Reviewing The Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag In 2024

Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag multiply

How much you get out of a camping trip will depend to a great deal on your energy levels. Getting a restful sleep will start your day far better than a wakeful night, where you cannot get comfortable. The Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Sleeping Bag is an excellent investment in a good night’s sleep, or is it?

Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Sleeping Bag product information

Micro tekk warmth

Two main factors will help retain heat in a sleeping bag. The first is the shape of the bag, and the second is the material used in its construction, its good for keeping you at a comfortable 30 degrees.

This sleeping bag is made using a “double layer offset quilt construction.” The manufacturer states that this will avoid cold spots that can be found in other sleeping bags.

The bag is also designed with a drawstring hood and draft collar tube. This creates a seal around your head, keeping your 30 degree body heat in and bugs out.

Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag multiply

A compact sleeping bag

This bag is marketed as being compact. It packs into a compression storage sack, but the problem is that the seams on the compression bag split.

This issue is a commonly reported fault with the kit. If the seams on the compression bag and compression straps hold out, then yes, it folds up to a pretty small size compression stuff sack.

This makes it very convenient to use when space is at a premium.

Adventurer Sleeping Bag By Suisse Sport
The Suisse Sport sleeping bag with its compression straps, adjustable hood and compression sack cant be shaped to hold in the palm of your hand. It boasts a double-layer shell material, and a 700-gram Micro Tekk.7 high-performance microfiber tight fit insulation.

A well made mummy sleeping bag

I hate being cynical, but I have to report the product as I see it, and quality is not one of the distinguishing features of the bag.

I had the zip snag when testing it, and I see lots of reports of people having similar problems. If you look at the bag, you will see lots of threads broken in the seams.

I really cannot see this bag lasting a long time. Looking at reviews on various websites, I see that the most prominent complaint people had was the zipper. It needs replacing with something of better quality.

Packed product Suisse
Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Stuff Sack Is Ultra Compactable

Is the Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy comfortable or not?

Now comfort is a critical factor in a sleeping bag. No comfort equals no sleep, and I have already said that you need a good night’s sleep.

Maybe some five-foot slim nymph might be comfortable in this bag; if you are a bigger guy like me, be prepared to spend the night locked in position, like a mummy. I was unable to move my arms, and it was uncomfortable.

This bag indeed compresses so much that there is no way a more massive guy can even move. Just managing to zip it up felt like a significant victory.

Not only at the top was there a problem, my large-sized feet barely had wiggle room to move at all.

I have to say that I can see what the designers are trying to do with the contoured shape of the item, and if the user is a short and slim individual, the bag probably would feel quite comfortable. Just do not buy it if you are on the big side.

Suisse Sport Adventurer has left & right hand versions

Side view Suisse
There is a rolling process for the adventurer mummy ultra compactable to fit its compression sack

They sell the Suisse Sport sleeping bag in both left-handed and right-handed versions (it the side where they put the zip). If your tent zips down the side, it is helpful if your bag zips on that side.

However, the real reason why they make them this way is so you can buy one left-handed and one right-handed bag and zip them together to make one big two-person bag.

Maybe that is the solution for big guys, buy two sleeping bags.

Convenient features like compression storage stuff sack and compact quilt construction

This section is an all-encompassing one that I guess includes the compact size, the choice of which side the bag zips. This sleeping bag has a host of features built in to make it more convenient to use.

Unfortunately, while these are great ideas, the execution is terrible. No point in having a choice of sides for the zip, if the zip fails to work.

There is no benefit to having a compression sack if the bag splits. If the manufacturers resolved these two issues, I think they would have a pretty good product.

Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy specs and product description

  • Measurements (unpacked): height 29 inches, width 19 inches, length 84 inches
  • Measurements (packed): height 7 inches, width 7 inches, length 17 inches plus.
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Temperature Rating: 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius)


sport adventurer mummy ultra 30 degree

1. Suisse Sport Adventurer has a choice of left or right zip

A Clever idea that gives the product more versatility allows connection with another bag with a zip on the other side.

2. Acceptable temperature rating

If you are looking for a suitable bag for three seasons of the year, which most people are, then this bag has temperature ratings that will make it appropriate and keep you at a comfy 30 degrees.

3. Built of lightweight materials

The mummy ultra compactable sleeping is by far the lightest bag we have tested on a recent backpacking trip. The suisse sport adventurer mummy uses microfiber insulation and a double layer offset quilt to keep it light and packable.

4. Dries quickly

The microfiber insulation materials used are synthetic and the bottom line draft tube does not retain water while still retaining heat allowing the sleeping bag fast drying base layers.

5. Machine washable (with conditions)

You can machine wash with a front loader or industrial washing machine. It would be best if you did not use a top loader because of the agitator, which will damage the micro tekk quilt construction.

6. Useful inner pocket so you can secure any valuables

Hidden inside the sleeping bag is a microtekk down like pouch and cold / warm weather bag where you can stash your valuables for security.


1. The zipper is not reliable

There have been a lot of complaints about the zipper being caught in its polyester ripstop linings and the mummy sleeping bag drawstring hood.

2. Not comfortable for big people

From experience, I can tell you that if you are a big guy, the comfort rating is supbar. For this price point is worth spending more to get a roomier sport adventurer mummy ultra sleeping bag.

3. This sleeping bag is not suitable for colder Temperatures in the freezing weather winter months

Although it’s an essential piece of camping gear, for its price point it’s temperature range is lacking for serious sub zero adventurists, but it is classed as a three-season bag.

What users think of adventurer mummy sleeping bags

I checked with reviews from people who had bought the bag, and as stated earlier, most comments were about the zip in particular and, in general, the poor quality of manufacture.

A nice addition sleeping bags but…


I wouldn’t say I like giving negative reviews, but in my opinion, what could have been an excellent bag has been let down by poor construction and weak quality zips.

There are those that like the product, but I imagine they are shorter, thinner people who do not put pressure on the zip and do not need so much space. I think there are better sleeping bags than this one overall.