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Blister camping moleskine or duct tape

Moleskin vs. Duct Tape: The Pros and Cons for Blister Prevention While Hiking

Blisters can be incredibly unpleasant, mainly if they spring up on your feet and make trekking challenging. What’s the best …

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Lone camper prepping morning instant coffee while camping snow capped mountains

What Is The Best Instant Coffee For Camping? Here Are The Best For 2023

When you are out there in the wilds, getting a decent coffee can be a real issue, so we did …

Orange down jacket zipped with sewed in badges

How to Wash a Down Jacket And How To Wash Patagonia Nano Puff

Years ago, I found myself in a Kathmandu retail store, talking to one of their salespersons. I came to the …

Hiker with clean boots featured

How to Clean Hiking Shoes So You Can Save And Extend Boot Life.

How to Clean Hiking Shoes So You Can Save And Extend Boot Life. Hiking gear can be costly to purchase …

Medic packing backpack with supplies with lots of pockets

What Is The Best Backpack With Lots Of Pockets? 7 Tactical Packs Reviewed

Why You Need a Backpack with Lots of Pockets? The days are long gone when backpacks had one large compartment, …

Female camper with red warm heating blanket

Best Battery Operated Blankets For Camping Reviewed For 2023

Sleeping in an RV can sometimes get pretty chilly. It can spoil the camping experience if you let it. A …

How To Clean Windbreaker Jacket featured image

Dont Throw It Out: How To Clean Windbreaker Jacket Easily

I want to talk a little bit about washing your rain jacket correctly because I made a big mistake here, …

Green Coleman fuel lantern is fixed on a tree during the daylight next to still river forest

How You Can Light A Coleman Lantern With Skill – Guide

I used to spend so much money on testing and owning several battery-powered LED lanterns. Sure, they are inexpensive, but …

Female camper camping hair dryer results

The Best Cordless Camping Hair Dryers Of 2023

You cannot keep your hair smooth, sleek, and clean without a dryer. But how can you dry your hair during …

Do Martens hiking balancing featured image

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking

Docs have truly transcended their punk rock origins. Doc Marten boots are arguably the most popular and iconic shoes worldwide. …

Are timberlands good for hiking featured image

Foot Appeal. Are Timberlands Good For Hiking Updated For 2023

Are Timberlands Good for Hiking? The fact that this question is so popular shows the enduring recognition of the Timberland …

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