6 Easy Tips On How To Clean Herschel Bag

Herschel backpack hiking camping dirtyness needs cleaning

The Herschel Backpack is extremely popular and well-known among people who enjoy a sleek, minimalist style backpack. If you own one, you are probably wondering what the best way to clean the bag is. This article will talk about a few tips that will make cleaning your herschel backpack a breeze.

You should always check the care label on the bag to see what instructions are listed in order to maintain your herschel backpack. This will help avoid any issue with the quality of the pack.

Clean Your Herschel Like New With These Easy Methods

First, it is crucial to keep in mind that the Herschel company specifically said in a statement that you should not wash the herschel backpack in a washing machine if at all possible. Machine washing can severely damage the backpack and should be avoided entirely.

The best way to clean a Herschel Backpack is by hand washing it with a mild soap, preferably a dish soap. It would be best if you also focused on spot cleaning and not washing the entire bag.

Now, let’s dive into some essential tips to keep in mind as you figure out how to wash your Herschel backpacks.

Herschel backpack hiking camping dirtyness needs cleaning

Tip #1: Empty the herschel backpack

The very first thing you should do before cleaning your herschel backpack is empty everything out. You want nothing left in there that might accidentally be damaged by soap and water.

If you have any dirt or crumbs on the inside of your bag, make sure you get all of that out, too. The best way to do this if there are stubborn crumbs is to use a small handheld vacuum cleaner.

If there is dirt or dust inside that you can’t get out with even a handheld vacuum cleaner, take a soft brush, like a makeup brush, to the inside of the bag and brush to remove. If you notice the stains are stubborn, you can use a damp washcloth with a tiny bit of stain remover or cleaning product.

Make sure you pay close attention to the items you take out of the bag. Clean everything up before putting them back in the bag to avoid dirt getting back inside.

Tip #2: Use Mild Soap

As mentioned above, it is vital to use a mild soap when you hand wash your herschel backpack. You can use just about any dishwashing soap as a mild soap for cleaning your bag.

You can also use an organic soap, as they are typically a mild soap as well. Any type of soap you wash dishes with and are comfortable touching with your hands is safe to use.

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Tip #3: Soft Tools

It is imperative to only use soft tools on your Herschel Backpack. You can use a soft brush, soft sponge, or a soft washcloth. The soft tool’s point is to avoid any damage that bristles may cause to the bag’s material.

Sometimes, you may see someone recommend the use of a toothbrush to clean your bag. Using a toothbrush is highly recommended against because it can scratch and damage the backpack’s material.

Tip #4: Circular Motions

When you have your soft tool ready and damp with some warm water, put a little bit of soap on your tool. It would be best if you used circular motions over the dirty spot of your bag to best clean the area. You can do this as many times as needed until the dirt spot is cleaned off the site.

Ensure you keep in mind that you should use minimal soap and water when you are first starting. This will allow you to make sure the material is reacting okay to the treatment. You can always add more soap and water later.

Once the area is clean, typically after a few rubbing repetitions, use a damp rag to wipe off any excess soap that might be left on the material. You don’t want any residue to sit and ruin the bag which is extremely important to remember.

Tip #5: Air Dry

After you wash the spot and the area is completely clean and have wiped away any excess soap, you can leave your Herschel Backpack to air dry. To do this, hang your bag outside and upside-down as long as there is no rain in the weather forecast. Be sure to open all the pockets and zippers while your bag is drying.

Try your best to keep your bag out of direct sunlight, as this could cause discoloration of the fabric. Let the herschel backpack air dry outside until it is entirely water-free.

In some cases, you might not be able to wait until your bag air dries. You will be able to use a blow dryer in this instance, but you need to keep it far enough away from the fabric material. You don’t want to get the material too hot! The heat could also result in discoloration of the material, so be careful with how closely you put the blow dryer to the bag.

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Tip #6: Avoid the Washing Machine

You should try to avoid putting your herschel backpack in the washing machine as much as you can. The reason being that machine washing can damage the quality of the bags. Hand wash herschel backpacks is by far the best and most effective option to clean your herschel backpack, but there may be some instances where you need to machine wash quickly. There is a very specific way to do this if you need to.

Again, it is recommended to spot clean your bag and hand wash it when it gets dirty. However, if you need to machine wash herschel backpacks, here is how you would do it:

  • Place the herschel backpack in a pillowcase, laundry sack, or something similar
  • Place the pillowcase or laundry sack in the washing machine.
  • Add a tiny amount of gentle detergent soap as the washer fills with water.
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It is imperative to use the gentle cycle because it will have a prolonged spin cycle. When the cycle is finished, air-dry the bag.

You should absolutely avoid dry cleaning your bag because the process is not safe for the materials. The straps can also get caught and tangled in the dry clean machine, so it is best to stay away.


Hershel backpack camping with coffee how to clean
After a few trip it’s good habit to wash herschel backpack with warm water and baking soda. Make sure to empty and clean backpack and we recommend machine washing to completely remove soap residue.

Herschel makes some of the best backpacks on the market right now, and they are extremely popular. If you own one, you’re probably wondering how you can wash it.

The best option when it comes to cleaning Herschel backpacks is to hand wash them. Focus specifically on the part of the bag that has the stains, not the entire bag. Use a gentle soap; anything you wash dishes with and put on your hand should do just fine.

While you CAN machine wash your Herschel backpacks, they released a statement that highly recommends against it. The reason for this is to keep the products in tip-top condition. Herschel stands by the quality of their product, and they want you to get the best experience possible.