Reviewed: The Best Qube Tents of 2024

Grey Cube tent setup on lookout in backcountry

There’s nothing that brings a family closer together than camping as a group in a tiny tent during an extreme winter blizzard. All jokes aside. Although camping along with the kids can save power on heating equipment, it does get tiring because there is no escape. I am pretty much describing my last camping trip.

We made do with what we could because it was a spur of the moment excursion. Sometimes the calling of the outdoors and the opportunity of getting away is stronger than the care for basic comforts like bringing a large family tent.

The Qube Tent Is All The Rage Bringing With It The Creativity In Camping.

We expected a lot of laughter and storytelling. But we were so cramped that my eldest couldn’t fall asleep because my foot kept finding her face. I was ready to cancel our next scheduled trip. But then my partner discovered Qube tents, and everything changed.

We learned that the best Qube tents currently on the market allow you to fit your entire family in a single unit with ease. We wasted no time in buying one, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

It’s like the manufacturers knew exactly what I needed. Here were these tents that were specifically designed to suit our storage and living requirements. It’s amazing.

Grey Cube tent setup on lookout in backcountry

What is a Qube Tent aka Cube Tent?

As its name suggests, a Qube tent is shaped like a cube. It deserves your attention because you can combine several Qube tents to form one large cube tent that is tall enough for you to stand straight. Your kids will love assembling and joining the Qube tents together.

Even you will feel nostalgia, as it allows you to build your castle the way you like it almost as if you were playing with Lego.

What to look for in a Qube Tent?

There is a multitude of Qube tents on the market. So finding the appropriate one isn’t quite as easy as some people think. If you want to ensure that you get the best possible tent for your needs, keep the following in mind.

1. Size

When looking at a Qube Tent review you need to ensure that the Qube tent you’re buying is large enough to accommodate your entire camping party, not to mention their gear.

If you intend to unite multiple Qube tents, draw a floor plan. This will allow you to determine the number and sizes of the Qube tents you require to construct the camping space you have in mind.

2. Packability

Qube Tents are quite heavy. They are not meant to be carried over long distances. But some brands are lighter and easier to carry than others. Some Qube tents are also more comfortable to pack and unpack than others.

3. Price

Qube tents are surprisingly affordable but price can increase depending on features. You need to determine whether you are willing to spend extra that is required to secure some of the features and benefits.

I look for rigidity, ease of use and size when shopping for tents. I don’t feel to concerned with getting the extra bells and whistles (like patented zippers or internal cup holders) in my tent if the costs are going to be a lot higher.

4. Airflow

The best Qube tents are supposed to have superior ventilation system that can go so far as to reduce condensation. You must determine whether or not the ventilation system on offer meet the requirements of your entire camping party.

The more bodies that are going to be in the tent, the better the ventilation and circulation of air you should look for in a tent.

Benefits a Qube Tent.

Cube Tents are not just a fad. They have tangible advantages to offer consumers, for instance:

  • Tents connect and allow your own bespoke camping set. Meaning you can connect multiple Qube tents to form one ample camping space.
  • Tents Qube aka Cube Tents are easy to assemble. You can set one up in two-three minutes or less and most have great internal temperature extensive ventilation.
  • They offer plenty of headroom. You don’t have to stoop while standing inside the tent.
  • They feature a black lining that will block the sun’s rays, allowing you to sleep in total darkness regardless of the time of day.
  • You can pack these tents away with ease.
  • They are constructed in a logical square room shape that will allow you to arrange your items inside itself better. No more having to try and fit a rectangle air mattress in a circular or roundish dome tent.

The Best Qube Tents that you can get your hands.

If the benefits above have convinced you to look further into the fascinating world of Qube tents, consider some of the options below.

Outsunny 4-Person Fishing Shelter

image physical tent colour

A qube tent made for the iciest conditions

By Outsunny

Like the new Qube Air ii this cube tent is made with 300 Denier Oxford Fabric. This gives the tent a frost resistance of 22 Degrees Fahrenheit (-5.5°C).

Not only is the material durable, but it will keep you warm regardless of how cold the weather outside becomes. The zippers are heavy-duty, made for extensive use.

The hook and loop fastened ventilation windows are sturdy but manageable. Also, there are two 71 inch tall zippered doors on opposite ends that allow for easy access.


  • It has a capacity of 4 people
  • The bespoke camping set pop-up style setup makes the tent very easy to assemble and tear down
  • Frost resistance
  • Space designated for battery pack & solar panel


  • You can only open the peep areas from the outside
  • Instructions are limited

Gazelle T4 Pop Up Tent

image physical tent colour

Sets up in a blistering 90 seconds

By Gazelle

This sizable Qube pop up offers a floor space of 61 square feet and a height of 78 inches. The best thing is, and many people can back this up, but it is quite possible to set up the Gazelle in less than 90 seconds.

Other features of this four-person Qube tent is that it is mildew, water, and wind-resistant, which is the expected industry standard.

It does, however, have well-constructed seams which give the structure a very rigid feel. You can be confident that the tent will hold up in some severe wind conditions.

One small thing that I do like about the Gazelle is the zippers which are rugged and beefy and similar to the new Qube Air ii. They are unlikely to break with extensive use which has always been my pet annoyance.


  • Water, mildew, and wind-resistant
  • Solid structure quick pitch tents
  • Utility for led light strip hooks
  • Rugged zippers, space designated for battery pack & solar panel
  • Removable ground sheet


  • Stakes are somewhat flimsy
  • The floor is water-resistant, not waterproof

Eskimo Quickfish

High Thread Count Shell for Maximum wind resistance

By Eskimo

I have an Eskimo Quickfish at my disposal, if and when I want to make a quick getaway. Although two-three people can comfortably live in this tent, I think it’s perfect for one. It takes 60 seconds to assemble, which is vital if your camping alone.

I find that the quaintness and the quick pitch tent style of the Eskimo Quickfish makes up for the lack of room by taking advantage of the IQ insulated fabric.

It makes the tent conditions ridiculously warm, which means you won’t have to bring as much heating equipment.

I do feel that this tent is perfect for one person because it is so easy to pack and transport due to its quick pack cinch duffle bag.

A lot of fly fishing enthusiasts swear by this tent. The standard features they love are the adjustable ventilation panels as well as the mesh storage pockets that are specifically provided to store fishing gear.

Other features with the Eskimo include self-tapping ice anchors and in-skirt ice anchor grommets.


  • Easy to pack and assemble quick pitch tents
  • Ice anchors provide stability
  • You can adjust the ventilation
  • Led light strip area & space designated for battery pack & solar panel


  • The headroom isn’t enough to stand up straight for tall people

happybuy 4-person ice fishing tent

A cosy option with great ventilation

By Happybuy

The HappyBuy Qube Tent is targeted towards family campers and own bespoke camping due to its floor space which is adequate for eight campers. It is also regarded as a tallish tent providing for plenty of headroom.

The fabric from which it is made is 300D, and you can trust it to be suitably resistant towards water, wind, and the cold.

The family HappyBuy tent almost guarantees warmth even when the weather is cold.

Because the tent is built for a significant headcount, it features excellent ventilation because of the two doors and massive air vents. But this doesn’t mean that your going to be getting cold drafts, not at all.

The ventilation is smartly placed to maximize condensation outflow when the temperatures drop outside.


  • The fabric is durable and water-resistant
  • Great for 3 person, It can actually house eight people
  • It is easy to pack and to set up
  • Quick pitching tent with built in ventilation system


  • The tent doesn’t come with enough anchors, things cool quick due to ventilation

Wrapping up on the Qube Tent.

If you had to choose just one of Qube modular tents, the Ice Cube Tent would be your best bet. After going through several Qube Tent Reviews I found that All these tents are easy to set up.

Most Qube Tent Prices are reasonable and they are all sufficiently insulated against water and wind. But the ice Cube stands out because it sits six people, and it has reliable ice anchors that will keep it rooted in windy conditions. It also offers adjustable ventilation.

If you are looking for a single construct large tent that has its entertainment area, check out our article here on The Best Tents With A Screen Porch.

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