Polyester and nylon are the two most common types of material when it comes to a double sleeping bag.

Bag Dimensions

Different sleeping bags come in different sizes, making it easy to pick the one option that will work best for you. It is most common for double sleeping bags to zip together into one queen-sized sleeping pad. The length of the sleeping bag is most important to pay attention to, especially if you are tall.

Temperature Ratings

The temperature rating of a double sleeping bag determines what time of year you will be able to use it. The thing that makes sleeping bags warm in cold weather is the filling.

If you like camping in the winter, consider a sleeping bag with a temperature rating that is low enough for the weather you will be experiencing. Some sleeping bags have a temperature rating of five degrees or lower.


It is best to find a sleeping bag that can pack down to a small size for easy portability. The less space your packed sleeping pad takes up, the more room you will have for a more necessary item. The best sleeping bag is a rectangular one; they will be able to fold up to a smaller size than other sleeping bags.


Is it Possible to Zip Any Sleeping Bag Together?

As long as the zippers are the same, you will be able to zip any two sleeping bags together. You will be able to zip sleeping bags with zippers on the side, and if you have a rectangular sleeping bag, they can lay flat and zip together.

How To Choose a Zipping Sleeping Bag?

When choosing a sleeping bag that you intend to zip together with another one for extra space, make sure that the sleeping bags will be compatible. If you already have a sleeping bag with a left zipper, you will need to buy a sleeping bag with a right zipper.

How Do I Clean A Sleeping Bag?

You can clean a sleeping bag in the washing machine. No matter what the size of the bag is, it is recommended to wash at a laundromat. These industrial washing machines are the better choice because they are less likely to get your sleeping bag wrapped up and caught in the machine.

How Long Do Zip Together Sleeping Bag Last?

A down sleeping bag can last between 10 to 15 years with regular family camping use. A synthetic sleeping bag will last between 3 and 4 years before they stop keeping you and your family warm. It is best to find a sleeping bag with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t need to worry about when the product stops working correctly.

Wrapping Up

A sleeping bag is a part of tent camping that you can’t do without. When searching for a new sleeping bag for your family, you might be interested in a sleeping bag that you can zip together with another sleeping bag to create one large bag for comfort and warmth.

The best sleeping bag that you can zip together is the Oak Creek Double Sleeping Bag. You can use these as an individual sleeping bag or zip them together for a large queen-size sleeping bag.