The Best Instant Tents For The Money Of 2024


Nothing is more frustrating than setting up a campsite for your family. I can tell you from experience that you are always watching the clock, waiting for that moment when you can finally sit back and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. But sometimes things don’t always go as you plan.

The last time we did this, the kids were making no progress whatsoever with their tent when the rain clouds started approaching over the horizon.

We did what we could, but the evening shower caught us all the same. And that is when it occurred to me.

Maybe, there was some merit to all that talk of  instant tents being all the rage and simplifying the notion of the camping experience.

So the moment we got home, I naturally made it my objective in life to track down the Best Instant Tents on the market.

To my surprise, the whole world of instant family tents was like discovering almond or soy milk for the first time.


Lets Explore the Fastest Instant Tents of 2024

I thought I was on the cutting edge, yet little did I know there was a whole community and marketplace for the milky product.

Just like alternative milk, tent manufacturers have been quietly investing into the demand for instant tents which have been popular with the minimalist adventure community for quite some time now.

Here we will be discussing how to find the best Instant Tent for your next travel plan.

What To Look For When Buying Large Instant Tent?

Instant tents look like the traditional tent’s more complicated cousin on the outside, but once you pitch them, they will exceed all your expectations.

Take my skepticism for example; there was no way in my mind that a lighter, less complicated and cheaper tent be faster to erect yet just as durable as a standard tent.

If you have stumbled upon this article because you have gone down the rabbit hole of the speedy tents, then welcome.

Because there are so many instant tents on the market, finding the perfect model for your needs is bound to present a challenge, which is why you should always keep the following in mind:

1. Size

You need a tent that is large enough to hold you, your bed, and your luggage comfortably. However, the tent shouldn’t be so bulky with its attachments and folds that carrying it becomes an issue. Find a compact model.

2. Portability

A decent instant tent should be easy to carry. Look for either a carrying case or some sturdy handles

3. Ease of use

Consider the time it takes you to set up a tent. Some tents only require minutes to assemble. But instant tents have been recorded to setup in mere seconds.

The smoother the tent is to assemble, the faster you will construct it.

4. Storage

The instant tent should provide a place for you to store items like boots and shoes, and cook from. It can be an awning, a screen room, storage pockets, or a vestibule.

5. Price

The best tents are not the cheapest. If you are determined to find the most inexpensive instant tent on the market, you are also likely to find the worst and more unreliable product.

Your objective should be to find a tent that gives you the most value for your money.

6. Airflow

Look for excellent airflow. You must close the doors of your tent while you sleep at night. But even when they are closed, a good instant tent should have additional ventilation that allows cool or hot air to circulate through.

7. Door

The number of doors you need in a tent will depend on the size and the number of people. A large tent, for instance, needs as many entries as possible so that people can enter and leave without disrupting everyone else in the tent.

What Are the Advantages of Instant Tents?

  • You can set them up and tear them down in mere minutes, if not seconds.
  • They are so easy to use that even beginners can master them with little effort
  • Instant tents are compact which makes them easy to carry

Our Pick of Instant Tents

Now that you know what to look for in fast set up tents, you will appreciate these, the best instant tents on the market:

Coleman Cabin Tent Setup in 60 Seconds

One of the most popular instant camping tents on Amazon.

Camp set up quicker than ever

Coleman Store

I was reluctant to do this coleman insta tent review, because there are so many out there. The Coleman Instant Tent 6 is one of the best rated instant tents out there hence the surge in reviews.

This tent is so easy to set up that you can have it ready for use in a minute. The interior is large enough to house 2 Queen airbeds.

The Weathertec System will keep moisture and rain out via the inverted seams and welded floors, ensuring that you remain completely dry.

Most campers will appreciate the Polyguard 2X double-thick tent fabric that enhances the tent’s durability, not to mention the vented rainfly that delivers decent ventilation.


  • Weathertech system will keep you dry
  • The interior is spacious, allows for gear loft
  • Great ventilation
  • Unique UV protection technology that reflects the sunlight.


  • Not suitable for heavy rain

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent With Vestibule for 4 to 6 PersonS

Our pick for one best instant camping tents for solo campers.

Unique vestibule offers separate room


Ayamaya Pop Up Tents are a mid sized cozy quick-pitch tent that should prove adequate for 4 or 6 people who need plenty of space to move about. It is supposed to hold five people, but that would be too tight a fit.

At 6.2kg, it is quite light. Although it still boasts firm and robust tent materials used in its construction such as 4000MM waterproof PU-Coated oxford groundsheet, designed to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors.

Boasting 2 doors with hooded Vents and 4 Windows with mesh, you can look forward to reliable and comfortable ventilation.


  • The Ayamaya Pop Up Tents offer a separate dog room
  • Strong and robust material
  • Convenient storage pockets and ground vents
  • Fast and light


  • Travel bag is flimsy
  • The light materials may not feel premium to some

MOBIHOME Instant Dome Tent

One of the top instant tents that does great with car camping as it’s just big enough for a family tent.

Special hub system for single operation


Made from 155G Polyethylene, these sturdy dome tents have a watertight floor that will give you additional options with regards to choosing a campsite.

The unique hub system it boasts is convenient because it allows campers for an easy setup tent in just a few seconds.

You get a micro-mesh screen room roof and door, not to mention a rainfly. This guarantees optimal ventilation.


  • Excellent ventilation with separate rooms
  • Intuitive storage options and side pockets for gear storage
  • The tent floor plan is watertight with polyurethane coating
  • This tent option has a friendly price tag


OzTent 30-second Expedition RV 5

This walled instant tent setup unlike other tents has good floor space but can be bulky for backpacking camping gear.

Setup by One Person In Less Than 30 seconds


This is a canvas tent that you can use all year round regardless of the weather. Capable of housing 5 people, its rated as the easiest tent to set up.

This large instant tent boasts solid waterproofing even with lots of airflow from the mesh windows and panels on three sides. There is also a large door.

All these elements work in tandem to provide sufficient ventilation. Campers will appreciate the stand-up center height.


  • Awning is tall enough for a person to comfortably stand center height
  • This fast pitch tent features a sturdy construction
  • Canvas is breathable
  • Optional room divider


  • Heavy pre attached poles
  • Quite large when it is packed

Core instant 6-Person Instant Cabin TentS

A cabin style tent that is also a very durable tent and roomy for family camping trips

Includes rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag

Core Cabin Tent 

You can have this quick camping tent ready for use in a single minute. Capable of housing six people and two queen airbeds, campers will appreciate the fully-taped rainfly.

D-shaped doors (rain resistant), and sealed seams, not to mention the water repellent fabric and window seals all of which work to keep water and moisture out of the tent’s interior.

These six person instant cabin tents have plenty of windows to offer good airflow. Moreover, it also has the hanger bar to hang your camping lantern if you need light.


  • Great for family camping, tall peak height with spacious Interior for 4 with built-in pockets to keep your gadgets
  • The tent has core h20 block technology to repel water and moisture
  • A rainfly is provided
  • The mesh windows offer proper airflow during hot days
  • Adequate for a 6 person instant cabin tent


  • The Carry Bag is somewhat small
  • The door zipper is poor and can cause a lot of trouble when it’s raining
  • The 6 person instant cabin tent becomes a bit cramped after 7 people

ALPHA CAMP 8 Person Instant CABIN Tent

Alpha Camp instant tents are known for having a cabin style tent that is also a very durable tent.

Fits one queen air mattress

Alpha Camp

With the nickname like the Hollywod blockbuster, Gone in 60 Seconds This instant camping tent has an excellent design, and it can be set up within a minute.

Moreover, it’s the easiest cabin tent to set up by yourself. The five windows offer proper airflow, and you can also enjoy the magnificent views through the windows.


  • There are several built in tent poles sleeves and wall organisers to hold your belongings
  • The electric cable port on the front is durable and weatherproof
  • A cabin tent rain fly is provided
  • There is venting system but…
  • The camping tent does go up at the advertised 60 seconds


  • The door zippers usually get stuck with the fabric
  • 8 person instant tents have the tendency to move and shake a lot in extreme weather conditions
  • Too much ventilation can be a bad thing sometimes, this camping tent needs to be closed during rain/wind

Ozark Trail Dark 6 person instant cabin tent

Ground Vent for Improved Air Circulation


This quick set family camping cabin tent has sufficient space to keep all of your camping gear and then some. It has enough room for 6 or 4 person (s) with some luggage.

It also has the unique Dark Rest technology that reflects sunlight and maintains the temperature during hot days.


  • The cabin tent setup is straightforward and painless, even the kids can do it
  • It has three windows to offer good airflow
  • One of few tents with dark rest technology, great for summer
  • Optional room divider


  • This 6 person instant tent is a little heavier than the standard tents
  • You have to buy the rain fly separately

In Summary And The Winner?

Of all these tents, the Oztent 30-Second Expedition is the best. It offers a little more space than the Oxley. And while it is expensive, the tent features justify the product price tag.

Not only is the tent weatherproof, but it is breathable enough for campers to use it in all weather conditions.

It is easy to set up (30 seconds), the awning is huge, sufficient for anyone that wants to sit and relax, cook, or store their dirty shoes; the large mesh windows and panels provide plenty of ventilation.

The Core instant, Coleman, and MOBIHOME are well ventilated. Still, they don’t have awnings this impressive, and neither are they as versatile with regards to their ability to acclimate to different weather conditions on your camping trip.