How To Use Fix-a-Flat, A Guide For 2024 Edition

All wheel drive has flat tire in outback preparing to use Fix A Flat

Fix A Flat (FAF) is a single-use canned flat tire inflator. It is used to provide a quick and temporary solution to drivers who experience a flat tire emergency. It is a good option for plugging out a hole once you have identified where the damage occurred. 

But as simple as the instructions appear to be, there are many that still are perplexed on how to use fix a flat, if you have searched the internet for a solution, you have found the right article.

Fix a Flat uses a dual-action process.

The procedure seals and clogs the puncture internally and pressurizes any remaining air. This provides sufficient air pressure and seals up to ¼ inch punctures.

This stability then allows the vehicle to be slowly driven for a short distance to a mechanic. 

All wheel drive has flat tire in outback preparing to use Fix A Flat

It allows the driver to save time.

And avoid changing a tire at the roadside. Changing the tire along a busy road is sometimes impossible and dangerous.

Also, in the age of modern cars, many of us expect the vehicle to ‘just work.’ Few learn the basics of automotive repairs. I’m sure many of you know a friend or two that have taken out the spare tire or repair tools to make room for extra shopping bags.

So if the mechanic is only down the road, why not just drive there instead of using FAF? Well, often, if you try to drive on a flat or low-pressure tire, it will damage the rim of the tire.

It can also cause harm in all the other tires, axel, diff, or undercarriage. Any of which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

How long does Fix a Flat work?

A common question that is asked is how long can you drive on a tire with FAF? It should be removed in the flat tire and replaced with a spare tire within three days and after the coverage of not more than 100 miles.

But during repair, it can be removed immediately to avoid further effects. It’s formula has a shelf- life of two years before it expires.

If used as per its recommended directions, the manufacturer guarantees the user 90 days of perfect service after the date of purchase.

Driver underneath FWD fixing flat tire stopped on dirt road

When not to use Fix a Flat?

Do not apply the product if your car is equipped with a pressure warning. These instructions are made clear on the Fix A Flat manual. Doing so may cause unwanted damage to your car’s Tire Pressure Management System (TPMS).

If this is the case, you should call for a family or friend to help or for roadside assistance. 

How much does a can cost?

The Fix a Flat aerosol tire sealants can be purchased at the auto and tire shop, repair shop. Alternatively, you can get it online at Amazon for a price of around $11 to $15, depending on the size of your tire.

Retail FAF cans come in 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz variants. With price ranges from $11.99, $12.99, $13.99, $14.99 and $15.99 respectively. 

Aerosol Emergency Flat Tire Repair By Fix-A-Flat
Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflators seal punctures and inflate the tire in seconds without the need for a jack allowing you to get off the road and to a service station where an approved repair can be made.

So How to use fix a flat.

Before using it for the first time, you should read the product instructions tag on the product for its usage procedure as well as issues it might cause for the car. 

After realizing that your vehicle tire has a puncture, use the following steps before you begin fixing the issue. 

Note: Remember that you don’t have to rely on it as a final solution. The best solution is a well kept spare tire. Other things you will need if finally going forward with FAF are. 

  • Can of Fix a Flat
  • Car Jack, 
  • Break Down Road Sign (optional)
  • Portable Flat Tire Air Pressure Pump 

1. Park the vehicle and brace the tire.

Pull out from the highway or from a busy traffic street to your safe side or get to a car park. Park your vehicle away from the traffic on a flat surface to avoid causing more damage to the flat tire.

It is important to note that your hazard lights are operational and on during the time you are roadside.

Get a bracing material such as brick or timber wedge. Place it in front and back of the tires that will not be lifted. This will ensure stability and prevent rolling since the hand brake will be left free to allow rotation of the flat tire to be repaired.

2. Jack up the car.

If it is your first time jacking up the vehicle, use your user’s manual to ensure that the jack is in the fixed position to avoid damage to other parts of your car.

Now jack up the vehicle while monitoring the tire pressure exerted on the ground. Jack up until you ensures that the wheel is free to able to rotate.

3. Identify the leak and check tire pressure.

Rotate the flat tire as you check around to identify the source of the leak before you decide if using the product is a working solution. Sometimes identifying the tear or hole in the tire will be noticeable.

Like if you have driven over the nail or any other visible object or one tire is lower than the others. 

If the puncture is not visible, then try to listen or feel for escaping air. You may need to use a soapy solution to aid in the visibility of leakages. Always ensure that the damage is not too extensive.

You may have to look for another repair option since FAF only repairs the damage that is not larger than ¼ of an inch. If this is the case, seek assistance.

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4. Open the tire valve stem.

Applying Fix A Flat to a flat tire
For the minimal amount of parts and instructions, many in the automotive community still ask how to use fix a flat

Open the tire valve stem by gently unscrewing it. Make sure the cap is placed in a safe place that is easy to locate when the need to put it back arises after tire repair.

5. Tire repair.

Get your can and shake it well to make sure that the fluid mixes appropriately before it’s applied. Screw the fix a flat nozzle and hose to the tire valve and make sure that it is well attached and secure.

In this process, you will hear the air inflation in the flat tire immediately when the nozzle secures the valve.

The tire sealants can must be emptied into a single tire and should not be used for any other purposes or other tires.

6. Put back the tire valve stem cap.

After the Fix, A Flat can has been completely emptied, unscrew the nozzle and replace the valve stem cap.

If you have a hand air pump, you should pressurize the tire to the recommended PSI level before you drive off to the nearest gas station for repairs.

7. Inflate the tire with recommended tire air pressure.

The tire should be inflated to the manufactures PSI level after emptying the can. 

8. PSI level.

The PSI level is the recommended tire pressure level from the tire manufacturer, measured in pounce per square inch. So, the tire must be filled with air that doesn’t exceed or go below this level.

If you have any doubts at the PSI level, you are advised to check it on the car manufactures manual or from the site.

9. Drive the car to the nearest gas station.

Tire repaired? Once adequate checks to tire pressure have been completed drive the compromised vehicle to the nearest mechanic for proper tire repair

Drive your car slowly to the nearest petrol station so that you can replace the tire completely. Driving helps distribute the tire sealant evenly in the tire.

Driving should not exceed 4 miles after the tire is sealed. While you’re at the gas station or mechanic, why not pick up another can of FAF. 

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FAQs and tips.

Will it ruin tires?

I like fix-a-flat as it will have little to no damage to the rims of the tire. Granted, as long as you stick to instructions.

For flat tire permanent repairs, you will still need to have the car tires replaced with the aid of a mechanic.

How long does Fix a Flat last?

It is advisable to replace the tire repaired with FAF as soon as possible. The most you should drive with such a tire in terms of distance is about 90 miles.

How does Fix a Flat impact tire warranty?

Tire warranty depends on its manufacturing company. The warranty period has to do with their policy of tire repair. Hence, you will have to contact them for a precise answer.

Does Fix a Flat apply to wholly or partially flat tires?

Man in Cream FWD changing tires stopped on dry dirt landscape 1000x667
If you find yourself without a spare tire, Fix a Flat is a nice tire repair solution for primary flat tires

You can perform repairs to either state using Fix A Flat. There are no preferences for the amount of air already inside the tire.